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  1. Posts to the Hawkhost blog are kind of sporadic, but it seems they almost always bear good news of one kind or another. This recent post for June is no exception, announcing lots of enhancements to the service (hopefully without breaking anything). Within an hour of reading it, I was able to make good use of one of the features mentioned! Keep up the great work guys - you have a great service and it just keeps getting better.
  2. A dedicated server is a whole server just for you. A VPS is similar, but you are sharing the physical server with other Virtual servers. In either case, what you get is: - a certain amount of memory - a share of the physcial CPU - an operating system and that's about it. After that it's up to you to install the software you want or need, and administer and run that server. I think you'll find the descriptions of VPS offerings of other providers similar to those at Hawkhost. Shared and reseller hosting comes with lots of software to run a website (Lightspeed, cPanel, mail software, etc.). A VPS can do that, but the software isn't there for you, unless you request or install it. A VPS can also just be file server, or something else, too.
  3. With your domain registrar (whether that is Hawkhost or someone else) set up the nameservers to be the ones Hawkhost provided for your main domain. Then in your Cpanel, use "Domain Aliases" to add the other domains, and point their document root to public_html (or if you wish, another folder). That's all there is to it.
  4. This evening, I was adding an update to a ticket, and I noticed what appeared to be a new editor including a Preview function. I thought, oh great! they did it! but alas my hopes were dashed as it didn't quite work as expected. Specifically, I selected some text, and clicked the "I" button (for italics), which added _'s before and after the text. And when I clicked Preview, sure enough, that text was in italics. Then I clicked "Submit", and when the update showed up, ... no italics, but there were the _'s around the 'italicized' text. Let me try doing italics here and see if it works (there is no preview button, so I'll just let fly)? Is this text in italics ... or not? (It does show up in italics during the edit. (this part is back to regular))
  5. It's now a year since my original post here, and I am updating it to say the good ship HawkHost is still sailing along smoothly. Recently, I recommended HawkHost to a friend of mine, and he set up a website which has been working fine, too. I have two myself, and the three of them are all in different data centers (Washington, Dallas, and LA), meaning that the service is uniformly of high quality across all three. The only problems I have had in recent months were a few brief outages, totalling a most a few hours in the course of a year. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. My 2 cents' worth is this: The Knowledge Base here is very thinly populated, it's one area where Hawkhost is lacking. However ... if you Google search your question or topic, since this is a pretty standard Cpanel setup, you can usually find your answer. Often it will be in the knowledge base articles of some other host, many of which have better documentation, allowing for some slight stylistic differences among hosts (and some substantive ones, too). But usually the answers can be found. But having said that, the hosting itself - and the support - here is top notch and, as Brian said, once you've climbed the learning curve, you're in good hands with Hawkhost.
  7. Thank you for that comprehensive, thorough response.
  8. This is just sort of a generic question, and not so much a problem, so I didn't want to open a ticket, and others might be interested in the answer. Whenever I either create a subdomain such as or delete one, I fill out the form and click the do-it button ... and then wait. The browser sits there saying "Connecting ...." for something like 3+ minutes, and then comes back with the "Subdomain created" message. It seems like all you'd need to do is update a couple of entries in the "subdomain directory", or whatever there is, nothing that would take that amount of time. Is it more complicated than that? Thanks for answering this curiosity question.
  9. While that approach can serve for most purposes, it has at least one shortcoming: Certain hyperlinks within the site won't work. These are of the form [a href="/somepath/somepage.html"] I have used square brackets [ ] to avoid it being recognized as HTML here (and not appearing). To get around that problem, you can make all your links relative, [a href=../../somepath/somepage.html] but you may not want to do that. Another possibility is this: in the HOSTS file for your own computer add an entry like this: (tab) Where you put the actual IP address and domain name. Then for you, and you alone, when you access it will take you to your still-in-development website. When you then go live and have your DNS point to the site, you can remove that line from HOSTS.
  10. I know Spam Experts is 3rd Party Software, but maybe you can pass this along to them. It's a small enhancement to make it a little more convenient to use. See the attached image. The upper circle shows the Select-All/Deselect-All buttons. My suggestion is to put a SECOND SET of those where the lower, empty circle is. Reason: when there is a long list of messages, to reach the bottom where the Action selector is, you need to scroll and the upper Select-All button scrolls off the screen. If you forgot to click it before doing the scrolling and you want to use it, you have to scroll back up, and then back down to perform the Action. If there was a second set near the bottom, that wouldn't be necessary. Needless to say, this is not a big deal, but it's a small enhancement that would make deleting your spam messages easier and more convenient when you don't want to use the "Empty Quarantine" function for whatever reason.
  11. Adding to Brian's post above: In his screen snapshot he has highlighted, in red outline, "Management". Directly about that highlight is "Change password", whereby you can set the cPanel password, without knowing the old one, and three lines below Management is "Login to Cpanel", which does just that, also without requiring the password.
  12. There is another reason for having separate Client Area and cPanel passwords: You can have more than one domain hosted (possibly on different servers, as I do), each with its own cPanel, and while it might be convenient to have the same password for all of them, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to make them different from each other and from the Client Area password, as mentioned above. By the way, Hawkhost is not an outlier in this regard: as a former Hostgator customer, I can attest it is exactly the same situation there: - one set of credentials as a customer - another for each domain/cPanel - and another if you want to participate in their forums.
  13. I started monitoring the uptime using monitors at in October, 2015. Since then, for my two sites, which are on different servers in different locations, the numbers are: First site: 6456 hours UP, 1.8 hours Down Second site: 6457 hours UP, 1 minute Down That's a pretty good track record. Except for one outage on one of the sites which lasted 1:40, it is essentially 100% uptime.
  14. Thanks for that reply, which is not an unreasonable position to take. However, I would point out that, if someone is using a private (e.g. at-home) computer, there is no reason to worry about leaked credentials, etc. If they are using a public computer, that is a whole different story, and they should be taking appropriate precautions anyway. One other point is that when the timeout does occur, there should be some immediate notification. This would avoid compounding the problem when you come back to a dead-but-you-don't-know-it-yet page, continue working, only to find out the bad news when you hit SUBMIT, and thereby losing even more work.
  15. It seems that if you login to the Client Area, and fail to be active for some (unstated) amount of time, your login expires or something, and you have to login again. Under some circumstances, perhaps most, this a very minor annoyance, but an annoyance nevertheless. However, there is at least one scenario where it is a major pain: while you're writing a ticket. It goes like this: Click to open ticket Start writing your description Realize that you need to try something or look something up, and this takes a while. Now you have the information you need and resume writing your ticket description. Perhaps having spent quite some time composing a brilliantly clear description of your ticket, you click "Submit". and BOOM! it says "This page is restricted" and you have to login again What makes this especially annoying is that all that great work you did writing the ticket is now GONE! and there is no way to get it back, short of redoing it all. While I understand having the page expire for security reasons (e.g. someone using a public computer left it open), I'd just as soon it didn't do that at all, or failing that, at least up the timeout interval to, say, 30 minutes or more.