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  1. Yeah I caught that email, though not the part about individual plan prices, thanks for pointing that out. I may still migrate my individual plan off anyways, just because. Or I dunno if there's thinking about a "Cpanel Free" individual offering that's cheaper at Hawkhost that I might sign up for. For the next month or 2 I'll see how this plays out then you may see me making some moves away from Cpanel.
  2. Well me, I'm seeing the value of Cpanel less and less upon doing this. I'm debating a few actions at Hawkhost as this increase comes into effect: 1) For my personal account where I host with Hawkhost, I'm honestly debating going VPS and ditching Cpanel. Presumably the increase in prices as Cpanel may trickle down to me on a Shared plan. Download a free hosting panel for my site and that's it. May cost me more, but look at what I get for it comparatively. 2) For the one organization with a VPS whom I manage I'll be bringing this price increase with them and see what they think about a outward migration from Cpanel. Either way Hawkhost has been awesome with me so I'll stick with you guys, Cpanel or otherwise :-) thanks!
  3. Yeah Roundcube is definitely the better platform, agree. I've noticed Squirrelmail is still available in Softaculous if you wanted to install it though.
  4. So when approached to upgrade my VPS Server to a Cloud Server environment that was Better, Faster and more reliable than the existing environment at maybe 2/3 the cost, I didn't get much objection from the organization I run the server for.... So we migrated in A fairly smooth migration with no hiccups, nominal downtime, and only a forgotten Softaculous installation that was discovered and fixed later. So far, great stuff! Quite simply, HawkHost has delivered yet again :-) more power, less cost, quite simply can't be beat! Keep kicking butt out there guys, appreciate it!
  5. I'm going to bring this zombie thread back up to the top, with one of the more popular sites I have here at Hawkhost, I've not only noticed an increase in the amount of hack attempts on our site, but the sophistication level as well. Password brute force attempts seem more systematic, using data that they'd have to glean from elsewhere about our organization, suggesting that humans are behind this stuff now too, not just mere bots. For example users personal data has been found in password attempts, that would not have been anywhere on the site. When quizzed, targeted end users weren't involved/had no idea where bad guys would have got this data. Wordpress now has pro plugins that allow for 2 factor authentication. I'd say this is a good investment at this time.
  6. Yeah was looking for Hosting Panel support as well, Cpanel seems kinda meh on it (Plugin is available), otherwise not seeing much.
  7. Going back to my favorite programming language, C#, was building a few gadgets I plan on hosting via VPS here using .NET Core. Anyone out there, not necessarily Hawkhost, ran .NET Core on VPS Servers here? Experiences on the best distribution, hosting panel, etc? Thoughts?
  8. I've always used Squirrelmail as well, IMO it was the simplest one. No worries if that's how it is then, off to RoundCube I go then.
  9. Out of curiousity has Hawkhost yet done any benchmarking and seen how Cloud Websites stack up compared to VPS Websites on their end performance/load time wise? Say drop a empty Wordpress Website on each and ran anyone's favorite benchmarking software on both platforms? Curious if so and what the results are.
  10. 1) I have some old domains that are long expired (short term projects that no longer are maintained) still visible in my Client area, is there an easy way to get rid of those inactive domains from my client area? 2) Is there a way to consolidate invoices around Domain renewals and hosting? Try and move everything to around the same expiration date maybe? So I send you guys one payment a year basically? Thanks, and keep being as awesome as you always are!
  11. Awesome, once again Ryan, kudos to you and your team :-) Looking forward, are all servers typically time synced back to a NTP server somewhere? Is 2 factor ok to use for authentication when it's time synced (for example with WHM)? Thanks!
  12. So was trying to setup 2 factor authentication on my VPS, however wasn't having much luck. On looking into it I noticed the time is off on my VPS, which is a big no-no of course in 2 factor authentication. Or right now it's 2:39UTC on my VPS, but time.gov has me at 2:45UTC. Pretty significant for 2 factor. I tried correcting this with NTPD but it wasn't working for some reason. Tried opening firewall ports, no go. Does VPS Time sync only with the host or can I independently configure time? If you need to do it, could I ask you for a time check on dalvz109 please :-) either that or is it typically wise to setup WHM 2 factor authentication on a Virtual server to begin with? Thanks!
  13. Actually after still some more tinkering, this works like a charm: v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary IP Address>> +include:_spf.arandomserver.com -all Also note the -all, so there are no soft fails. If you're not _spf.arandomserver.com you can reject.
  14. Going to try this then: v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary server IP Address>> +a:_spf.arandomserver.com +mx:_spf.arandomserver.com +ip4:<<current server IP Address>> +ip4:<<Prior server IP Address>> ~all (deliberately snipped IP Addresses) Thing that's durable enough?
  15. Noticed today my IP Address for my outgoing mail changed. No big deal typically, but it knocked my SPF Record out of whack and was hurting my outgoing email's spam score with a soft fail on SPF. Is there an easy way to automate this to "Anything Hawkhost changed my IP to for outgoing mail, I promise it's not Spam. If it's anything else but that server drop that crappy email like a hot potato."