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  1. HawkHost has always been great. The support is awesome and the servers are fast! I've tried just about every service offered by Hawk Host and have never had any issues. Really spot on.
  2. I just realized I've been with HawkHost formerly Devoted Host for 12 years I believe.... I've never had an issue that wasn't sorted out within minutes and usually my own fault. Haha 12 years.... Dang Great job guys. Love ya!
  3. I became a customer way back when HawkHost was called Devoted Host.. it's been 4 and a half years? I was referred by a friend who I think has no actual relation to the company.. but either way he was right to say come here! HawkHost has definitly earned my money!! Never read any reviews about them but Tony is always very helpful (and the rest of the team too!!! Not forgetting you guys!!) They always keep my sites running smoothly! I plan on staying here for a very looonnggg time more!!!
  4. Well it's been 4 and half years now! And I'm proud to say I'm still with Hawk Host! I was here when Hawk Host was known as Devoted Host and I beleive Tony was the only one running support? I've got to say, the support here is fast and dead on with the responses! I've never had any downtime with Hawk Host EVER. Even when they do upgrades I still see no downtime! It's great!! I think I've been on 2 different servers within the 4.5 years I've been here (Venus and now Murcury(sp)) and they were both extremely fast never had a problem with load times or anything of that sort.. Hawk Host has
  5. Wow! I was just looking over my invoices and am proud to say I've been with HawkHost for 3.5 years! Time flies! Great job guys!
  6. Yeah, you have to buy hosting, or other product to be able to purchase domains for $1.99 on with the promo. There is always some kind of catch! Personally I use http://mydomain.com for all my domains. Cheap and reliable, just how I like it.
  7. Ian

    2.5 years!

    Yeah! That feature is truely the greatest!
  8. Ian

    2.5 years!

    Wholy smokes! I've been with Devoted Host... oops I mean..Hawk Host for 2 and a half years already! HH is the best host I've ever dealt with! Awesome job guys! Way to keep your customers happy! Time sure does fly!
  9. Ian

    phpbb3 backup ?

    I just had to chime in and say R1Soft is the BEST!!!!! HawkHost is the only host I've seen that allows this feature! It has saved me tonight!! THANK YOU FOR HAVING R1Soft INSTALLED! Ian Gutjahr, Hawk Host Customer FOR LIFE!
  10. I was able to figure it out. It's pretty basic. All you have to do is set the include path... <?PHP set_include_path('/home/username/php'); require_once('PEAR.php'); $pear = new PEAR(); ...... ?> PEAR seems to be just like PERL modules for PHP. A cool idea.
  11. How do I use PEAR? Is there a special directory I need to upload my script into? How do I call PEAR modules? I've been searching the PEAR docs but I can't figure it out. Thanks!
  12. I've been with hawkhost for 15 months now and have had no major downtime. The server never goes down! And if it does, it's 99% of the time for upgrades! I've had no issues with HawkHost! They're great!
  13. I agree with John. I signed up for hosting here a few months ago and have had the best time ever! There has been no downtime that I have noticed! And the support is like no other. Every time I need something changed on my account it gets done within 15-20 minutes! Hawk Host is #1 in my books!