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  1. Hello! Thanks for signing up with us -- usually if an order is pending for that long it did not pass our initial fraud check. With that said if the order is still pending at this point please PM me your registered email address so I can check the status for you. Thank you!
  2. Shared hosting and cloud web hosting offer the same features, resources, and pricing. The only difference is the infrastructure they're hosted on. Our cloud web hosting is available in New York City, Dallas TX, Los Angeles, and Singapore, so any orders in those locations are on the cloud. This hosting is different than cloud compute though, which brings us to... A cloud compute is your own private environment (think of a VPS). You have full root access, and you can configure the environment however you need. If you're not an experienced Linux sysadmin you can still use these plans, it's just strongly recommended you purchase cPanel/WHM with the plan as that will handle almost everything for you. Litespeed is not necessary, though it is beneficial for higher resource / higher traffic sites, especially PHP based ones. With that said you can add Litespeed at any point in the future so you can signup without it for now and if you find your sites performance having issues we can add it later (there's no downtime involved with the switch). cPanel/WHM however would be considered a necessity otherwise you'd need to manually install, configure, and maintain your LAMP stack, email server, database server, etc. Purchasing cPanel/WHM with the cloud compute will also give you an interface like the one you're used to using on our shared hosting to easily manage your sites, setup new domains and emails, all those functions. Our Singapore location is fully cloud based so all types of hosting (shared, cloud web hosting, cloud compute, etc.) are on that infrastructure in Singapore.
  3. Hello! This is a change that would need to be done by our billing department. If you submit a ticket through our team will be able to get your billing term adjusted as requested. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Unfortunately it's not possible to set different nameservers on subdomains as they inherit the nameservers from the root/parent domain and there's no way to circumvent that. In situations like this what you'd instead do is add an A record for your subdomain to point it to your desired host, and that would be done through your nameserver/DNS provider. So we'll use as an example. Our site is hosted through Cloudflare / using their nameservers/DNS, but now I want to point a subdomain to a non-Cloudflare host. I'd login to Cloudflare (nameserver/DNS provider) and point the DNS A record for to the non-Cloudflare host IP. If you need our help setting this up on your services with us you'd be best to submit a ticket at so our team can pull up your details and provide instructions specific to your account
  5. Hi! Sorry for the troubles! Our team has identified the issue and your ticket will be updated shortly. We do not want to disclose the details of this publicly as it was specific to your service/settings.
  6. Sorry for the troubles! This is a known bug with cPanel from their most recent update, unfortunately the issue is not on our side and as a result we're not able to implement a proper fix. The cPanel team has been notified, they have an internal ticket open, and we hope to have a fix in the coming days (if not sooner!). Thanks for your understanding
  7. There are no additional charges, and you can complete as many installations as you'd like on any shared hosting plan. WordPress is available through Softaculous in cPanel so installations take less than 5 minutes to complete. EasyWP is a fully managed solution so that is likely why there is a charge for them. wp-admin is the default login URL for WordPress sites so you'd have access to that backend on any installation through us as well.
  8. I apologize for the troubles here. Looking at your ticket history we're only seeing one ticket opened regarding this issue and that was replied to by Tony today. Can you please PM me the ticket ID(s) that you submitted but weren't replied to?
  9. Hello, I apologize for the issues you've seen on this server. Two days ago we did see a big load spike on the server which was resolved with a reboot. We believe that was a kernel bug as the problem has not recurred since. The downtime you saw yesterday was due to maintenance that was believed to have absolutely no service impact but a fault in a device caused it to have an impact. As to your questions: 1) We have both internal and external monitoring on all servers. This notifies us if a server sees a spike in CPU usage for example or other resources, and also if a server goes completely offline. 2) The status page is used for extended or large outages. We would not post a notice though if just a single server is down or showing high load. Yesterday for example during the Singapore outage we did have a notice up. 3) Mentioned above but you saw two separate issues, one from the kernel bug and then the other from the maintenance. It's worth noting we did bring additional servers online to help manage some other load spikes we saw in the Singapore cloud, so there is quite a bit more available CPU and RAM now. At this point you should be seeing the performance you've come to expect from that plan. Sorry again for the troubles and I appreciate your patience throughout all this.
  10. Hello! Can you please DM me your email address or order number so I can locate your details? Alternatively if you open a ticket with our billing team through we'll be able to assist through there as well. Thank you!
  11. Hello! Thanks for considering our hosting -- we do offer a staging area via Softaculous which if you're using WordPress will be very simple to setup: Let us know if you have any other questions!
  12. Hello! Usually this happens if you've set the document root of the addon domain to the same as your primary domain (public_html), or if there is a 301 redirect setup. If you submit a ticket through our helpdesk team will be able to pull up all your account details and help resolve this issue!
  13. Brian

