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    host to china speed

    All abuse issues need to be handled through our helpdesk, you can submit a ticket with details of your report through our site at: https://www.hawkhost.com/Contact Phishing is a common tactic and once we're notified of the activity and our team verifies the complaints we'll act accordingly.
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    Railgun enabled?

    We have no railguns at this time in Hong Kong and have no estimate on when it would be available. Unfortunately this location has obstacles that make it more difficult.
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    This is not software I'm familiar with offhand so unfortunately I don't have any personal suggestions on installation / debugging. If you open a ticket through your client area at https://my.hawkhost.com/submitticket.php with the error(s) you're seeing our team can attempt to assist.
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    Thanks for signing up with us! Account approval is not instant so there may be a delay up to 20 minutes after payment before your order is setup. If the account still isn't setup at that point it likely did not pass our fraud check and a ticket would have been opened on your account by our billing team. If you can please let me know your order or invoice # I can check the status of your order, feel free to PM me those details. Thanks!
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    Speed up Website with Hosting

    I thought I was in wrong direction. Thanks for your quote... I usually use the free account on cloudflare. Does the paid version on cloudflare do much?
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    Merry Christmas Hawkhost!

    For my site, the DC → NY move went very smoothly and quickly, and such is what I've come to expect here, as my sites cruise along with only a rare, and very minor, hiccup now and then. I hope you have had a successful year and continue so in the future. Tony, Brian, and the rest of you are doing a great job, keep up the good work!