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  1. Yeah, I think I can simulate your problem with the password not being supplied by Chrome. After logging out, you probably clicked on "Click here to log in again" and it shows a different login screen with the username and password blanked out. Just re-enter your username and password one more time and you shouldn't have a problem with blank username/password again.
  2. I just test it out and not having the same problem as you. I'm using Chrome version 9.0.597.107 (latest version). Do the following to see if it works. 1) Update your Chrome to the latest version 2) Clear browsing cache 3) Ensure saved password is also removed, if not, remove it. 4) Test again Note: I am using http://mydomain.com/cpanel to log into my account
  3. speedturtle


    That's very good! cPanel doesn't seem very confident about IPv6 implementation as they couldn't even give a timeframe for it. cPanel will lose its market share if it doesn't pull its socks up. Just because it's the current leader for control panels doesn't mean it can take its own sweet time for IPv6 and force their customers to wait for it. Actually, this is a very good time for another competitive product to enter into the web hosting control panel market and become the new leader...and I hope it's open source! How about setting up a separate server to explore cPanel alternatives with IPv6 compatibility? Just in case cPanel doesn't deliver, you can quickly switch to one that does and still keep your customers. You can invite some of your existing customers to try it out as a means of testing it in a real world scenario. Free, of course! Here are some cPanel alternatives supporting IPv6 as shown in Wikipedia's comparison of web hosting control panels : SysCP Virtualmin / Virtualmin Pro Webmin
  4. speedturtle


    Besides cPanel being ready for IPv6, what about the hardware aspects? Has Softlayer announced their plans for incorporating IPv6 into their network infrastructure? Brace yourself and see what happens if we're not ready for IPv6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYffYT2y-Iw Seriously, I think all systems affected should focus their efforts on being ready for IPv6 and consider it top priority for 2011. There are so many interconnectivities in our systems today that if any part is not ready, the whole system fails.
  5. speedturtle


    It's finally happened - the last block of IPv4 addresses have been allocated. IPv4 exhaustion is expected to happen in the respective regions as follows: 1) APNIC (Asia Pacific) - next few months 2) RIPE NCC (Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia) - end of 2011 3) ARIN (North America) - 2012 4) LACNIC (South and Central America) - between 2012 to 2014 5) AfriNIC (Africa) - low usage; long time before it runs out of IPv4 addresses See IPv4 Exhaustion Counter a.) What is Hawk Host's plan for IPv6 transition? b.) Will it be ready for the World IPv6 Day on June 8th this year?
  6. Saving those "good bunch of users" by telling them about Hawk Host is worth getting banned at the HostPC forum. You can give them hope and salvation.
  7. speedturtle


    That's great news! Those folks at CloudLinux are brilliant to solve it so fast.
  8. speedturtle


    Will these issues disappear with the new LiteSpeed 4.1?
  9. You can run ASP on your own PC if you install IIS (Internet Information Server) on your Windows PC so it acts as a local web server. Haven't tried it myself but the tutorial looks comprehensive enough. A local web server is good for developing & testing out your code/design first. It's also much faster than an online web server. Once it's ready for production, you can upload it to an online web server so that it can be accessed globally. Have fun!
  10. All in good jest, no offense intended.
  11. That's odd. I have an account with name.com and can change nameservers for any of my domains. 1) Click on the Account icon at the top to display a list of your domains. 2) Click on the domain name to display domain's details. 3) Just above the name servers on the left side of the screen, you can see (edit). Clicking on it will allow you to change the name servers for the current domain. You can also select "Edit Name Servers" under Domain Management on the right menu. 4) Remove the current name servers before adding the new name servers. The user interface of domain registrars are not the most friendly, GoDaddy being the worst. Name.com not too bad but can be improved. Sometimes I find myself lost in their maze. Anyways, hope this helps.
  12. Or...he could be stuck in an infinite loop: while (true) { write; write; ctrl-w; poof!; } if this is the case, he has my greatest sympathy.