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  1. Speedturtle you obviously made a post saying, in my opinion, virtually any incendiary thing you could think of, I believe, in an attempt to prompt closing of the thread. You do not know the particulars of what transpired in my situation AND you certainly should not know what website this is regarding, because I have never posted the name of that website in these threads. So, Speedturtle, where are you getting ANY so called information regarding a website, one of mine, that I have not named in this, or any other thread, in this, or any other, forum. TONY Baird, I think, deleted the significant details regarding this particular issue from another thread on these forums, but, even that thread did not display the name of the website involved. Speedturtle, you have no clue, whatsoever, as to what I "seem to be doing". You do not know me, you do not know what knowledge I have or do not have and, it is clear to me, you do not realize that I certainly can blame others who are to blame. That is how blame works, Speedturtle. You blame the party that is to blame; just as I have done. You do not, should not, know the significant details regarding this particular situation so your attempt to bait me, apparently, into some form of incendiary conflict, especially by your use of DISPARAGING terminology, is RECOGNIZED for exactly what it is and I proclaim that it has zero worth to me. In fact, due to the OBVIOUS nature of what you are trying to do, I mostly smiled, then laughed, at your, in my own opinion, rather juvenile attempt to, I think, elicit some kind of incendiary response from me. So, maybe I should explain to you, Speedturtle, that you, specifically you, can not make me angry, in the way that you appear to desire to, by posting disparaging comments about me as related to an issue you should not have specific information regarding in the first place AND about someone, me, that you certainly know nothing about. Further, you have no idea of my attitude, or even whether I have one present at all. Again, an attitude is not necessarily required to blame those who are at blame. And, Speedturtle, you certainly, in my opinion, "fell off your stage", when you made your grandiose claim that, according to you, Hawkhost is the only host that anyone, presumptively on the entire planet, can be happy with; otherwise they can not be happy with any host. Actually, I think I laughed at you, Speedturtle, for writing that bit of, I can not escape the conclusion, worthless gibberish. Out of all the, what, billions of "properties" hosted on the Internet, with, probably, hundreds of thousands of different web hosts you, Speedturtle, claim that no one, in the whole world, can be happy with any of those hosts if they do not like Hawkhost. That actually made me laugh, Speedturtle. Maybe I should start telling the entire World that no person will truly be happy with any singer if they do not like, are not happy with, ELVIS. Speedturtle I, in this off-topic thread, asked for a webhost recommendation other than Hawkhost. You did not provide one. Speedturtle, are you out of your teen years yet? Oh, and you really should, in my own opinion, visit the appropriate medical setting for terrible headaches. They could be signs of an aneurysm. When aneurysms burst they, many times, are not brought under control soon enough to save the patient.
  2. Thankyou for making a suggestion, Tony, but, based on today's experience with, I believe, you via Hawkhost support I am not quite sure I should put a lot of confidence in that suggestion. That is, sincerely, the way I feel.
  3. Thankyou for replying Raymond. Based on recent experience, which involved, for me, significant data loss and time loss, I want to start getting an idea of what other hosting choices are around now. If no one wants to give suggestions here, in off-topic, that is their prerogative. I did not see that such a question was prohibited AND I know there are, probably, a good number of people, using this forum, who may or may not be current Hawkhost customers, who have experience with other hosts.
  4. Hi guys, I have a few websites using Hawkhost. Right now it seems probable that I will start the process of looking around, doing research, for another web host to use. I am looking for webhost suggestions, other than Hawkhost. Reseller hosting is, probably, something I am interested in. I am working on one new website idea now. I really don't think I want to use Hawkhost for the new website, either; so, any webhost suggestions would be appreciated. Thx.
