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  4. Glad the migration went well and you're happy with the the faster and more reliable environment at a lower cost! This is just our first step on this new offering though moving everyone to this modern platform. It also opens up many new possibilities some of which all users will benefit from and others where the more advanced users may find useful.
  5. My understanding is our team worked with you and figured this out. Glad it's resolved.
  6. Sorry for the trouble! This can happen occasionally if the connection between our client area and your hosting server times out. The quickest way around this is to login to cPanel directly and add your domains through there instead of using the client area integration. If you continue to experience issues please contact our helpdesk through so they can investigate further. Thank you!
  7. Hello everybody, I am currently adding Hawkhost host domain but it said this error, I don't know why and how to fix it. thanks all.
  8. Situation has been... rectified! Thanks
  9. This would be a violation of our affiliate TOS ( so any commissions earned by referring yourself would be considered invalid and you would not receive credit for those orders.
  10. Can i buy an hosting under my own affiliate?
  11. Yeah Roundcube is definitely the better platform, agree. I've noticed Squirrelmail is still available in Softaculous if you wanted to install it though.
  12. The hammer eventually did drop, and, having switched to Roundcube, let me just say, overall, RC is better. There are a few things I preferred about Squirrelmail, but there are more ways in which RC outperforms, making those pluses outweigh any minuses. I do use it zoomed-in one notch - the default font settings are just too small for these tired old eyes, and that overcomes my biggest problem with it.
  13. So when approached to upgrade my VPS Server to a Cloud Server environment that was Better, Faster and more reliable than the existing environment at maybe 2/3 the cost, I didn't get much objection from the organization I run the server for.... So we migrated in A fairly smooth migration with no hiccups, nominal downtime, and only a forgotten Softaculous installation that was discovered and fixed later. So far, great stuff! Quite simply, HawkHost has delivered yet again :-) more power, less cost, quite simply can't be beat! Keep kicking butt out there guys, appreciate it!
  14. Thanks for signing up with us! Account approval is not instant so there may be a delay up to 20 minutes after payment before your order is setup. If the account still isn't setup at that point it likely did not pass our fraud check and a ticket would have been opened on your account by our billing team. If you can please let me know your order or invoice # I can check the status of your order, feel free to PM me those details. Thanks!
  15. Account pending after payment
  16. Tony


    That is very strange I wonder if mod_security is actually getting disabled as I checked the ticket number and we saw mod_security hits still which would be indicative of it not being disabled. As far as disabling Imunify360 we can definitely do it on a domain basis (we have an internal support guide on how to do it). That being said if it's a mod_security hit for a specific application usually it's better for us to fix the rule if possible or for the user to disable mod_security. If we disable Imunify360 entirely for a domain then you're going to see an increase in bot traffic hitting your website. Of course if you still want to go that route just update the ticket asking for Imunify360 to be disabled and our team should be able to do it.
  17. wrkalot


    I am also having an issue with one of my sites. I have a reseller account and several sites. One site is Xenforo (latest version) and image uploads are triggering Imunify360. I have a ticket in on this Ticket ID: UNG-363-75293. Mod Security is disabled but it's still triggering. I have been told that I need to add "SecFilterEngine Off" and "SecFilterScanPOST Off" to my htaccess file to disable the imunify check. I don't think they can disable it on a domain basis. I have asked for that but have been given the above solution instead. My other sites on this account run phpbb3 and word press with no issues. The only site effected is the Xenforo site.
  18. Hello! Dedicated IPs can be requested through a ticket with our sales team, you can open the ticket directly through your client area at We do require valid justification before we'll assign a dedicated IP so in your ticket please provide as much detail as possible explaining why your site requires the dedicated IP.
  19. hello, how can i buy a dedicated ip in my hosting ( hawkhost ) ??
  20. Hello Brian thanks my issue has been solved
  21. Good morning! I'm sorry for the troubles you've faced. Based on the most recent update to ticket ID RCI-177-19253 you were able to resolve the issue. However if you continue to experience problems please let us know through the helpdesk. Thank you!
  22. Hello please anybody untill now i have not use my vps please someone take a look in deep my ticket id here : as we are company and need to live this site earlier the support was replay with almost no help just replay pasively without check in deep into my whm and my ip was not active i ping which is request time out :
  23. Here are some examples from the home page: These are reduced from full size. This is the original presentation - gray color, titillium-weblight font: This one changes the text color to black: This one changes the font to Verdana, and boosts the font-weight on the next and previous markers, which are VERY hard to see without that. And for good measure, this appears just below the reviews section: gray text on gray background!
  24. It is! Thank you very much for replying son fast
  25. Good afternoon! As long as your theme is compatible with WordPress it should run fine on our hosting. We do not limit or restrict the themes you can run on your sites.
  26. Hi Hawk host pricing looks really good. I was wondering if there is any theme incompatibility with this hosting. I mean, I want to build my site in but I'm not sure if I can host it with you guys or is there no restriction? As you can see, I don't have much experience... Thanks in advance
  27. The prospective client specifically asked if there is a paid migration service. He will no doubt be pleased to learn that that service is included in the price of hosting.
  28. cPanel operates with several major versions at one time, however they don't actively support them all. As of this post cPanel 78 is the recommended version and is installed on anyone using the RELEASE branch which is the recommended branch for production systems. The cPanel 78 reaching STABLE builds is most likely going to be the before the end of March meaning cPanel 76 will no longer be supported. The current LTS release before cPanel 78 is actually cPanel 70: . This version will actually reach end of life at the end of this month as well meaning going forward cPanel 78 is going to be the oldest version one can run with active cPanel support. As far as SquirrelMail it's not actively being supported and hasn't had a stable release since 2011. It does not support the latest versions of PHP ( ) . There is a remote code execution exploit in it that affects the latest version: . cPanel has been patching the software themselves for quite some time to resolve compatibility and security issues. This was however not a long term solution and since no one has taken over the SquirrelMail project then it was finally time to stop maintaining it. There are still webmail programs within cPanel that are actually being actively maintained by the maintainers that are still offered.
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