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This is in reference to ticket # EOA-973-63985 .

Trying to migrate my account from another host who also uses cpanel but has email configured using mdbox format.

According to:

mailbox format can be configured on a an account bases.  How do I get my account converted to use mdbox format?

Thank you.


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Hi there! I see ticket ID EOA-973-63985 has been escalated to our senior tech queue as this is not a common request and will require review / approval. Our team should update you today through your ticket whether or not we're able to complete this for you. Thank you for your patience!

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On 9/26/2018 at 12:08 PM, das1996 said:


I just received a response that this is an unsupported format at this time. I can understand that.  It's worth exploring this format for the benefits noted above in the first link. 

The benefits are great when looking at what the format itself. The problem comes in when you're for example wanting to restore a backup. The way mdbox saves everything it's via index and multiple messages within a single file. The maildir format each email message is it's own file which makes it extremely easy to restore individual email messages. Under mdbox you cannot do this and you'd restore the entire inbox and say you wanted a message from 5 days ago you'd be stuck taking your entire inbox back 5 days.

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