    Dave Z

    Good afternoon! Sorry for the delayed reply to this thread though looking at your ticket it looks like this was addressed / the server is booted. Feel free to DM me if you have any other concerns or follow up questions on that! Thank you!
  14. I just pulled up your account and you're actually closer (much closer, at that) to 13 years instead of 12. In fact you've been with Hawk Host longer than I have, and I'm coming up on about 11 years. Not many clients can say they've got me beat Really do appreciate you sticking with us though. We know there's (quite literally) thousands of other options out there for hosting so being loyal to us this long is a compliment we honestly take to heart.
  15. Hello! This is a known display issue since the ticket module on your dashboard is the native WHMCS one which we do not utilize. Our web team does have an internal ticket open regarding this however since it is purely cosmetic and has no impact on actually opening/replying to tickets it is considered a low priority fix.
  16. Brian

    Godaddy and DNS

    Hello! I'm assuming you registered both nameservers through GoDaddys control panel? If not that would explain why they aren't showing as valid and won't let you change to them. With that said if you want to PM me your ticket ID I can follow up with you there and also grab your GoDaddy login details if you're okay with us logging in and taking a look.
  17. Hello! If you can let us know some metrics about your sites, such as daily/monthly visitors, average CPU/RAM usage, or any special requirements you have we can advise on the best plan. With that said unless they are high traffic or high resource sites our cloud hosting plan ( should provide enough resources, but if you find yourself hitting the resource limits of that plan you can always upgrade to semi-dedicated ( which will double your CPU/RAM/disk IO allocations.
  18. Hi! I have replicated this so I'll open an internal ticket and hopefully we can get this fixed up quickly for you.
  19. Your site is loading for us from multiple systems/locations, usually when you see that page it's due to a local DNS cache issue. If you refresh your local DNS cache or try visiting from a private browser the site should load. With that said if the issue persists for more than 2 hours please submit a ticket to our helpdesk for further investigation.
  20. Good afternoon! If you haven't already can you please submit a ticket through so our helpdesk team can take a look? If you have submitted a ticket please let us know your ticket ID so we can be sure to follow up. Thank you!
  21. For VPS / cloud server clients we are in the process of researching other control panels, both paid and free options. Admittedly cPanel is the market leader in terms of usability/features/reliability but at a point it's hard to justify the costs if you only need basic functionality which some of the other panels out there can provide.
  22. We posted this yesterday which you may find worth the read: Long and short of it is right now we have no plans on raising pricing on shared/semi-dedicated hosting plans. Reseller packages unfortunately are likely to see price changes based on the new cPanel license structure and them billing per cPanel account but when that is finalized we'll post another update. Then lastly VPS / cloud server customers will be seeing an increase in the price of their cPanel licenses simply as a pass-through cost from cPanel. This is all still very new to us as well so we're not rushing into any decisions.
  23. All abuse issues need to be handled through our helpdesk, you can submit a ticket with details of your report through our site at: Phishing is a common tactic and once we're notified of the activity and our team verifies the complaints we'll act accordingly.
  24. We just received this news today as well so we're still in the early stages of figuring out how exactly these changes impact us. I don't want to speculate on what changes, if any, this may have to our hosting prices. cPanel does not own either of those companies. That said they do have partnerships / integrations to make it easier to manage licenses under one roof through cPanel.
  25. This is not software I'm familiar with offhand so unfortunately I don't have any personal suggestions on installation / debugging. If you open a ticket through your client area at with the error(s) you're seeing our team can attempt to assist.