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    Hawkhost blog has no mobile theme

    Some suggestions here which might help in the short term: Try switching to landscape view and zooming to enlarge the text. The wider view will allow for longer lines, and while there will be fewer of them, it strikes me as being more readable that way. Another point is that the blog gets updated fairly rarely, so you might want to use the mobile just to see if there is anything new, and then return to read it from a device with a larger screen.
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    I am guessing here, but this sounds like a redirection loop; that is. there is a redirect which eventually comes back to itself. The obvious place to look is all your .htaccess files. If the problem is not immediately obvious, then remove rewrite or redirect directives until the problem goes away, and then you will know what needs to be corrected. Alternatively, remove all of them, and then add them back in until the problem appears. To make this go quickly, start with half of them. Then you will narrow it down to which half. Divide that group into two smaller groups and repeat the process until you find the bad one(s). I observe that http://(the site) redirects to https://(the site), which might provide a good starting place to look. The redirect loop might also occur on some other page than the home page. Here's a site that provides some specific tips on what to do: A google search on ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS will reveal other sites with helpful information.
  3. I happened across a cPanel blog post, which describes the plans by cPanel to deprecate and eventually remove Squirrel Mail as a choice for webmail. Since I use Squirrel mail in preference to the other two for a number of reasons, I am dismayed at this prospect. Squirrel mail seems to offer more ways to format your mail folders, display email addresses, adjust columns, and has a very handy "Purge" button for emptying the Trash with a single click, to name a few things. Also, the others don't seem to offer any choice of fonts, and the ones they use are small and difficult to read. In the cPanel post, it says: " You can continue to use SquirrelMail after version 78 because cPanel & WHM supports custom webmail applications. Follow our documentation on Integrating Custom Webmail Applications, " I wasn't sure what section of this Forum to put this, but here is a question/suggestion: I suggest that Hawkhost look into and consider continuing to offer Squirrel Mail as a choice. While I have no idea of how many of your clients use it, or how many look at the forum, maybe if there are a few concurring opinions, you will consider it. I hope so.
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    Is anyone using Squirrel Mail? (it may be going away)

    Once again, thanks for an informative reply. That's too bad - I just like the interface much better than the others (ability to have larger more readable fonts, more control over display view, and just the overall simplicity of it). But if it's not going to work, it's not going to work, and I guess I'll just have to adapt.
  5. A new blog post announces Cloud Hosting, which I presume is different from the other services. That you can specify an operating system choice suggests it is very much like, if not the same as, a VPS. How is it different from ... well I guess all the other services while we're at it?
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    Is anyone using Squirrel Mail? (it may be going away)

    1) "see how many users request it" - That number will be much smaller than the number who use it and might prefer that it be maintained. The old concept of the "silent majority" is definitely prevalent in online communities. It's a tradeoff between how much work is involved and the amount of use. I would say that if some minimal subset of users are using it, and I presume you can measure that somehow, since you say "most use Roundcube" - and it's not a huge effort, it would be worth doing. Let me say that a little more simply: If it's not too much work, it would be worth it to keep even a relatively small user base happy. 2) "you can install it yourself" Well that's good news, if it does disappear as a standard option, I would definitely look into doing that. Thanks for the reply.
  7. What I have: A domain registered with some registrar, let's call it "R". A domain hosted by Hawkhost (shared hosting), let's call it The nameservers are and I have a VPS hosted elsewhere which performs some related functions to this domain but isn't a website per se. What I want to do: Create a new subdomain for this domain, let's call it Connect that subdomain name to the IP of the VPS. The main question is: How do I do that? I looked at the functions on my registrar's site, and there was something about "subdomain redirection", but it said I need to use *their* nameservers instead of hawkhosts. I'd rather not do that, in case, as happened recently with my hosting being moved from DC to NY, the IP changed with it, and hawkhost took care of that, resulting in no downtime. I can add the subdomain in cpanel, but that's not really what I want since it would hosted elsewhere, but maybe there is some fancy DNS editing I can do on top of it to make it work. Any suggestions? (If not, where should I ask about this?)
  8. tgonhawk1

