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  1. When I logon to the cpanel and webmail using or to webmail url all I see are errors like "A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. [show] " screenshot attached I tested with 2 laptops on IE, Firefox and Chrome, all same result.
  2. Hi Brian Thanks for the reply. Thanks, I was doing the forgot password option there, I was getting a link to create a new password and using that new password. Ticket number is QNA-909-43714
  3. Hi I tried to logon to the https://support.hawkhost.combut keep getting message "Invalid Username or Password" even after getting a new password. Over the last few weeks my IP address is getting Ban constantly by your system, I changed passwords for FTp, Cpanel and client area also deleted all the other FTP accounts leaving only the main FTP account but still happening, Yesterday after I unban my IP address change FTP client from Filezilla to Winscp but today it was ban again, even that I could access the file yesterday and the FTP software did not give any errors. Is there a way to check what host was configure to connect to my domain when it got ban? Maybe we could block the access and also change the main FTP user name and domain? I sent ticket by the url above and the reply was I checked my systems with spybot and Symantec antivirus, nothing found.
  4. Hi Tony I assume is the issue that I have with all my websites/domains hosted on, any idea when they will be back online. Thanks
  5. Hi can you please let me know if there's a way to create a 2nd user for the Cpanel so they can have access to some domains, so they can create subdomains, create SQL db's, etc only for the domains. Thanks
  6. Hi Tony Related to the above, at the end of July it will be 1 year from my registration so I will get an invoice, I wonder if you have any renewal offers for existing customers? Thanks
  7. If you are a looking to move over I will say to you "do the move", I'm a customer for just under a year with a great service and no outages. Also regarding customers I don't have all my domains hosted with them I have over 20 domains but as I have the .com, .net, .org, .es, etc of some of them I only have a few domains with Hawkhost DNS the rest are just redirects to the main domain hosted with hawkhost. So out of those over 20 about 5 have the DNS pointing to hawkhost.
  8. If you check the Control Panel you have there "RVSitebuilder" (never use it) and also "Fantastico de Luxe" from there you have a few applications under "Blogs", "Content Management", etc like Joomla (my favorite) with it even after website is build you can install other templates plus lots of extra plugins. Tony and other users might have other suggestions.
  9. Hi tried both given above 5 post and the one ending with true But just notice if I add only Forum it works. Thanks
  10. nava

    Domain name trasfers

    Hi Tony How do I ln know who is above them? Thanks
  11. Hi When i register with my previous hosting company they also offer a free domain, I check the domain now and I can see the following: Status: clientTransferProhibited Registrant Contact: My Name and details Administrative Contact: Hosting's contact details When I check in the hosting admin page there's no option to do any changes to the domain. Looking at the above does it mean that I'm the Owner of the domain or only a contact? when I try to transfer as it was a free domain with my hosting will they give me any problems to move it? I will check and send them a mail and ask them to unlock the domain for me. Regards
  12. Was trying to add them for with but did not work I get error "This feed cannot be added. Please try again later." every time I tried. Any ideas?