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  1. Thanks all. I'm much more familiar with cPanel than WHM - I hired someone to setup/make changes to the cloud server once I moved to that. But even just now since you mentioned usage, I was able to check resources and it's already sitting at over 1GB of ram used of my 4GB total. I think it makes sense to stay as-is on the server plan!
  2. Hello! I understand fundamentally the differences between these two services, specifically regarding root access, managing the cloud server on your own, etc. Wondering if there's any real performance difference? I signed up for the cloud server hosting before the actual "cloud web hosting" was available, but don't really need root access or WHM. In fact, I'd prefer some of the hosting features HawkHost provides like SpamExperts and backups. And the cost is better. Plain old cPanel access is just fine for me. I have the 4GB Cloud Server plan which includes 4GB of Ram and 2 CPUs. Would there be a noticeable performance difference between this and the cloud web hosting service? I use about 50GB of bandwidth per month, nothing too intensive. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I'm hoping to understand a bit better about the power of cloud hosting. I work with a lot of podcasters, and the larger ones we always put on a dedicated provider such as blubrry, libsyn, etc so they can handle the bandwidth. Traditionally, smaller podcasters we've run on regular shared hosting via WordPress since the bandwidth requirements are small. Is HawkHost's cloud hosting a reasonable replacement for something like Libsyn? Can it handle the bandwidth properly of a large show hitting it with download requests all at once? I'm just throwing numbers out there, but some of these shows get thousands and thousands of downloads of ~50MB MP3 files or so. Let's say 500 people try to get that file all at once, is this no problem for Cloud Hosting (provided it's within the bandwidth of the chosen hosting package) or would performance be poor as opposed to something like Libsyn? Thanks!