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Well as I opened a support ticket and not able to view it now =/ because it keeps saying my password is wrong.

Basically earlier (couple weeks ago) I asked HawkHost if I could use their "mascot" the "hawk" to be placed onto my website :) And well I have rendered him out as best I can do. I'm sure HawkHost will be willing to let everyone use him if you just ask.. ;)

Version 2: Perfect as I can see :) lemme know if not!


Why this!?!? Well as I am a creative artist when coming to web designs always coming out of the end where people think " Oh Everyone has taken good designs" WRONG! be creative! That is why i made this as I will be inserting this into my clan's intro page. to show WrT's website is Powered by one of the best web hosters out there!

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