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  1. No problem! Glad it is solved
  2. As no one official is helping you, I will advise. Personally I don't use the PHP selector options in cPanel as, like you have found, they are confusing and needlessly messy. Like two versions of each PHP version... ea and alt. All I do is at the top of the htaccess file for each site is add the following line (for PHP 7.4 in my case) AddHandler application/x-httpd-php74 .php .php5 .php4 .phtml For version 7.3 for example, just change the 74 to 73 for example. For php 5.6, change it to 56. In your case though, what I would do is remove the cpanel generated code your posted # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit # Set the “ea-php56” package as the default “PHP” programming language. <IfModule mime_module> AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml </IfModule> # php -- END cPanel-generated handler, do not edit And then create a phpinfo file in the same directory and Wordpress and see what version it shows. This will show the version you are using. If it says a version you don't want to use, try my method above rather than trying anything through these version selectors. Hope this helps
  3. No i never managed to get this working. On my previous host that gave an IP/port it worked flawlessly and easily but with the set up here I could only get either a slow page load where nothing was being cached (visible by the high number of queries) or where it would just keep loading forever and day it seemed. I just thought it was not worth the effort to get it to work in the end.
  4. Quick update. Using the memcached phpbb cache plugin and php7, I changed the add server line you quoted above to the following $this->memcached->addServer('/home/USERNAME_HERE/.hostdata/memcached.sock', 0); unix:// is not needed as explained here for memcached as it is memcache specific - That resulted in a constant wait for the page to load. It was literally taking for ever and nothing loaded. I then changed my username slightly by adding another letter to it and immediately the forum became online again although slower with nothing being cached obviously. It looks like when the connection info is correct, it just loads forever and a day. When the config information is wrong, it loads the forum but caches nothing so the site is slower. It looks like when the config info is correct, something is blocking it from working somewhere. I may try memcache and php 5.6 again and see if it get the same constant loading when the config is correct but slightly changing the username in the path results in the site being visible again. The memcached plugin for phpBB is alot newer where as the memcache plugin has been available for years so that may work better if the issue is with phpBB. I can't really set up a ticket at the moment but not a major issue at the moment for me. Just was going to use it as it was available and thought it was going to be easy to use.
  5. The reason I said that was because in the blog post it contained a local IP and a non default port so I assumed it was possible in some way - phpBB had memcache available and as it wasn't available for php7, I wanted to see if I could get that to work with 5.6 but php 5.6 with memcache and php 7.1 with memcached both had the same results. It is now available in phpBB which is the file I linked to. You can see both memcache and memcached listed here - I tried the following which didn't work namespace phpbb\cache\driver; if (!defined('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_PORT')) { define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_PORT', 0); } if (!defined('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_COMPRESS')) { define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_COMPRESS', true); } if (!defined('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_HOST')) { define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_HOST', 'unix:///home/USERNAME_HERE/.hostdata/memcached.sock'); }
  6. Hello, I am trying to configure a test forum to use Memcached but I can not get it to work due to the Unix socket given rather than an IP that phpBB works nicely with. This is the default settings for memcached in phpBB3 which obviously don't work and result in slow load times and not caching queries (after a few refreshes) Time: 0.583s | Queries: 23 | Peak Memory Usage: 7.29 MiB No matter what I seem to try, it always doesn't seem to work resulting in the same similar slow load generation times and high number of queries and peak memory usage signifying it doesn't work. Using the default phpBB file cache, generation times and query counts for the same page (after a few refreshes) are Time: 0.047s | Queries: 10 | Peak Memory Usage: 2.61 MiB So when memcached works, it should be similar to those values. Is there a traditional IP/port i can use to get this to work or do you know of a way to get it to work? BTW ideally I want to use php7 and memcached but I have also tried with php 5.6 and memcache with the same results.
  7. The second KB article was made on the 17th of April this year so i would imagine that is the correct limit rather than a post that is over 4 years old.
  8. Does it show any errors in the phpBB error log?
  9. Fowler

    Server Status

    On the Server Status page, is it possible to arrange the servers in alphabetical order. It is kind of alphabetical but there are quite a few that are not and it makes it hard to find a specific server.BTW it is a shame you have stopped with the fun server names and instead are using location/number based names.
  10. Support is 24/7 via the support ticket system and that is the quickest way for support. The billing department only operates business hours (not sure the time zone or the exact hours) but you probably would hardly ever need to contact billing. I don't think I have ever had a need to contact them regarding billing issues.
  11. Fowler

    Site Hacked

    Hi, Not an official reply but it sounds very much like your FTP or cpanel details have got into the wrong hands. The first thing you should do if change passwords for your cPanel and FTP accounts you have set up. Then clear up your site. A quick way to see what files have been modified recently is by sorting all your files by the last modified date in cPanel or FTP. HH staff will be able to give a better answer as they have details on your account.
  12. What I have noticed ages ago which does mildly bug me from time to time is that the links on the main websites changes depending what page you are on. On the home page and client area, the links top right are "Client Area - Contact Us - Forums - Blog" On the webhosting page or any page other than the home page or client area, the links are "Client Area - Contact Us - Blog - Network" It makes it harder to get to the forum if you are viewing an internal page of the website as I typically use te link at the top to go between the main website and the forum.
  13. I have had a similar issues. The issue I have had in the past is non account specific queries/questions seem to require you to be authorized. I have started support tickets regarding very high server loads, server memory usage and MySQL being down on the whole server and got asked what domain was having issues (even though it was serverwide issues) and then got told I was not authorized for that domain. This wasn't an account specific issue, instead it was a nudge into looking at the issues I mentioned which were not normal as it was a massive spike in server load and memory usage and MySQL being down. It just seems to be a case of support seeming to try and do anything to avoid acknowledging/admitting to an issue to the customer and getting a ticket closed with them doing minimal work. Just a couple of robotic sounding pre scripted support ticket replies. I can understand the need for ensuring that you are talking to the account holder in regards to account specific details but equally I think there does needs to be a "common sense" approach sometimes. HH is the only host I have been with that I am almost afraid of contacting support as it always seems to be a painful experience. Admittedly it is not all HH's fault but I usually just ignore minor niggling issues now and live with them to avoid (what feels like) going around in circles.
  14. And also to not reuse passwords between sites. If a site you are part of gets compromised and your Username, email and password is stolen, that information will no doubt be used to try and login to various other sites including email accounts. If you reuse the password, they can access those accounts as they have all the information needed is most of those cases unless there is extra security measures in place when loggin in such as Google's 2 step login.
  15. Hi, It resets at the start of the month so it will next reset for you and everyone else on the 1st of August (Next Thursday)