can u set user links for webmail


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Well, neither actually works.

After poking around cPanel forums for awhile I don't believe this is possible - as Tony said regardless of what variables you pop into the GET request they still have to login with their username / password, which would effectively negate any of the variables you set.

I'll look around a bit more to verify :)

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I see this is an old thread, but just in case you guys or anyone else needs it, the above is possible with code like below[email protected]&pass=PASSWORD&goto_uri=/3rdparty/roundcube/index.php

The goto_uri variable doesn't have to be put in, I just prefer roundcube to the horde layout or squirrel layout. Enjoy!

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Let me explain what I did:

I made a web mail account for a sub domain.

and then just followed the installer (choose domain, create directory, name, and left the imap and smtp as defaulted)

I could not connect to the server...

uninstalled, and tried it again with in both imap and stmp. This seemed better but, still did not work.

What port #s and imap / smtp settings should I be using?


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