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  1. We had a bug report this morning that certain systems did not have the Python application system enabled. We have implemented a fix and it's been pushed to all servers.
  2. There is no direct connection into China it would go through transit/peering. You're best to check the network speeds of all our locations: and pick the one that performs best for you.
  3. Tony


    We already support it and it's enabled by default.
  4. The bug was was thankfully fixed a few hours after being reported. We assume the bug was caused by security fixes they released earlier in the day. Hopefully cPanel have added unit tests for this specific case with the file manager so a similar bug won't come up again.
  5. I would recommend opening a ticket in this case as we definitely did not disable Node.js on any of our servers. There are a few causes that could break Node.js such as running out of disk space on an account but it's tough to know the cause in your case without us checking your account.
  6. Any site using that specific PHP version would have the same extensions. If you add an extension to PHP 7.3 all sites using it would get it. The default extensions for EA/ALT are not the same and as such we always recommend using the alt versions as you have control over the extensions. The EA versions you do not.
  7. You'd just go back to the select php version page pick the PHP version from the drop down you want to modify and then you can adjust the extensions.
  8. You can change each domain using the multi PHP manager. The default extensions are close to the same not necessarily identical as our default alt-php's due to the cPanel built PHP's not containing all the same modules.
  9. We recommended alt-php* as they support the ability to change the extensions while ea-php* do not. For changing the extensions go to select PHP version in cPanel then you'll see the ability to change the extensions for any PHP version we have available.
  10. For the name field you put your domain instead of @ and it'll create the correct MX records. You will also want to remove the existing MX record created by cPanel which points the MX record to our servers.
  11. We have no railguns at this time in Hong Kong and have no estimate on when it would be available. Unfortunately this location has obstacles that make it more difficult.
  12. Tony


    Do you have a ticket number? We can definitely disable on a website it so I'm not sure why you were told otherwise.
  13. My understanding is our billing team worked with you and resolved this. In the future if you have add-ons you no longer wish to use please contact us so they get canceled properly before they're overdue otherwise you risk the associated linked service becoming suspended.
  14. My understanding is our billing team worked with you and resolved this. In the future if you have add-ons you no longer wish to use please contact us so they get canceled properly before they're overdue otherwise you risk the associated linked service becoming suspended.
  15. Glad the migration went well and you're happy with the the faster and more reliable environment at a lower cost! This is just our first step on this new offering though moving everyone to this modern platform. It also opens up many new possibilities some of which all users will benefit from and others where the more advanced users may find useful.
  16. My understanding is our team worked with you and figured this out. Glad it's resolved.
  17. Tony


    That is very strange I wonder if mod_security is actually getting disabled as I checked the ticket number and we saw mod_security hits still which would be indicative of it not being disabled. As far as disabling Imunify360 we can definitely do it on a domain basis (we have an internal support guide on how to do it). That being said if it's a mod_security hit for a specific application usually it's better for us to fix the rule if possible or for the user to disable mod_security. If we disable Imunify360 entirely for a domain then you're going to see an increase in bot traffic hitting your website. Of course if you still want to go that route just update the ticket asking for Imunify360 to be disabled and our team should be able to do it.
  18. cPanel operates with several major versions at one time, however they don't actively support them all. As of this post cPanel 78 is the recommended version and is installed on anyone using the RELEASE branch which is the recommended branch for production systems. The cPanel 78 reaching STABLE builds is most likely going to be the before the end of March meaning cPanel 76 will no longer be supported. The current LTS release before cPanel 78 is actually cPanel 70: . This version will actually reach end of life at the end of this month as well meaning going forward cPanel 78 is going to be the oldest version one can run with active cPanel support. As far as SquirrelMail it's not actively being supported and hasn't had a stable release since 2011. It does not support the latest versions of PHP ( ) . There is a remote code execution exploit in it that affects the latest version: . cPanel has been patching the software themselves for quite some time to resolve compatibility and security issues. This was however not a long term solution and since no one has taken over the SquirrelMail project then it was finally time to stop maintaining it. There are still webmail programs within cPanel that are actually being actively maintained by the maintainers that are still offered.
  19. If you navigate to subdomains in cPanel it should show you the document root of the subdomain there. It's most likely /home/username/public_html/ if you created the subdomain a long time ago. Only for new subdomains/add-on domains does cPanel put them below the public_html folder.
  20. Tony


    Imunify360 is designed to stop malicious requests and unless the IP has been associated with malicious activity they should never see any prompt. The other cause could be you're triggering mod_security rules which can be disabled via Mod Security in cPanel. If you are really insistent on having absolutely no web application firewall protection you can open a ticket and our team can disable it just for your domain.
  21. We support the ability to have random seek of MP4/H264/F4V files which would allow you to stream the video file. You could then use the video tag to actually display it. If you're looking for a software package to manage the video's you could use Wordpress or any other third party PHP application. We also offer Softaculous which has many free open source applications which I'm sure one of them may work. This would be dependent on the speed of your internet connection.
  22. Tony

    PHP versions

    It's unfortunately wrong the MultiPHP system is made by cPanel and it's just not as smart. It always displays the current version as what we set the default version globally which right now is PHP 5.6. I suspect this is due to the fact all your add-on domains are in your public_html folder meaning they'd inherit their parent folders PHP version. You could either change the document root of all your add-on domains to be below your public_html folder or you'd need to set the PHP version of every add-on domain in the the MultiPHP manager as well.
  23. The stdout/stderr logs should be written in the project root of the Node.js application. This is also true of our Ruby and Python application systems. If it's not doing that it might be worth opening a ticket and asking it to be escalated as it might be a web server bug specific to Node.js
  24. As we explained in the ticket your account was unfortunately found sending spam and as you had requested our team provided you with a backup of your account.
  25. My understanding is our team identified your issue and resolved it. What I suspect is someone from your side switched your website to use the Securi service but then forgot that SpamExperts was setup on the account. As a result the destination where SpamExperts was told to deliver email was incorrect. Now that this is fixed it be wise to keep SpamExperts enabled as I bet it was filtering out a large amount of spam for you and you had no idea as it was just doing a great job. What I assumed was going on based on the information you gave in this thread is you were forwarding email to Yahoo and they were deferring it (pretty common problem people have). Not that your email was bouncing due to an incorrect destination setting on SpamExperts. My apologies but when investigating an issue without being able to lookup a users account info one can only go based on the information provided here.