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  1. It would not be possible to remove the domains historical data from the bandwidth interface. However with the domains being removed they should no longer be shown in future months usage/graphs.
  2. Brian


    I've sorted out your ticket and the issue should be resolved, but as always feel free to update the ticket if there is a remaining problem. Thanks again!
  3. Brian


    Hi! This is an issue which will need to be solved via ticket and unfortunately is not something we're able to resolve through this forum. If you haven't already please open a ticket for this issue and our team will assist from there. If you do have an existing ticket ID from our helpdesk please DM me the ID so I can check the status of your ticket. Thanks!
  4. Brian


    All of our current affiliate banners can be found here: Sorry for the trouble with trying to access the older ones!
  5. Hi there! At this point your domain should have been registered but if it's still pending please PM me the domain name so I can check the status. Thank you
  6. Your account should be setup on a CL7 server by default without needing to request it. If you do happen to be setup on a CL6 server (very small chance of this happening) just let us know and we'll get you moved to a CL7 system.
  7. Hello! The perl version on our shared/cloud web hosting plans would be v5.10.1
  8. The missing PHP module (GD) can be enabled on your PHP version through the same interface used to change the PHP version in cPanel (Select PHP Version). You should see GD listed with a radio checkbox next to it, just need to enable that and the error should disappear. That said this likely did not / will not have impact on performance as it's just for image manipulation.
  9. Good afternoon! You can modify your accounts PHP version directly through cPanel using the "Select PHP Version" interface. We currently offer up to version 7.4, and we recommend running version at least 7.3 assuming your software supports it. You mentioned running WordPress which does run fine on both 7.3 and 7.4, so assuming your plugins and themes are compatible you should be safe to upgrade. If needed you can revert back to an older version if you do experience issues with your sites after changing. Once that change is made all sites under your account will start using that new version, including the new WP site you're building. As for automatically changing PHP versions once they're released unfortunately that's not a feature we can offer at the moment so you would still need to manually change once newer versions are made available.
  10. This usually happens when your sites code/resources link to http elements instead of https -- the SSL certificate itself is fully secure/trusted but the browser won't reflect that due to use of http, usually for images or third party scripts/libraries. If you enter your site into the tool at it will identify those elements so you can update them accordingly.
  11. Usually this happens if whois/ID protection is not purchased with the new domain registration. Unfortunately there are individuals out there who have automated the process of looking for newly registered domains, they then scrape the public whois details to obtain the domain owners email, and they'll then spam you with offers for web design, hosting, or other web related services. You can add whois/ID protection to the domain (assuming your TLD supports it) after registration which would prevent your details from being exposed on future whois lookups, if you wanted to do that our billing team can assist through our helpdesk.
  12. Can you DM me your ticket ID if this is still an issue so I can follow up with you there?
  13. If your site is hitting its CPU usage limit that likely means you're using all available PHP processes trying to serve your requests. Often times this can be fixed by optimizing the application/software you're using to run the site. I'm making an assumption here and guessing you're using WordPress as it's our most popular CMS. If that's the case enabling LiteSpeed cache on your sites through cPanel using the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager interface could solve all your problems. A quick look at their WordPress benchmarks when using caching shows how much of an improvement you'll see when utilizing caching. If that doesn't fix the issue then an upgrade to either semi-dedicated or a cloud compute would be your next step. As for which plan would be better our team can advise on that but we'd need you to submit a ticket for that so we can pull up your specific account details, investigate your usage, and recommend the right upgrade path.
  14. Thanks for your order! It looks like you've been setup at this point so you should have received your account information email with all the necessary login details to get started.
  15. Hello and thanks for signing up with us The domain is using / as its nameservers but doing a DNS lookup is failing which to me indicates your hosting accounts nameservers aren't actually / This would also explain why Lets Encrypt can't resolve the domain to issue an SSL certificate. I believe I've found your account and assuming I'm right you should instead be using / as the nameservers for your domains. Once this is updated Lets Encrypt should be able to properly issue you a certificate. If you want confirmation on the above please submit a ticket at so we can guarantee we're looking at the right service and we can also disclose account details we may not want to post publicly.