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  1. Ozgeek

    Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Excellent - explains a lot. I think I'll go down that path too. Appreciate the info! Cheers
  2. Ozgeek

    Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Thanks Draka..... I think we might be talking at cross purposes. In Cpanel there is a cloudflare option - [ at least on shared hosting - I don't think/know it is available in the reseller... ]- from which you can sign up for and administer your cloudflare account/settings. It gives you the option of setting up one of two ways. see https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203685674-Full-setup-versus-Partial-CNAME-setup As far as I know - which is not a lot - you don't REQUIRE a cloudflare plug-in for wordpress - although perhaps it optimises it further or is an alternative to the cpanel option. I suspect you are using the full DNS option . For the other, the cname would have needed to be modified with your authority:- ie whilst logged into cpanel or manually by you . Did you have to point you nameservers with your registrar to cloudflare? I think you've answered my question though. I will probably move to the full DNS option after I open a few more services with HawkHost Cheers
  3. Ozgeek

    Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Thanks Draka. Are you using the cpanel plug in to manage it? Are you using the "FULL DNS" cloudflare option or the "limited' cname option? Reason I ask - I tried the cname option - Had problems resolving Http / Https ://www.mydomain.com ; BUT no problems with Http / Https ://mydomain.com In the end I took it down - Was another couple ogf hours before www.mydomain.com cam back 'online' . mydomain.com was immediatly functional. Weird!
  4. Hi, Have severalf Wordpress sites - (all using Litespeed caching). Also have them issued with Let's encrypt certificates. 1) What I'm trying to work out is whether the Certificates/SSL wili work with the basic/free cloud flare service. CloudFlare certainly looks useful both for protection and as a CDN. Tried looking online but there are a heap of older articles about how easy/hard it is so I'm still unclear. 2) If I go with Cloudflare would you recommend/any need to disable Litespeed? (I appreciate they do different things but will I benefit form a local caching service if I'm using a CDN) My Sites are still in the early development phase so I can cancel the certificates and reissue etc. Thanks!