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  1. The software has evolved a lot in two years and since then a lot of the scenarios where it was a 403 instead of a captcha have been resolved. If this is still happening now I'd encourage you to open a new ticket and ask it to be escalated as that sounds like a bug.
  2. On all our shared/reseller/semi dedicated servers it should be giving a captcha in the event an IP is on our blacklist. I'd recommend opening a ticket and linking to this forum post so that our team can investigate why it's not working for your site.
  3. In cPanel if you click server information and the kernel version starts with 3.10- then you're on a CL7 server. It's unlikely many users are on CL6 at this point as all servers in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York are running CL7. The majority of servers in Singapore are now CL7 with our plan to eventually move everyone to CL7. We're currently migrating everyone in Amsterdam and that will be completed within the next month or so. Our Hong Kong location we hope to start the migration process in the next 2 months and similarly our Toronto location will be within the next few months.
  4. One correction here as all new accounts are now put on our CloudLinux 7 servers which uses 5.16.3. Only our CloudLinux 6 servers which all will be migrated to CloudLinux 7 before the end of the year are running 5.10.1.
  5. The easiest way if you just installed the wordpress installation through Softaculous is to reinstall it. When you do the installation this time make sure there is no folder and just your domain and it'll make so it's . If you have already spent a lot of time working on it then you would need to move the files instead down one directory. After you do this you would also need to update any Wordpress settings so it knows the change in location and URL.
  6. We had a bug report this morning that certain systems did not have the Python application system enabled. We have implemented a fix and it's been pushed to all servers.
  7. There is no direct connection into China it would go through transit/peering. You're best to check the network speeds of all our locations: and pick the one that performs best for you.
  8. Tony


    We already support it and it's enabled by default.
  9. The bug was was thankfully fixed a few hours after being reported. We assume the bug was caused by security fixes they released earlier in the day. Hopefully cPanel have added unit tests for this specific case with the file manager so a similar bug won't come up again.
  10. I would recommend opening a ticket in this case as we definitely did not disable Node.js on any of our servers. There are a few causes that could break Node.js such as running out of disk space on an account but it's tough to know the cause in your case without us checking your account.
  11. Any site using that specific PHP version would have the same extensions. If you add an extension to PHP 7.3 all sites using it would get it. The default extensions for EA/ALT are not the same and as such we always recommend using the alt versions as you have control over the extensions. The EA versions you do not.
  12. You'd just go back to the select php version page pick the PHP version from the drop down you want to modify and then you can adjust the extensions.
  13. You can change each domain using the multi PHP manager. The default extensions are close to the same not necessarily identical as our default alt-php's due to the cPanel built PHP's not containing all the same modules.
  14. We recommended alt-php* as they support the ability to change the extensions while ea-php* do not. For changing the extensions go to select PHP version in cPanel then you'll see the ability to change the extensions for any PHP version we have available.
  15. For the name field you put your domain instead of @ and it'll create the correct MX records. You will also want to remove the existing MX record created by cPanel which points the MX record to our servers.