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  1. Cody R.

    SSH login slow on one server, fast on another

    The issue is due to us running CloudLinux EL7 in NY (and all newer servers). There is a known bug / issue causing these delays which stem from systemd: We've pushed a fix to this so it shouldn't be happening any longer or in the future. Let us know if you're still experiencing issues.
  2. We'll likely wait until it's deprecated and see how many users request it. It's possible we'll support it ourselves using the custom webmail option however on the outset it seems unlikely -- most users usually use Roundcube at this point in time. It's worth noting you can always install SquirrelMail yourself and it'll work perfectly -- it should be in Softaculous as well :).
  3. Cody R.

    Good domain service

    Very interesting! It seems there may be an issue on our end. Thanks for letting us know! You'll get the ID protection for free / so will anyone else who experiences this. Cheers (from Buffalo, NY)!
  4. Cody R.

    Satisfied with your service

    Wow! Thanks for updating this thread and letting us know --- we really appreciate it when people take the time tell us (and others) they've been happy! Here's to hoping for another great 2018. Have a happy New Year -- cheers!
  5. Cody R.

    Semi dedicated hosting

    Hello, There is no limit of addon domains -- you can add as many as you like.
  6. Cody R.


    Our shared web hosting servers automatically have SSL certificates issued via Let's Encrypt which means every domain with us should have a valid SSL certificate they can use. Also a fun fact - we officially sponsor Let's Encrypt - Our internal properties (our main website, support system and client area have always used SSL) will be 100% SSL enabled in the next week or so. We've been migrating some of our stuff which is why we've held off on that.
  7. Cody R.

    About Customer Reviews

    I'm not sure about open source software however I've seen a few companies use which looks pretty nice and integrates nicely into websites. They may be worth checking out.
  8. Cody R.

    XenForo memcached setup how to use it?

    I haven't tested this but I'd imagine this post here is still valid. Usually you can point to a socket using the unix:// method as noted above. Please let me know if this works!
  9. Cody R.

    Reseller packages in Amsterdam NL servers

    It's something we've considered however the demand is pretty low at this time. If enough people express interest in reseller services in Amsterdam we'll definitely start offering it.
  10. We're aware of this. It's been an achilles heel of ours for awhile. Some of it has to do with the not-so-robust knowledge base system we use and due to older articles from 5+ years ago. Hopefully we can clean this up this year and start having much better resources for users. I know Brian saw this and so did Tony - I'll make sure Samuel see's your feedback as it really means a lot. Thanks for taking the time to come back to this thread and share your experience.
  11. Hello! Right now this is due to how the cPanel plugin works - we're in the middle of adjusting this so instead of using the CNAME method that it currently uses you can have both the root domain and www go through CloudFlare (with SSL). Unfortunately we've found a bug in their plugin so we're in the middle of working that out with them - we hope this should be resolved by next week. Sorry for the trouble!
  12. Cody R.

    My Crunjob not work

    Hello, cPanel pushed an update that broke the Javascript for the crontab page. We've updated every server so you should no longer be experiencing this - if you are please let me know which server you're on so we can get it fixed right away.
  13. Cody R.

    Website designer

    There is an abundance of web developers available! I'd suggest checking out some freelance websites such as and or the Design Requests section of Web Hosting Talk. Good luck finding a web designer!
  14. Cody R.

    Using Let's Encrypt for Cpanel or Webmail

    Unfortunately it's not possible to do that at this time.
  15. Cody R.

    how to increase max upload size?

    Hello, You can do this by following Brian's instructions above. If you're having issues configuring it you can submit a ticket to our support department and we'll do it for you.