Errors when logging into cpanel and webmail.


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On dal010 server for a time yesterday (Oct 5), I was unable to connect to cpanel or webmail.

Also, it seemed for a while I had no Awstats.


Both problems resolved on their own after a short while, suggesting some transient problem.


That problems showed up on two different DALxxx servers suggests a network issue.

Or, given the different symptoms, there might have been two different problems.

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We did have a brief network event in Dallas yesterday around 7:30PM EST. It was quickly resolved and full connectivity was restored in less than 5 minutes. With that said if you continue to experience these issues please let us know so we can investigate further.

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When I logon to the cpanel and webmail using or to webmail url all I see are errors like "A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. [show] " screenshot attached


I tested with 2 laptops on IE, Firefox and Chrome, all same result.




Your issue was caused by a rvskin bug.  Once we were made aware we pushed out a fix to all servers.

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