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  1. I'm looking for reviews from people who have used Axe hair products. ( ) If you've used an Axe hair product, can you please provide your review of the product that you used. I'm contemplating using Axe products for my hair and would like to read other's opinions. Thanks, Andy
  2. As the title says, does Hawk Host have/own a twitter account that I can follow that can make it easier for me to help me keep up to date with the latest happenings? Thanks, Andy.
  3. I'm having a problem installing this modification. I've made most of the edits. The only edits I couldn't make was from the overall_header file, because the search didn't return any matches and now I get this message on my forum when I visit it: "General Error SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND t.template_id = s.template_id AND c.theme_id = s.theme_id AND i.imag' at line 4 [1064] An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists." I can't access my ACP right now and I don't know what maneuvers I can make to at least get back into the forum, but I'd like to get this mod to work. Can you please help me? (I use the 1game theme on my phpbb3 forum) (trying to install Anti-Spam ACP mod) Thanks, Andy.
  4. Ok. Is it something that could be offered in the future? (I can understand if it's not near future).
  5. I was reading a "webmaster" blog and it mentioned that some hosts offer free credits for Google Adwords. I was wondering if Hawk Host was one of them. If so, where would I find it? If not, could that be something offered in the future? Thanks, Andy.
  6. I've asked about this over a month ago. Any progress on this? Thanks, Andy.
  7. It was a recommendation by 2 users of the Hawk Host service so I thought I'd try it out, and I'm glad I did.
  8. Where can I find blog directories? What do they look like and how do they function?
  9. netsavy006

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    Congrats on the 1000 members, even if some are bots.
  10. I provide my signature on every forum I'm a part of. I promote on the various board that are promotion boards and I try to keep my promotion thread on the first page. I've been posting content on a daily basis. Sometimes 2 posts a day. I've also submitted to digg and stumble upon. What more can I do to promote and get traffic to my blog?
  11. I've only been using HH since either 6/22 or 6/23 of 2010 and even though the purchase of the hosting, I've not had a single problem. I was able to charge the entire basic plan for one year + a domain or one year all for approx 49$ which too me was an excellent price. After buying the hosting I was able to figure out (based on what I remembered about using your own hosing 2 years ago, to get into fantastico and install wordpress (since I'm using HH to host my blog. I was able to very easily migrate my posts that I had from blogspot over to wordpress with ease, without losing my existing users. This was a plus for me. Once installing wordpress, I was told it had an update and I was able to seamlessly update the application without problems. No hiccups at all. I was able to get a great theme thanks through various searching through wordpress's database. Now I've got a theme for my blog and the blog itself, all hosted on HH without any problems, with no slowness or downtime. I've not needed to get to the level where I've needed assistance from HH other than for prior to the purchase to ask a credit card question and they responded fast via live chat. I'm very content with what I've done so far and I'm glad to be using HH for my hosting and domain. My HH continue to improve and remain in business because I highly praise and recommend their service. They are a great hosting provider. Thanks & keep up the good work HH, Andy...
  12. 2 things. Could you add Quick Reply to the forum? Can you add an introduction forum on this forum? Thanks, Andy..
  13. I found HawkHost as a recommendation from Fowler @ Forum Promotion.