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  3. Tony, I saw your update to the ticket, and that it was my fault because at some point I had blocked that subnet from my site. Thanks for finding that so quickly (now I feel like an idiot LOL.) I'll need to review my deny list, and probably create a custom 403 page so I don't fool myself again. I appreciate the fast response, and as always the outstanding service!
  4. I reproduced the problem just now, so I've opened a new ticket: VFP-933-15524 Thanks, -George
  5. The software has evolved a lot in two years and since then a lot of the scenarios where it was a 403 instead of a captcha have been resolved. If this is still happening now I'd encourage you to open a new ticket and ask it to be escalated as that sounds like a bug.
  6. Tony, A couple of years ago I opened ticket VAE-864-18071 for this exact issue, and this was the response I received: "It seems the IP of your VPN is either blacklisted or blocked on our servers firewall. If there are any particular IPs for your VPN, kindly let us know so that we can have a detailed look into it. If the IP is temporarily blocked on our server's firewall, it will show a captcha so you could still visit the site. It seems the VPN's IP is permanently blocked on our server's firewall." Based on that response it seems there are two classes of IPs being blocked: tempo
  7. On all our shared/reseller/semi dedicated servers it should be giving a captcha in the event an IP is on our blacklist. I'd recommend opening a ticket and linking to this forum post so that our team can investigate why it's not working for your site.
  8. I use NordVPN for my Internet access (to prevent my ISP from collecting marketing information from my browsing.) But many of the NordVPN nodes are blocked by Hawk Host, which prevents me from accessing my own domain. I can understand that bad actors are using VPNs to hide their activity, and I'm glad that Hawk Host is blocking them. But instead of just throwing a 403 Forbidden error, I would like it to perform a Captcha challenge to prove they are not a BOT. With the current set-up I must randomly try different VPN nodes until I find one that isn't blacklisted. I often have to switch to a
  9. Thanks for your order! It appears this has been resolved so you should have your "New Account Information" email with all the service details to get started.
  10. Hi guys, can you share your top wordpress themes? (paid or free) I used customizr for a while, but it works perfectly only for blogs.
  11. Hi! Your order should be setup by now so please check your inbox for your "New Account Information" email. If you still don't see the email please contact us through so we can check your order status. Thanks for signing up with us!
  12. My Products is pending. how long it will take to activate´╝č
  13. You can! Regardless of the OS you're using on your local system (desktop, phone, tablet, etc.) you can use and manage any of our Linux based plans.
  14. My computer operating system is Windows, can I use Linux hosting?
  15. Thanks again for the follow up and for staying with us! We realize there's a ton of hosting options out there so to stick around for 6 years means something special
  16. Hey it's me again, 6 years on almost! Sorry to bump an old thread. I still cannot fault your hosting service, it's there when I need it, I have never had a major issue and I'll be here for as long as you'll have me! All the best, Jake
  17. Thanks for checking out our hosting! To answer your questions: 1. We do offer migration assistance and there is no additional cost. Once your account is setup you can refer to for a guide on how to start that transfer process. 2. If you have any questions related to resources or specific plans just let us know here or you can email with an overview of your resource requirements (CPU, RAM, traffic, etc.) and we can recommend a plan that suits your needs. 3. Migrati
  18. Hello, I been running a community on the same hosting server for the past 5 years and I always waited to move away from them. Just never know who to go with end of the day. However I hear good reviews and highly recommendations about hawkhost. I'm thinking to fully move site/domain over. 1. Does hawk offers migration support? at what cost 2. Was going to say what traf however with budget set, have no choice to stick and go with Cloud based hosting. 3. How long will it take to move just about everything over?
  19. Thank you for the suggestion ! We have often looked at both Central and South America as potential options for expansion as they're two of the few remaining regions we don't currently have a datacenter. Unfortunately there are a number of limiting factors which have made the expansion not possible while maintaining our quality of service and standards we look for when building out a new infrastructure. It is certainly something we'll continue to keep an eye on and discuss internally and hopefully within the coming years we're able to make this expansion possible.
  20. Here is the problem: in Brasil, we have only two mainly affordable hosts: Hostinger and Locaweb. But they are the most complained services all over the country. Terrible support, terrible uptime, umprepared tech guys, doesnt solve the issues, don't care about their customers, terminate accounts for no reason without warning..... Just the worse ! For you have an idea, Locaweb has over 4000 complaints on a famous national complaints site ( ) and hostinger has over 2000 complaints. This is a lot ! And they are getting worse everyday. There are many other host options, bu
  21. Hello! With our cloud compute plans you have full root access so you can install any software or control panels you'd like, we do not limit you to the paid panels (cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin) we offer and support directly.
  22. Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to use a custom web hosting panel on your VPS? I don't like paying for cPanel, so on my previous VPS I went for, which has all the necessary functions but it is free Is there any chance it can be installed? Thanks
  23. Never happends to me. Well, it happends when I overload the site with updating many wordpress sites to newest version or uploading a bunch of photos into wordpress gallery. Never happened with phpbb forums though.
  24. While this is being discussed in detail in your support ticket as it relates specifically to your account we did want to reply to this publicly and acknowledge that forums, or any software, can slow down for a number of reasons. Whether it's plugins, themes, or other underlying factors it can all contribute to a gradual slowdown over time. In addition to posting on our forums you may want to look at other phpBB specific communities for feedback on how to optimize performance or see if anyone has experienced similar issues. Maybe someone else within our forum community is also able to provid
  25. My account, a small website with an attached phpBB forum and very low traffic, apparently breaches CPU limits every single day, so most of the time the site is slow because of cpanel throttling. Using Resource Usage, I found that when these spikes occur, there is actually NO activity on my Raw Access Logs. Is anyone else experiencing slow site access due to CPU throttling?
  26. Brian


    Location changes are possible but that is something we'd need to handle via support ticket, which can be submitted through
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