    Redirect new subdomain to another server

    I found a very simple answer to my question: In cPanel, I simply added an "A" record to my DNS zone file (I think that's the right terminology) associating with the desired IP address. I did not have create a whole (real) subdomain to do that.
  9. Let's say the domain in question is As Brian said, you need to have an index page such as index.html (you can have other suffixes, as appropriate - .shtml, .php, etc.). This should go in your public_html directory. Then if a visitor simply goes to, he will see that address in his browser, while what is displayed is the contents of index.html. You don't have to do anything to remove it. A visitor can also explicitly open in which case that full address will appear in the browser address bar. If you want to make that appear as just as well, you can, since the main page for HawkHost's website does exactly that. If you try to open what you see is just (Index.html gives a 404 error in that instance.) For some htaccess code to accomplish that, see this post: (among many others of simiar bent) NOTE: adding rewrite rules is tricky business, and can easily mess things up. Experiment in a subdirectory before adding it to your main home directory.
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    How is Cloud Hosting different from a VPS?

    Very informative answer- thank you. I would suggest rewriting, adding to, or linking to the above from the blog post, as this clarifies things a great deal.
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    When do you backup your website?

    Can you elaborate on that a little? Does that mean "the backups exist, but there might be a delay in using them" OR, more ominously "sometimes the backup process fails and there are no backups for a certain time in the past" ? If there are daily backups kept for 7 days, then there should be 7 fairly recent backups, and it would seem that no matter what, even if there is some problem, some of them should always be available. That may not be good enough for some, but it is better than nothing in any case!
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    Couple of small Client area questions

    Would there be a way to hide them in the Client Area display? Something like "show only active services" option perhaps. They could remain on the books without bothering someone who just wants to ignore them. ADDITIONAL INFO: I see that in the client area, you can sort the services by "Status". That means you could put the Active ones at the top and dead ones at the bottom, a little more "out of the way".
  13. tgonhawk1

    Couple of small Client area questions

    If you don't mind paying a little ahead of time, you can do this already. Using the "Add Funds" feature in the Client Area you can determine your anticipated charges and send it all in at once, regardless of the expiration dates. I have two separate services and so I just send in one combined payment before the earlier one comes due, and it takes care of the second one a few weeks later.. There are still separate invoices, though. However, that is non-refundable (as I understand it) and you'd be making payments in advance, so you'd want to be sure you were going to renew before doing that.
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    Business Email - Google Suit?

    You can associate multiple email addresses with your Gmail account, and choose which one is used for each outgoing message. It will send your messages directly to the recipients (not via Hawkhost). That is all handled within Gmail, and this Google search result (or some variation of it) will give you lots of articles describing all the various aspects of using that Gmail feature.
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    Merry Christmas Hawkhost!

    For my site, the DC → NY move went very smoothly and quickly, and such is what I've come to expect here, as my sites cruise along with only a rare, and very minor, hiccup now and then. I hope you have had a successful year and continue so in the future. Tony, Brian, and the rest of you are doing a great job, keep up the good work!
  16. In mid-December, the US Federal Communications Commission will hold a critical vote about the rules for Net Neutrality - about whether ISPs (like Comcast, AT&T, and the like) will be able to divide the internet into "fast" and "slow" lanes, or even censor sites they don't like altogether. These companies are madly trying to acquire content of their own (Comcast owns NBC, AT&T is trying to merge with Time Warner to get hold of all its cable channels). Think they don't want to favor their OWN content over everyone else's? ... Think again. This is big threat to the type of small, independent sites hosted by Hawkhost, such as blogs and small businesses. That in turn threatens the business of Hawkhost and other hosts of small sites, business at its core. If small sites are relegated to the slow lane, or cut off entirely, there won't be as much reason to have them in the first place. Everyone: join the battle to save the free internet which we all have grown to rely on: - call your Congressman and the FCC now! Hawkhost: put notice about this in your blog and Twitter feeds.
  17. > Setup a page for monitoring To minimize any performance hit, you can have a special page anywhere in your site which is of minimal size. 0 size might cause some problems, but anything else should work ok. Or, if you already have a very small page (or even a small image), you could use that. An advantage of that is that if you are doing any sort of accesslog viewing or analysis you can ignore fetches of the monitoring page so you are only looking at "real" traffic.
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    Thanks - that worked.
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    Do I have to do anything special to make use of this? Can I just redirect pages via htacess from http to https without doing any other steps? UPDATE: When I try to access my site using Firefox says this: Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Learn more… (link to Mozilla explanatory site) Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
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    Completely satisfied with Hawkhost

