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  4. Hello! What you're looking to do is possible, and in cases like this it's usually easiest to use your hosting servers hostname for the MX record. You can locate the hostname in your client area, or you can ask our support team for the hostname, but it'll look something like "". Once you set the MX record on your domain(s) to that server hostname your email would be routed through our servers while leaving the site hosted at Wix.
  5. Hello, I wonder if this is possible, I have a domain from onlydomains pointed to Wix nameservers, I also have hosting on HawkHost where I can have multiple domains. I would like to use HH for emails only because this is expensive on Wix, Wix allows changing MX records and generally support having your email hosted somewhere else like G Suite, GoDaddy Email etc. Would this be achievable with HH? If so what settings should I plug into the MX record on Wix? Or is there some other way I need to move things around? Thanks.
  6. It would not be possible to remove the domains historical data from the bandwidth interface. However with the domains being removed they should no longer be shown in future months usage/graphs.
  7. Hi Everyone, I deleted some website from my shared hosting, but i still can see the bandwidth status in the Bandwidth section. Is there anyway to delete bandwidth log for one or all website?
  8. Brian


    I've sorted out your ticket and the issue should be resolved, but as always feel free to update the ticket if there is a remaining problem. Thanks again!
  9. kabange


    Hi Brian you saw the existing ticket ID, it's really urgent, the support team can respond in how long?
  10. kabange

  11. Brian


    Hi! This is an issue which will need to be solved via ticket and unfortunately is not something we're able to resolve through this forum. If you haven't already please open a ticket for this issue and our team will assist from there. If you do have an existing ticket ID from our helpdesk please DM me the ID so I can check the status of your ticket. Thanks!
  12. kabange


    I created a customer account with you and I bought a NOW accommodation the order code is 4574680622, but the email address I created with the account, has an error instead of , I wrote there I do not see my accommodation or my customer account with you how I should arrange the address and have my accommodation since it is urgent
  13. Brian


    All of our current affiliate banners can be found here: Sorry for the trouble with trying to access the older ones!
  14. Banners are not working anymore, please update!
  15. Hi there! At this point your domain should have been registered but if it's still pending please PM me the domain name so I can check the status. Thank you
  16. A quick way to find out the Perl version is to run the command perl -v If you don't have ssh access, you can create a cgi-bin job to do that. Put the following into a file named something like #!/bin/sh perl -v Don't forget to chmod +x that file, then from browser do: (Interestingly, that worked without the usual requirement for Content-type: text/plain\n\n. I have no idea why that was the case.) You'll get back something like: ... > This is perl 5, version 16, subversion 3 (v5.16.3) built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi ... > (with 39 registered patches, see perl -V for more detail)
  17. There is a big outage problem since april with gmail users and tls records, being discussed here: We have had the same issue and for the time being changing to port 25 worked as well as we think changing from to sng0(XX) (XX is in place of the servername etc found on the cpanel) with 587 port also worked. Can HawkHost kindly review the topic and advise if any changes are to be made, this is a google issue really but just bringing it to attention. Thanks
  18. In cPanel if you click server information and the kernel version starts with 3.10- then you're on a CL7 server. It's unlikely many users are on CL6 at this point as all servers in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York are running CL7. The majority of servers in Singapore are now CL7 with our plan to eventually move everyone to CL7. We're currently migrating everyone in Amsterdam and that will be completed within the next month or so. Our Hong Kong location we hope to start the migration process in the next 2 months and similarly our Toronto location will be within the next few months.
  19. How can an existing customer know if they are currently on a CL6 server?
  20. Your account should be setup on a CL7 server by default without needing to request it. If you do happen to be setup on a CL6 server (very small chance of this happening) just let us know and we'll get you moved to a CL7 system.
  21. Great! Are the new accounts created on CloudLinux 7 ? or can I ask to be on it when ordering?
  22. One correction here as all new accounts are now put on our CloudLinux 7 servers which uses 5.16.3. Only our CloudLinux 6 servers which all will be migrated to CloudLinux 7 before the end of the year are running 5.10.1.
  23. a bit outdated, but better than could be, I guess... ok, thank you for reply!
  24. Hello! The perl version on our shared/cloud web hosting plans would be v5.10.1
  25. What is the Perl version currently on shared hosting accounts?
  26. No problem! Glad it is solved
  27. Removed the entry as Fowler suggested and ran phpinfo which indicated version 7.4 was running. I will consider things fixed, thanks for the assistance!
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