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  3. Hello! This is a known display issue since the ticket module on your dashboard is the native WHMCS one which we do not utilize. Our web team does have an internal ticket open regarding this however since it is purely cosmetic and has no impact on actually opening/replying to tickets it is considered a low priority fix.
  4. When I go to Portal Home / Client Area at it shows I have 0 tickets. However, when I click on it, the loaded page shows 2 open tickets
  5. Any site using that specific PHP version would have the same extensions. If you add an extension to PHP 7.3 all sites using it would get it. The default extensions for EA/ALT are not the same and as such we always recommend using the alt versions as you have control over the extensions. The EA versions you do not.
  6. Can I have some extensions for domain Y and other extensions on domain X? Is the default extensions the same for ea and alt?
  7. Brian

    Godaddy and DNS

    Hello! I'm assuming you registered both nameservers through GoDaddys control panel? If not that would explain why they aren't showing as valid and won't let you change to them. With that said if you want to PM me your ticket ID I can follow up with you there and also grab your GoDaddy login details if you're okay with us logging in and taking a look.
  8. You'd just go back to the select php version page pick the PHP version from the drop down you want to modify and then you can adjust the extensions.
  9. How to change the extensions for addons domains?
  10. You can change each domain using the multi PHP manager. The default extensions are close to the same not necessarily identical as our default alt-php's due to the cPanel built PHP's not containing all the same modules.
  11. Hi, I'm hoping to get help from more experienced users from this forum. I'm trying to point our domain nameserver (domain is registered at Godaddy) but does not work (returns The data provided cannot be used Please correct it and resubmit your request." is ok. Both ns are pointed to the same IP address both on Godaddy Host Name and at WHM settings. Is there anything wrong with this setup? Thanks and would really appreciate any leads on this as I've been trying to solve this for two days already... Hawkhost CS said there's nothing wrong with WHM end.
  12. Thanks. Can I change for each domain? I use multiphp manager. Is the default alt extensions the same as ea?
  13. We recommended alt-php* as they support the ability to change the extensions while ea-php* do not. For changing the extensions go to select PHP version in cPanel then you'll see the ability to change the extensions for any PHP version we have available.
  14. Hi. How do I change extensions when using alt-php? Do u recommend using ea or alt? alt have php 7.3 while ea only have 7.2
  15. Look at the Metrics section and then choose Awstats. It may be that Awstats has to be enabled first (to gather the stats) but usually that is the case. There is another one in there - Webalizer, but I don't use that one. For reasons I don't understand, the two often have different numbers. Also check "CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage".
  16. Thank you, is there a way to find that out in cpanel? I've had a look but can't seem to find anything related to that.
  17. I can assure you hawk host will meet your demands. I have a lot sites on my account with zero problem.
  18. Hello! If you can let us know some metrics about your sites, such as daily/monthly visitors, average CPU/RAM usage, or any special requirements you have we can advise on the best plan. With that said unless they are high traffic or high resource sites our cloud hosting plan ( should provide enough resources, but if you find yourself hitting the resource limits of that plan you can always upgrade to semi-dedicated ( which will double your CPU/RAM/disk IO allocations.
  19. Hi there, I currently have two Xenforo forums hosted elsewhere that I am considering moving to HawkHost, is there any way somebody here could look at my usage and advise as to which hosting plan would be suitable? Thank you.
  20. Hi! I have replicated this so I'll open an internal ticket and hopefully we can get this fixed up quickly for you.
  21. Whenever I try to edit my profile on the forums here, I get a forbidden error saying I don't have permission to access the URL on this server. I would look into fixing this as I'd like to update my profile with more relevant information.
  22. Thank you Tony, I'll give it a shot!
  23. For the name field you put your domain instead of @ and it'll create the correct MX records. You will also want to remove the existing MX record created by cPanel which points the MX record to our servers.
  24. Hi HawkHost, I'm attempting to set up g-suite to manage my emails and the instructions say to put an "@" or "leave blank" the Name/Host/Alias box. (It's called "Name" in Hawkhost cpanel) The problem is, the box requires another entry and gives the error "You must specify a valid zone name" when an "@" is entered, and "This field is required" if left blank. Is there a specific symbol that HawkHost requires to satisfy this field for g-suite setup? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  25. Your site is loading for us from multiple systems/locations, usually when you see that page it's due to a local DNS cache issue. If you refresh your local DNS cache or try visiting from a private browser the site should load. With that said if the issue persists for more than 2 hours please submit a ticket to our helpdesk for further investigation.
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