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  1. Hi! If you're having issues accessing your account please try using our reset at -- if this doesn't work for you please email [email protected] and our team will work with you to verify account ownership and recover account access. Thank you!
  2. Hi! You can find details about our affiliate program, including how to enroll, through our site at Please let us know if you have any further questions on that
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums! Our shared hosting ( is when you get access to a cPanel (our web based hosting control panel) account and it allows you to easily upload your custom site or use our 1 click installer to use WordPress, Magento, Joomla or other common software suites. The server is fully managed by our team and all you're responsible for is your own sites/emails/scripts/software. Our cloud compute plans ( would be your own private server environment and you'd be responsible for the management/configuration of the entire server. We recommend shared hosting for most users but you can always upgrade to a compute in the future if your needs change! Cloudflare or any other CDN can definitely help reduce latency and improve performance for visitors who are physically further away from where your site is hosted with us (you can choose your hosting location during signup). Cloudflare and other CDNs will offer you the ability to cache your static content (images, text, etc.) so it's served from the Cloudflare servers which are closer to your visitors instead of waiting for all the content to come directly from your account with us. Django is supported on all of our hosting plans. If you have any follow up questions let us know or feel free to email [email protected] directly for any other questions you have about our services. Thank you!
  4. Any FTP program you use will just upload or download the files, so your choice of local editor (in this case Visual Studio) would not have any impact on that functionality. Web based language files/scripts (HTML, PHP, etc.) you develop locally in Visual Studio will run fine on our servers.
  5. Sorry for the (very!) delayed reply to this, I managed to overlook this thread! Both new and existing customers undergo the same fraud checks for all orders. When placing your new order there is an option to add order notes on the final step of the checkout. If you are worried about the fraud check I would recommend adding notes in that section about this so if your new order is flagged our team can review your ticket history first to see the previous fraud check discussions. Thank you!
  6. Hello! For assistance with this issue please open a ticket through so our team is able to pull up your full account details and investigate & fix this as it relates to your services. Thank you!
  7. The directory index listing is showing when visiting your site as there is no index.* (php, html, htm, etc.) file in the public_html directory of your account. Based on your screenshot you've created a "HawkHost" directory where you've uploaded your files however that directory is not publicly accessible through as it's outside the public_html directory. To solve this you would need to either re-upload the same files to your public_html directory or move the files (can be done through FTP or cPanels File Manager) from the current directory to public_html. At this point I would recommend using our helpdesk for support as you will receive faster and more detailed replies. It also is not recommended to continue using public forums while posting screenshots of potentially private information / account directories. Contacting our helpdesk can be done by emailing [email protected] or opening a ticket through
  8. Brian

    CMS setup!

    If you're looking to remotely connect to a database hosted on your account with us instructions can be found here: -- this would also require opening a support ticket so we can whitelist your remote IP(s) for MySQL.
  9. You can upload files to your account using FTP ( or by using the File Manager interface in cPanel. We recommend using FTP though as it handles larger uploads better compared to the web based uploader through cPanel. You can also use Softaculous in cPanel to complete a WordPress installation ( so you would not need to do a local install then upload to the server. Of course that's perfectly fine if you prefer to develop/sandbox locally. Also it's worth noting while we do monitor our forums for support you will receive faster and more details replies by emailing [email protected] or opening a ticket through -- thank you
  10. Databases can be created through cPanel using the MySQL Databases interface. Once the database is added through that cPanel interface it will automatically be added to phpMyAdmin for further administration of the database.
  11. When adding the MX Record in Cloudflare the fields you need to fill out can be completed as such: Name: mail ( Mailserver: The Hawk Host server name from your client area ( TTL: 3600 Priority: 0 Also while we do keep these public forums available support, our helpdesk ( is staffed 24/7 and will be able to provide you much faster (and account specific) replies. If you haven't already it may be worth opening a ticket at this point for any further questions
  12. If you're using Cloudflare for your nameservers/DNS then you would edit the DNS records for your site(s) through your account with Cloudflare ( Once you've logged in the following KB article will be beneficial: To point your email to us you will want to edit your site(s) MX Record. An MX Record is the DNS record that controls where your email is hosted. Through your Cloudflare account you'll want to find the MX DNS zone entry and you'll want to point the hostname for the MX record to the hostname of your server with us. To find your hosting accounts server hostname: 1) Login to your client area with us ( and click "My Services" ( 2) From the "My Services" field click the green "Active" button to the right of your listed hosting account 3) After clicking the green "Active" button you'll be taken to your hosting account details page. From there you will see a Server Name field, for example That is the hostname you would use for your MX Record through Cloudflare. If you run into issues with this, or are unsure about the proper hostname to use for your account, please email [email protected] or open a ticket through and our helpdesk team will be happy to provide the necessary information / help resolve any other issues you're having. Thank you!
  13. Hi! Inodes represent the total number of files hosted on your account. Each image, email, site page, cache file, etc. that is stored on your account consumes one inode, so for example if your cPanel was showing you using 400,000 inodes that means you're storing 400,000 total files on the account. There are no performance implications to using more inodes, so whether your account uses 100 or 500,000 inodes your sites will perform the same. You also are not at risk of suspension due to using all your available inodes. However you should keep in mind if you hit your 500,000 inode limit you will be unable to add new files to the account. This may cause interruptions to your services as you'd be unable to receive new emails, add new files to your site, users could no longer upload new files, etc.
  14. Hello! .htaccess rules like this can be tricky as software you're using may automatically create rewrites and rules that contradict what you're trying to setup. For assistance with figuring that out (assuming you haven't already) please open a ticket at with our helpdesk team and provide them details of this issue. We'll be able to look into this specifically for your setup and try to get a rewrite working for you. Thanks!
  15. I've reviewed your logs and can see your order was setup shortly after it was paid for so you should see your "New Account Information" at this point. That email will contain all the information you need to get started with your hosting. Thanks for hosting with us