  5. I can not seem to get the backups I made today, five times, to appear, for sFTP download, in FileZilla. I have restarted FileZilla, at least, 4 times between attempts to sFTP download my most recent backup. Maybe I am missing something, but, considering the problems I have had, lately, with website(s) I have hosted by Hawkhost, I assume I am not missing something and this FileZilla sFTP issue is related, probably, to Titan server migration. The recent backups appear in my home directory when I use cPanel, but I do not see the new backups in my home directory when I use FileZilla. I have been using FileZilla for a long time and, almost everyday, use it for this particular website. I downloaded backups from this website's home directory, most recently, I believe on March 5, 2010, using FileZilla. Today's backup should, based on how the others look using FileZilla, say something like "backup-3.6.2010..." I really think my FileZilla credentials, the same ones I have been using for some time, might be logging me in to the oldtitan server, or something, instead of the new titan server. Have the sFTP login credentials changed with the Titan migration, or something. Again, I have restarted FileZilla about 4 times while trying to download March 6, 2010 backups from my website's home directory. The only thing I have not done is completely shutdown and restarted the computer I am using, but, honestly, considering the large amount of time I have wasted with other Hawkhost issues, I am making a support ticket before rebooting the computer entirely.
  6. Tony said >> Any user who had any sync issues we offered to migrate their data again. I said >> Of course I declined. You guys did not tell me anything about being able to migrate the data again until, what, 15 hours after the data loss. By the time you guys said anything about migrating the data again I had already starting making changes to my website in an attempt to fix what, although I was not able to CONFIRM this for some time, Hawkhost messed up. Again, Hawkhost should have told me of the ramifications of the migration BEFORE it began. If Hawkhost had done that I could, it appears, have taken steps to avoid data loss. NONETHELESS, it would have made sense to migrate the data again IF Hawkhost had notified me, probably by email, BEFORE I started making changes to my website in an effort to restore a jigsaw puzzle of data that Hawkhost excised or abandoned during the migration. The time to offer to migrate my data again would have been BEFORE I started trying to replace that data on my own. However, there was no email in my inbox, when I woke up, from Hawkhost, saying "Check your website before you make any changes to it. If you have lost data contact Hawkhost immediately". Even after I made a forum post and, particularly, a support ticket it took Hawkhost, you guys, a long time before you(Hawkhost) said anything about migrating the data again. If Hawkhost(you guys) knew there had been data lost, out of sync, whatever, you should have notified users immediately so they actually understood what the issue was, that it was Hawkhost's fault, and that migrating again would fix it. So, offering to migrate the data again, long after I have already begun trying to add the data again myself, sounds, in this instance, like a pretty bad idea to me. Who knows what would happen if Hawkhost were to migrate my data again. Who knows what would be lost next and what, in my opinion, excuse I would get. Tony, as I indicated, it was something like 9 hours later before I realized that Hawkhost had lost my website data. I even went to bed, eventually. When I woke up the automated "stuff" that I had added to my website about 9 hours before was not present. Then, as I tried to figure out what in the world was going on, it became very clear that more of the changes I had made had, apparently, been excised or abandoned when Hawkhost migrated servers. I did not keep counting how many hours of data was missing, at that point. 