Did Control Panel Appearance Change?


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The appearance of Control Panel seems to have changed since I last logged in. Particularly, my theme, rvskin I believe, no longer fills the entire browser window. There is empty, blue, space on either side. The cP favicon also seems to be new.

Is there any way I can make my rvskin fill the entire browser window again? In other words, I would like my Control Panel theme, regardless of what Control Panel feature I am using, to fill 100% of my browser window. It seems, now, that it is set at a "fixed width", or something.

Again, I believe the Control Panel appearance has changed, but I do not recall changing it and do not know why I would have.

note: To me the appearance of Control Panel definitely seems to have changed. Some of the links in my Control Panel are almost the SAME COLOR as the background until I mouse over them. Specifically, "Full Interface Documentation | Submit a Support Request"

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