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  1. Thanks for your order! It appears this has been resolved so you should have your "New Account Information" email with all the service details to get started.
  2. Hi! Your order should be setup by now so please check your inbox for your "New Account Information" email. If you still don't see the email please contact us through so we can check your order status. Thanks for signing up with us!
  3. You can! Regardless of the OS you're using on your local system (desktop, phone, tablet, etc.) you can use and manage any of our Linux based plans.
  4. Thanks again for the follow up and for staying with us! We realize there's a ton of hosting options out there so to stick around for 6 years means something special
  5. Thanks for checking out our hosting! To answer your questions: 1. We do offer migration assistance and there is no additional cost. Once your account is setup you can refer to for a guide on how to start that transfer process. 2. If you have any questions related to resources or specific plans just let us know here or you can email with an overview of your resource requirements (CPU, RAM, traffic, etc.) and we can recommend a plan that suits your needs. 3. Migrati
  6. Thank you for the suggestion ! We have often looked at both Central and South America as potential options for expansion as they're two of the few remaining regions we don't currently have a datacenter. Unfortunately there are a number of limiting factors which have made the expansion not possible while maintaining our quality of service and standards we look for when building out a new infrastructure. It is certainly something we'll continue to keep an eye on and discuss internally and hopefully within the coming years we're able to make this expansion possible.
  7. Hello! With our cloud compute plans you have full root access so you can install any software or control panels you'd like, we do not limit you to the paid panels (cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin) we offer and support directly.
  8. While this is being discussed in detail in your support ticket as it relates specifically to your account we did want to reply to this publicly and acknowledge that forums, or any software, can slow down for a number of reasons. Whether it's plugins, themes, or other underlying factors it can all contribute to a gradual slowdown over time. In addition to posting on our forums you may want to look at other phpBB specific communities for feedback on how to optimize performance or see if anyone has experienced similar issues. Maybe someone else within our forum community is also able to provid
  9. Brian


    Location changes are possible but that is something we'd need to handle via support ticket, which can be submitted through
  10. Brian


    Hi! Thanks for your order! Computes can take a bit to deploy depending on the configuration and order details. As for the IP that's likely just a GeoIP issue with the database you're using to lookup the location: For faster replies please use our helpdesk at -- thanks again!
  11. Hi! Primary domain changes are possible but would need to be handled by our team through a ticket. To complete this request please submit a ticket through and we'll be happy to help from there
  12. Hello! If these domains are hosted under the same hosting/cPanel account they would share the same IP, it is not possible to use different IPs for your domains under one cPanel account. If you have more than one cPanel account and they were setup on the same server, but you'd like a different IP/server for each cPanel account, that is possible and our team can move your account(s) accordingly. If you'd like to request a server/IP change for an account please submit a ticket at for further assistance. Thanks
  13. Existing clients can use the Summer sale coupons, they are not restricted to new customers, but the coupons generally cannot be used to upgrade an existing service. We do make exceptions to this policy so if you contact our billing department through our helpdesk and let us know what you're looking to change/upgrade we'll see what you may be eligible for regarding coupon use. Thanks!
  14. Hello! What you're looking to do is possible, and in cases like this it's usually easiest to use your hosting servers hostname for the MX record. You can locate the hostname in your client area, or you can ask our support team for the hostname, but it'll look something like "". Once you set the MX record on your domain(s) to that server hostname your email would be routed through our servers while leaving the site hosted at Wix.
  15. It would not be possible to remove the domains historical data from the bandwidth interface. However with the domains being removed they should no longer be shown in future months usage/graphs.