9 hours before I had uploaded 12 - 16 hours worth of data that my website should still have been "posting", to itself and a social networking site, 9 hours later. That upload data appeared to be, entirely, missing. Tony said >> We've done the best we can do in this situation. I said >> If you are saying that is your best, then, maybe I should be concerned. Again, I can not escape the conclusion that the best, easiest, thing to do would have been to, as I have repeatedly explained in this support ticket and the forum thread, simply tell users BEFORE the migration that data would be lost. That way users could actually take steps to protect themselves by doing something as SIMPLE as not making ANY changes to their website(s) during the migration period. Even after you guys, it seems, knew that data was lost you(Hawkhost) still failed to notify users that they may have lost data, as I said before. Tony said >> This small issue is far better than the potential issues we'd have if we had this old titan server fail and having to use backups that could be up to 24 hours old. I said >> Tony you are putting "words in my mouth again", or something. I SAID NOTHING ABOUT NOT MIGRATING and you keep, apparently, trying to insist I did. AGAIN, Hawkhost users, like me, would, probably, have lost no data whatsoever if Hawkhost(you guys) had, SIMPLY, notified us as to the ramifications of making site changes during the migration. Hawkhost did not do that; so, Hawkhost user(s), like me, lost data. Honestly, Tony, just this incident is starting to make me think, my opinion, that Hawkhost(you guys) do not take customers like me seriously at all. To me, I am starting to feel that, by your actions and the way this issue occurred you(Hawkhost) are saying "Your website is not important to us(Hawkhost); so, you should not be upset if we lost your data." That is really how I am starting to feel, Tony. You(Hawkhost) guys, apparently, know, very well, that migrations lose data created while the migrations are in progress, yet, you did not tell your users that. Even after, it seems, you(Hawkhost) guys knew that data was lost, out of sync or whatever, you did not IMMEDIATELY inform users that you guys could migrate their websites, again, BEFORE, those users tried to fix things themselves. Again, it was, maybe, 15 hours before you guys said anything about migrating again. Tony said >> ...having to use backups that could be up to 24 hours old And remember, Tony, I am the same person that was trying, DESPERATELY, to make and download my own backups, months ago, via the cPanel backup wizard. I ran into INCOMPLETE backup problem(s) that had nothing to do with my side of things and you(Tony), as I recall, accused me of not needing to do the backup and trying to test the system. What you accused me of, Tony, with regard to that backup issue, bore no relation to the truth. If the Hawkhost backup wizard I was using, and still use, functioned properly I would not need to worry about, potentially, using 24 hour backups because I would have an appropriate backup on my harddrive. Months ago, when I tried to have you guys(Hawkhost) restore my website from the backup that was, BOTH, still in the home directory of my website files and downloaded onto my harddrive you guys(Hawkhost) said that the backup, in both places, was incomplete or corrupted, or something. So, there you have it, tony. A big reason why I try to make, and download, my own backups is so that I won't need to rely on what you guys(Hawkhost) claim to have as far as R1soft backups, or whatever. You guys(Hawkhost) have given me, in my opinion, all manner of unreasonable excuses with regard to this migration data loss issue. To me, my fear would be getting the same manner of excuses when I tried to have you guys restore using R1soft backups. That is why I have tried to take responsibility for my own backups by using Hawkhost's cPanel backup wizard. When Hawkhost's cPanel backup wizard did not work, apparently, you(Tony) thought it strange enough that I was using it at all to accuse me of testing the system and not needing to use the backup wizard. Incidentally, Tony this particular website of mine is miniscule(very small) at the moment. That is another reason it is starting to feel, in my opinion, like, basically, you guys(Hawkhost) do not consider users like me important. I mean, this has been a mess and has wasted a huge amount of my time despite the fact that a, comparatively, tiny website is involved. It scares me to think of how much worse this would be for a medium sized or big website hosted with Hawkhost that encountered the same issue.
