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  1. Brian

    Ticket ELR-200-50286

    This issue has been resolved per a previous reply to your ticket and we've also updated explaining how to bypass the Cloudflare issues you've experienced.
  2. Brian

    Node js application not working

    Welcome to the forums! I believe you have an existing ticket open regarding this issue and I do apologize that ticket was not updated sooner. It looks like the staff member the ticket was assigned to is actually on leave for a bit, we didn't notice the ticket was overlooked, and as a result the ticket sat without a reply. That's my mistake With that said unfortunately I don't know what's causing this particular problem with your Node.js application so I don't have an answer for you here right now. Maybe someone in the community can assist otherwise I've made sure your existing (and already escalated) ticket is re-assigned so hopefully we can debug this through there.
  3. You're right about that and we're actively working on improving that portion of our site / signup process
  4. The system is a cloud hosting server. All of our shared, cloud hosting, reseller, and semi-dedicated servers in New York City are on our cloud infrastructure.
  5. Brian

    Mailbox format - (maildir, mdbox)

    Hi there! I see ticket ID EOA-973-63985 has been escalated to our senior tech queue as this is not a common request and will require review / approval. Our team should update you today through your ticket whether or not we're able to complete this for you. Thank you for your patience!
  6. Brian

    Speed up Website with Hosting has a good breakdown of features by plan. Inside your Cloudflare account it also shows which features are only available on paid plans. There is no reason to upgrade to a paid plan unless you need one of the missing features, performance / caching / protection are all going to be the same otherwise.
  7. This sounds like your local network IP may be blocked by our firewall. Alternatively if the site in question was just recently moved to our servers it may be due to your local cache resolving to the old IP. If you submit a ticket through our helpdesk team should be able to pin down the cause and get this working for you :)
  8. Brian

    Speed up Website with Hosting

    This is another good suggestion! Cloudflare can definitely help speed up your site outside of improvements to your applications / files directly.
  9. Brian

    Cpanel Resource Statistics Delay

    The statistics shown in cPanel for resource usage are not real time so there will be a delay between what's shown in cPanel compared to your actual usage. The best way to see your accounts real time usage is to login via SSH and use the top command to show your running processes, CPU / RAM usage, etc.
  10. Unfortunately using those nameservers on a cloud server is not possible. The nameservers need to be registered to a domain name which you own or control.
  11. Those fields are for your nameservers, so if your domain name was and you wanted to use ns1/ on the cloud you'd fill out of those fields as: NS1 Prefix: NS2 Prefix: These can always be changed in the future
  12. Brian

    So, how about .NET Core anyone?

    Unfortunately I can't provide any personal insight into this as I've never run .NET Core. With that said reviewing it looks like both CentOS and Ubuntu are supported and both of those OS are available with our cloud/VPS plans. Seems the installation is relatively straight-forward and can be done via package manager so at the outset you *should* be able to run this on a VPS with us. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some more hands on experience and insight
  13. We do have other locations you can use if Los Angeles is not fast enough for your upload speeds. Often times users from the Asia/Pacific region host in our Hong Kong or Singapore datacenter. You can use the speedtests from our site at to see which is best for you and then our support team can move your account to a new datacenter if you wish
  14. The bounce messages provided show the receiving email server denying the messages as a high risk of spam, either due to characteristics of your email matching other spam they've seen or from your email being reported as spam directly. It's also possible the bounces are due to the sending IP reputation though that's not often the case. To properly investigate this for you please submit a ticket at and provide us with the full headers of one of the emails you've sent that has been bounced with that error. With that information we should be able to determine why exactly it's being blocked and take the necessary steps to resolve this.
  15. That is the likely scenario for when we open a cloud infrastructure in an existing datacenter. With that being said right now New York City is our only active cloud hosting environment and I cannot say exactly when our other locations will be converted to a cloud infrastructure, though we are actively working on that for a few locations