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  4. You can get your blog into Google's search space by creating links to it on other sites. Even better is getting a link to appear on another popular site. Then more people will see it, which in turn will lead to more links and more searches and more visits. If the link text includes likely search terms for your blogs, people will find their way there when they search those terms. That is, if they are specific enough to your blog that you don't end up on page 35 of the search results. Also, it will depend on the contents ... if what you write ends up in search results and isn't buried by more popular sites who write about the same thing, you will get more traffic that way. All these gimmicks (directories, pings, etc.) probably work to some extent, but in the end, if you have what people want, they'll find you.
  5. There are no additional charges, and you can complete as many installations as you'd like on any shared hosting plan. WordPress is available through Softaculous in cPanel so installations take less than 5 minutes to complete. EasyWP is a fully managed solution so that is likely why there is a charge for them. wp-admin is the default login URL for WordPress sites so you'd have access to that backend on any installation through us as well.
  6. as long as I know, all wordpress admin should end with wp-admin folder....and it is really easy when you are installing through cpanel
  7. It is simple... create a facebook page of your site, create pinterest account create instagram account every single post on your site, try to link it with a post on those social media
  8. If you install Wordpress on a Shared Hosting Account, are they any additional charges? A friend of mine has an "EasyWP" subscription with Namecheap, which allows him to set up a Wordpress site. It appears that you do everything through wp-admin, which you get to by signing in to your Namecheap account, and working your way through Apps and EasyWP pages. (Possibly you can get to directly through the client's website, but I'm not sure about that.) Is that the same wp-admin that would be part of a Wordpress installation here? In other words, is EasyWP making things any easier over just adding Wordpress to a site here?
  9. I apologize for the troubles here. Looking at your ticket history we're only seeing one ticket opened regarding this issue and that was replied to by Tony today. Can you please PM me the ticket ID(s) that you submitted but weren't replied to?
  10. I have contacted support multiple times, and have never received any response back (even marked as urgent) until somehow the problem is fixed, on its own as it seems because after it's fixed support starts trying to troubleshoot. This has been going on for over 24 hours. Am I seriously going to have to switch providers over this?
  11. I would recommend opening a ticket in this case as we definitely did not disable Node.js on any of our servers. There are a few causes that could break Node.js such as running out of disk space on an account but it's tough to know the cause in your case without us checking your account.
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  13. I have a Node.js server working on my Shared Hosting, but was notified by someone using it that they were getting a 503 error from it. When I went to check on the status of the server in cpanel, I was bet with the following: Node.js Selector is not available. Please, contact your hoster. What is going on with this, and what can I do to get this fixed?
  14. Much appreciated Brian - that's the sort of input I was hoping to get.
  15. Hello, I apologize for the issues you've seen on this server. Two days ago we did see a big load spike on the server which was resolved with a reboot. We believe that was a kernel bug as the problem has not recurred since. The downtime you saw yesterday was due to maintenance that was believed to have absolutely no service impact but a fault in a device caused it to have an impact. As to your questions: 1) We have both internal and external monitoring on all servers. This notifies us if a server sees a spike in CPU usage for example or other resources, and also if a server goes completely offline. 2) The status page is used for extended or large outages. We would not post a notice though if just a single server is down or showing high load. Yesterday for example during the Singapore outage we did have a notice up. 3) Mentioned above but you saw two separate issues, one from the kernel bug and then the other from the maintenance. It's worth noting we did bring additional servers online to help manage some other load spikes we saw in the Singapore cloud, so there is quite a bit more available CPU and RAM now. At this point you should be seeing the performance you've come to expect from that plan. Sorry again for the troubles and I appreciate your patience throughout all this.
  16. To be fair, I have never had this issue before (which is why it is so frustrating now!). In the past I have always expected HH to do the right thing about monitoring resource usage etc and ensuring customers abide by as their TOS. Accordingly, I suspect that the issue NOW was more likely a rogue process eating up resources. It would be nice to know though!!
  17. You can request being moved to another server (which may or may not help, depending what the underlying problem is). If it is another user hogging resources, you'll get away from that, but there is no guarantee the other server won't have similar problems. I agree that hosts should act on their own when problems like this occur. Unlike isolated users, they are in a position see what is going on server-wide. "Proactively" is the buzzword du jour I believe.
  18. Well, whatever the issue was, it has now been resolved (thanks Tony). I see that the server status page has finally been updated to reflect the issue albeit many hours after the problems started to happen. I assume it is a manual update process which is only really of value retrospectively. Irritatingly, there is still no explanation of what happened and no answers to the specific questions I asked in my ticket. OOPS spoke too soon - server load back up to 300 and error 503 - inaccessible... Intermittent problem
  19. For the last 2 days my accounts on SNG119 (reseller) have been going down in association with a massive server load and memory usage. At no stage has the server status page acknowledged an issue. The first time I got a message that they had recovered without intervention (FSN-257-26805 ) - which did not explain the issue or the fact that no one appeared to notice before I notified them (Automatic monitoring?) The next time - after almost 4 hours - described by support as "brief"! (SKY-864-65269) - an "issue" was "fixed" - but the problem persists. Again no explanation. It is shared hosting so I assume someone's account was using massive resources or similar? Couple of points/questions: Do you have an automated monitoring system to keep an eye on the servers or do you rely on clients telling support what's going on? Is the status page in any way relevant/accurate? It still shows that there were no issues (which there obviously were/are). It would be reassuring to be told what the issue was and what steps had been taken to mitigate further problems. Can someone please look into this? It is very disconcerting to be fed standard lines with no explanations and a dud server status page. Thanks Tim
  20. Hello! Can you please DM me your email address or order number so I can locate your details? Alternatively if you open a ticket with our billing team through we'll be able to assist through there as well. Thank you!
  21. I've just purchased a domaine and hosting but my account status says fraud, I've inserted my card details to purchase but no payment as left my account. I've also tried to add funds into the account to pay the invoice but with no success. Please can someone Advise on the correct way to purchase ? Thank you for your time and patience in this matter. Lee
  22. I don't know the ins and outs of Wordpress, since I don't use it, but in general, can't you do this with an addon-domain or a subdomain? To illustrate in more concrete terms, suppose your main domain is under /public_html. You create another directory called, say, /staging (parallel to rather than under /public_html) and replicate the whole thing under there, including, notably, /public_html/cgi-bin. You point your add-on domain or subdomain to /staging as its document-root. Then do all your updates and testing on the files under /staging, and when you're satisfied, copy them over to /public_html? If you're using databases, you'd need testing versions of those too. I assume this Softaculous function takes care of that for you.
  23. Hello! Thanks for considering our hosting -- we do offer a staging area via Softaculous which if you're using WordPress will be very simple to setup: Let us know if you have any other questions!
  24. Is there a staging area where you can edit a website/wp site, etc to check that the additions/editing is working ok before moving it the live site? Thank you Ted
  25. Hello! Usually this happens if you've set the document root of the addon domain to the same as your primary domain (public_html), or if there is a 301 redirect setup. If you submit a ticket through our helpdesk team will be able to pull up all your account details and help resolve this issue!
  26. main domain is redirecting to my extra domain I'm adding. well im trying to add a new domain. and have 2 domains for 2 different websites.
  27. Brian

    Dave Z

    Good afternoon! Sorry for the delayed reply to this thread though looking at your ticket it looks like this was addressed / the server is booted. Feel free to DM me if you have any other concerns or follow up questions on that! Thank you!
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