  7. ** ***I also can not seem to get the backup(s) I recently made, three times, to appear, for FTP download, in FileZilla. I have restarted FileZilla, at least 4 times, between attempts to FTP download my most recent backup. Maybe I am missing something, but, considering the problems I have had, lately, with website(s) I have hosted by Hawkhost, I assume I am not missing something and this FileZilla FTP issue is related, probably, to Titan server migration.** *** Tony, I said nothing about not wanting outages in my last reply. In fact, I said something like, "This is not, necessarily, an outage". Tony I get more than a little frustrated when you read something in to what I have said that I DID NOT SAY. Tony said >> We tried emailing users in the past we had complaints about it as they considered it spam not something they wanted to know. I said >> Not this user. You have not given me the chance. Give users the ability to opt-in or opt-out of certain emails from Hawkhost, then. If users feel they do not want to know then they can, either, not opt-in or opt-out. Tony said >> ...I'm sure majority would say this is unacceptable don't ever migrate. I said >> So often, Tony, you seem, in my opinion, to misunderstand what I am saying, or something. I said nothing about "don't ever migrate". A big part of this particular issue, Tony, is Hawkhost lost a lot of my website's content / data. In my opinion you are, rather flippantly, saying "So what, we lost a lot of your content. Tough." Further, you seem, clearly, to be trying to say that "data lost" is very likely during migration. Now here is a good part of why I am, now, very disappointed in Hawkhost: All Hawkhost had to do, it seems to me, was send me an email stating that I might lose data during the upcoming server migration; so, "BACKUP your website BEFORE the migration begins and do not make changes to it during the migration period or keep a backup of changes you make during the backup period so that, if the migration causes you to lose data, you can easily restore what was lost. Tony, you guys are the "experts". You are supposed to know your system(s). If, as you have emphasized, you know that my website will lose data if I am making changes to it near, or during, the migration period ALL YOU HAD(have) TO DO WAS(is) tell me so. You did not tell me, a customer, I would lose data under the aforementioned circumstances; so, you did not even extend me the courtesy of doing something, as outlined in the previous paragraph, to protect myself and prevent data loss. Tony said >> This is because we had a lot of users running very DYNAMIC SITES with large databases making it far more difficult to get it all migrated across before things come out of sync for the users already migrated. I said >> Honestly, Tony, what does that really have to do with. In my opinion, unless Hawkhost prohibits users from running very DYNAMIC sites, whatever that means, then, to me, it is clear that it is Hawkhost's responsibility to migrate servers, or whatever, WITHOUT screwing up your(Hawkhost's) users' websites. Again, from what you have said it sounds like users would not, potentially, lose any data IF they refrained from making changes during the entirety of the migration period. So, all Hawkhost had to do was tell me that so I could protect myself. Hawkhost did not tell me that. I am very disappointed with Hawkhost regarding this issue. Tony said >> ...first time we've had any data sync issues when doing it. Website owner and Hawkhost user says >> You screwed up my website and lost, apparently, 9 hours worth of my work. So what if this was your first time. Your first time trashed my website. note: Again, everything I have said, regarding this issue, about informing customers like me, in advance, preferably via email, about the ramifications of the migration and what to do to avoid data loss applies here. If Hawkhost had told me, before beginning the migration, that data loss would occur, then, OBVIOUSLY, I would have done certain things to avoid data loss.
  8. Tony, This is not, necessarily, an outage. It appears that a rather large amount of my website's content/data was, essentially, deleted(excised, abandoned) when the transfer was made to the new server. Migrating the account again is not what I want to do because I spent a lot of time, all over again, trying to fix what, it appears, you guys left behind, or lost, during the transfer. Tony, very recently, I must say that, overall, I am more than a little disappointed after experiencing more than one issue. The previous issue was one thing. Now this issue has resulted in my website being somewhat "crippled". In my opinion it sounds like I am being told, "So what, we lost a lot of your content. Tough." I am not quite able to escape the conclusion that what has transpired is not fair to me, as a customer. You guys did not even try, it appears to me, to notify Hawkhost customers, like me, on the servers being migrated, of the ramifications of the migration. To me, in an instance like this, where, according to what you have indicated, data loss is likely it should not be the customer's responsibility to "figure out' the potential consequences. It also should not be the customer's responsibility, in my opinion, to go "digging" through the Hawkhost forums, in an instance like this. You guys should have, at the least, sent a mass email to the affected customers, in my opinion, explaining the ramifications and what customers could, or should, do to avoid data loss and other consequences. Again, Tony, these issues have, for me, resulted in a big, proverbial, mess, lately, and wasted a lot of my time. ** ***I also can not seem to get the backup(s) I just made, twice, to appear, for FTP download, in FileZilla. I have restarted FileZilla, at least 3 times, between attempts to FTP download my most recent backup. Maybe I am missing something, but, considering the problems I have had, lately, with website(s) I have hosted by Hawkhost, I assume I am not missing something and this FileZilla FTP issue is related, probably, to Titan server migration.** ***
