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  1. Limey Packet

    Game Servers

    Two unrelated VPS questions: 1. Is using a VPS for the equivalent of reseller hosting allowed? 2. Does Hawk Host's strict "no chats" rule apply to VPS's?
  2. Limey Packet

    MySQL Not Cooperating

    Wow, thanks. I tried that, and it worked very well.
  3. Limey Packet

    MySQL Not Cooperating

    Hello, I run Apache HTTP Server with PHP 5.2.13 or something like that on my home computer for performing HTML and script tests and whatever other experiments I can think of. I tried to install and configure MySQL following these instructions, but MySQL still won't work with my web server. Any advice?
  4. can't wait for the release of Ubuntu 10.4.

  5. Limey Packet

    Switching to IPB Soon

    You may want to consider installing a MOD to hide the search engine bots from the active users list.
  6. Limey Packet

    Switching to IPB Soon

    Also, you may want to change the board name from "Invision Power Board" to "HawkHost Community Forums" or something like that.
  7. Limey Packet

    Switching to IPB Soon

    Nice conversion. The forum looks good. However, you may want to change the IP Board header to the HawkHost logo.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering, does HawkHost still offer dedicated servers? I cannot seem to find a link anywhere on the homepage. Thanks.
  9. Limey Packet

    Game Servers

    Cool, thanks for the advice. If I did decide to do that, it would probably build up slowly over time. Once I started to get up to 200 or so connections at any given time I would either get another VPS as a second game world or move on to a dedicated server.
  10. Limey Packet

    Game Servers

    Indeed. The use of emulation servers depends fully on the legality. I was really planning to write an original MMO in the future and possibly host it here.
  11. Limey Packet

    Switching to IPB Soon

    Does this mean that all posts, user accounts, etc. will be destroyed in the process? Or will you use a conversion method to retain everything?
  12. Limey Packet

    Game Servers

    Ok, so, just in a little more detail, what isn't allowed? I know nothing that would annoy people, break laws, or in any way be considered "mean" or "annoying", but is there anythig besides that that would restrict one's use of a VPS?
  13. Limey Packet

    Game Servers

    Hello, If one got a HawkHost VPS, would they be allowed to host game (e.g. MMORPG, MUD, etc.) servers on it? Thanks in advance.
  14. Limey Packet

    IRC Channel

    Do you think there would be any chance of a HawkHost IRC Channel or two (one for general discussion, one for support) sometime in the future?
  15. Limey Packet

    A Philosophical Question

    I have a philosophical question for you all to think about. Let me know what you think.