    Six-monthly update: Everything still A-OK. There have a been a few short periods of downtime, amounting to about 1 1/2 hours in the last 4 months. That is 99.955% uptime. Keep it up guys - I will be renewing for another year!
  21. I have two websites, which had been hosted at Hostgator starting in 2006 and 2012. For most of that time, everything there was fine. The second one launched right around the time of the (disastrous - for customers) EIG buyout, but at that time I had never heard of EIG and knew nothing about the buyout. For a while after that, things continued okay, as the old infrastructure remained in place. Eventually, I was "upgraded" to the EIG data center, and both the support and performance started to suffer. There were several big outages, and quite often database operations would fail, reflecting overloaded servers. In June, 2015 I decided enough was enough and, after reading some of the comments on Webhostingtalk, went with a fantastic deal on Stablehost. Surely, the support there was much better, but there were some issues that just never quite got resolved. In July, 2015, I decided to give Hawkhost a try with the other site. Things went well with that and in August, I moved the first one over as well. Six months later, I could not be more pleased with that decision. Hawkhost's Shared Hosting and service is about as close to perfect as is possible. Uptime: between the two sites, there has been maybe 20 or 30 minutes of downtime in the course of these six months. Speed: pages load very quickly and there is no annoying cache getting in the way of seeing recent updates. Database-query-based responses are incredibly fast. Support: responses are prompt, and usually solve the problem quickly. In fact, there have not been more than a few minor issues. On occasion it does take a little convincing that a problem is not in my code, but in the server software. One case was especially impressive: I came across a problem with Server Side includes, which proved to be a Litespeed bug. Incredibly, this was reported and fixed within FOUR DAYS (including a weekend). It might have taken Hostgator much longer than that just to issue a canned "not our problem" response, never mind reporting it to the vendor and getting it fixed (at all). Price: doesn't match the WHT special price I got at Stablehost, but is way, way lower than Hostgator's now overpriced inferior product. Overall, on all those important criteria: Uptime, Performance, Support, and Price, Hawkhost deserves an "A" or "A+" or 4- or 5- stars. Keep up the good work and high standards!
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    More good news from Hawkhost

    Posts to the Hawkhost blog are kind of sporadic, but it seems they almost always bear good news of one kind or another. This recent post for June is no exception, announcing lots of enhancements to the service (hopefully without breaking anything). Within an hour of reading it, I was able to make good use of one of the features mentioned! Keep up the great work guys - you have a great service and it just keeps getting better.
  23. A dedicated server is a whole server just for you. A VPS is similar, but you are sharing the physical server with other Virtual servers. In either case, what you get is: - a certain amount of memory - a share of the physcial CPU - an operating system and that's about it. After that it's up to you to install the software you want or need, and administer and run that server. I think you'll find the descriptions of VPS offerings of other providers similar to those at Hawkhost. Shared and reseller hosting comes with lots of software to run a website (Lightspeed, cPanel, mail software, etc.). A VPS can do that, but the software isn't there for you, unless you request or install it. A VPS can also just be file server, or something else, too.
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    Domain Forwarding

    With your domain registrar (whether that is Hawkhost or someone else) set up the nameservers to be the ones Hawkhost provided for your main domain. Then in your Cpanel, use "Domain Aliases" to add the other domains, and point their document root to public_html (or if you wish, another folder). That's all there is to it.
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    Add preview function to Ticket System (and forum)

    This evening, I was adding an update to a ticket, and I noticed what appeared to be a new editor including a Preview function. I thought, oh great! they did it! but alas my hopes were dashed as it didn't quite work as expected. Specifically, I selected some text, and clicked the "I" button (for italics), which added _'s before and after the text. And when I clicked Preview, sure enough, that text was in italics. Then I clicked "Submit", and when the update showed up, ... no italics, but there were the _'s around the 'italicized' text. Let me try doing italics here and see if it works (there is no preview button, so I'll just let fly)? Is this text in italics ... or not? (It does show up in italics during the edit. (this part is back to regular))