  9. I am, mostly, but not completely, certain that I uploaded about 9 hours worth of stuff to my website yesterday evening. The "stuff" was supposed to publish to my website every 1-3 minutes during the past 9 hours. I made a support ticket, yesterday, that turned out to be associated with the oldtitan/newtitan migration(?). It is possible I forgot to upload the aforementioned, stuff, and am remembering incorrectly. However, that does not quite make sense to me because, after I uploaded the aforementioned stuff, I was awake for, roughly, another 5.5 hours; I am pretty certain the aforementioned "stuff" had started posting to my website. I am wondering if, for the oldtitan/newtitan migration, a previous "backup" of my website was used, or something, and, thus, a good part of my website's content, especially the 9 hours worth of stuff, got left on oldtitan. My website now seems to be on newtitan; it was not last time I was working on it. When I woke up, just now, as usual, the main page of my website, showing the last posts, just before I went to bed, was still open. I clicked "edit" on one of the posts and got a message that the post did not exist, or something. That seems to support my belief that, roughly, the last 9 hours worth of my posts were left on oldtitan server and, somehow, ended up abandoned and not processed. I am confused about this issue. ??? note: There appears to be about a 3.5 hour difference between the last post according to my website and the last post according to a social networking website where the posts were published simultaneously with the post to my website. To me this seems to support my supposition that, somehow, some of my "content" was lost during the oldtitan/newtitan(titan) migration. note: Some of my website data/content was DEFINITELY lost, I think, during the server migration oldtitan/newtitan(titan). I now see things that I know I had updated/changed; they appear the way they did BEFORE I updated/changed them. Even content that I had removed is present, again. I think some type of "backup" of my website files must have been used to install it on newtitan(titan). This is more than a little frustrating and distressing, especially since I had changed some content that I no longer wanted visitors to my website to see in the old form. note: I also can not seem to get the backup(s) I just made, twice, to appear, for FTP download, in FileZilla. I have restarted FileZilla, at least twice, between attempts to FTP download my most recent backup.
  10. The appearance of Control Panel seems to have changed since I last logged in. Particularly, my theme, rvskin I believe, no longer fills the entire browser window. There is empty, blue, space on either side. The cP favicon also seems to be new. Is there any way I can make my rvskin fill the entire browser window again? In other words, I would like my Control Panel theme, regardless of what Control Panel feature I am using, to fill 100% of my browser window. It seems, now, that it is set at a "fixed width", or something. Again, I believe the Control Panel appearance has changed, but I do not recall changing it and do not know why I would have. note: To me the appearance of Control Panel definitely seems to have changed. Some of the links in my Control Panel are almost the SAME COLOR as the background until I mouse over them. Specifically, "Full Interface Documentation | Submit a Support Request"
  11. Hi, again, Tony, Thanyou for replying. Tony I always try to word things carefully. I can not escape the conclusion that, in my opinion, you may have misinterpreted what I have said here, regarding this issue, when it comes to "bla**". In fact, that is just it, I did not say anything at all about bla**. In my opinion, you are taking "ownership" of something I never, specifically, accused you of. In my opinion you are taking it personal. I have not explicitly "bla***" you or Hawkhost for this. I mean, really Tony, I have not done that anywhere in this thread, nor was assigning bla** my intention. As I indicated, I got a timeout message/alert, period. I made queries that the alert itself indicated I should make. I did not lay bla** on any entity. I tried to describe all the circumstances surrounding the problem in detail so, if anyone on the forums wanted to suggest something, they would know as much as I know about the problem without having to post a reply asking me for more details and, then, wait for me to respond. So, when I write "...I have completed the tasks, which now seem to be timing out, many times in the past, the same way, without encountering the Connection Timeout issue..." I mean exactly what I typed. That quoted statement does not have "and so I bla** you" attached to the end of it. Again, Tony I was trying to, hopefully, get more information about possible actions that I can take to avoid that particular problem in the future and, maybe more importantly, I was trying to find out if there was a "timeout" setting in Control Panel that I can change BECAUSE I do not know if there is one. If I do not know something I will, at some point, probably, ask "someone" who I think will know, if the solution continues to *elude me. In my opinion you may be doing the equivalent of "putting words in my mouth". I did not, and have not, bla** anyone in this particular thread. I am, with regard to this problem, someone who does not know about this type of issue trying to get a reply from someone who does know about this issue. Period. That is what forums are for, I think. Further, I did not and have not, at this point, made a support ticket regarding this. Again, I was not necessarily insisting that increasing the timeout will fix it. I simply "explained", in depth, that the timeout message, of which I do have a screenshot, indicated that I should ask about increasing the timeout limit. Tony, your skill and knowledge level, with regard to this subject matter, is far greater than mine. In fact, I am willing to say that I know virtually nothing about this subject matter compared to you and, probably, most others on this forum. And I am not trying to be ingratiating. I do not see how I should be apprehensive when it comes to asking questions about, and describing, issues I encounter on the forums or via support for fear that someone will think I am bla**** them or Hawkhost. Tony, you wrote "trust me". Well, trust me when I say I know how "stres****" things can get. In my opinion, you seem "on ed**", defe*****, and taking of***** where none was intended. That could of course, in my opinion, also be because, "pressed for time", you are "skimming" my posts and, prematurely, concluding certain things w/out reading, word for word, everything I wrote. *For example, I am not a person who will drive around lost for hours, refusing to stop and ask someone familiar with the area for directions. If no solution seems forthcoming I will, pretty quickly, ask someone who knows.
  12. Hi Tony, Thankyou for replying. Neither of the issues I am referring to in this post involve a "page" loading that is available for visitors to view. The pages involve "administrative/management" aspects of the website. Considering that I have completed the tasks, which now seem to be timing out, many times in the past, the same way, without encountering the "Connection Timeout" issue, increasing the timeout period seemed, at the least, a very reasonable question to ask. Besides, increasing the connection timeout is, exactly, what the alert message displayed indicated I should ask about. I read the timeout message and followed its "instructions". I did not try to be "presumptive" in this particular instance. I just read the timeout message and did what it seemed to recommend. Again, this is not a "page" available for visitors to the website to see. The tasks that seem to be timing out involve, more or less, routine aspects of the site's administration and management. note: Yes, I am, acutely, aware of the wisdom in keeping page load times low for pages I expect web surfer's to be able to view. In fact, it is common for me to reduce image sizes, preload images, etcetera, in an effort to offer a webpage that loads fast. Where I can not reduce total page load time to 10 seconds or less, at 56k, which can, for me, be extraordinarily difficult with certain "kinds" of sites, I usually ensure that a visitor to the website will, at least, have some content to read, etcetera, while the remainder of the page, unbeknown to the vistor, loads. So, no, I do not expect a site visitor to wait 120 seconds before they can see anything on my webpage; I probably do not even expect them to wait 20 seconds. 10 seconds is, probably, starting to test the patience of most people casually surfing the web. Usually, I even have some sort of caching running if the site in question is Wordpress, like WP Cache, for instance, in order to reduce "load". If Litespeed did not "compress" I would, probably, attempt to do some sort of gzip or compression myself. I was, to some extent, doing that, gzip, at a previous host, for a site that is now hosted using Hawkhost, but I abandoned it, back then, because of what I understood to be differences in how various Internet browsers might handle such "pages".
  13. I got a 408 request time out within the last hour: "This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'. Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server" Where should I go, within control panel, etc., to increase the 'Connection Timeout'? note: I am experiencing one other "issue", that started recently, which also seems to be related to "Connection Timeout', although I do not get an error message in the browser window when that issue occurs.
  14. Thankyou for pointing that out, Tony. Your suggestion did fix the problem. I had a misspelling in one of my file extensions.
  15. Thanks for replying Tony. I tried that. It throws a 404 not found error on the page that contains the include. That particular page I have been using for a while; so, I do have a few visitors who look for that page every now and then. I will PM you the actual URL of the page, one of them, that I want to use the includes in.