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This might more apply to resellers but would anyone like to see Softaculous or Installatron on our servers?

I'm asking because I realize Fantastico is well not very great these days. Updates take weeks to come out even for security updates and the script library is pretty much a joke.

So would anyone like to see either of those as an alternative or even a replacement to Fantastico?

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This might more apply to resellers but would anyone like to see Softaculous or Installatron on our servers? ...

I'm unsure about licensing details of these scripts, but I think that HH pays some money for using them.

As for me, I'd prefer not to have any of such auto installer scripts, but get a bit cheaper service instead (actually your prices are already very good :) ).

I never use anything like this, cause I prefer to control everything by myself. Also, modern scripts are user-friendly (and getting easier all the time), so I don't think that many of your customers will use any of these script packages.


I completely understand that not all of your clients are techically-minded, so maybe it's better to offer auto installers on some servers, while keeping others for more geekish persons :)


Also I think that making some servers "less supported" and offering them to IT people at discounted price isn't bad idea at all - you can get more clients, but save on customer support and server management (due to lower amount of installed apps).

But currently this is just an idea which needs to be tested.

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Well these scripts have costs of like $24/yr. So we're talking about such a small amount it's like saying each customer costs an extra $0.01/yr.

For not having it installed it's more work for us and more costly to not have all the same software on all machines.

As far as the other suggestion about discounts for less technical help. The problem with that concept is people who require less help are who partly pay for the support for others. We could not offer the prices if suddenly clients opted to pay less and get no support. It's the same idea about space and bandwidth where users using only 100MB of space help pay for people using a full allocation.

Plus I imagine most users who would opt for such a service would end up asking for support anyways. Most users say they do not need help then make tickets anyways.

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I agree with Tony. I for instance thought I would hardly need support, but in the end, you need it more often than you think.

These installers are very good for "less technical" people, even though there are downsides to them. They just offer a good way to easily install a bunch of software without having to fiddle with config files, database passwords, and installations.

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Fantastico is a relic.

lol, that is so apt! I couldn't have put it any better.

Good to know that Hawk Host is considering other auto installers to replace Fantastico.

Like many, I was impressed by the list of scripts that Softaculous can auto-install but as I delve deeper, I found that people experienced a lot of problems using it, e.g. blank databases created, security issues, wrong permissions, manual installs work but auto-installs don't, etc. Scripts are very quickly added to Softaculous more for show than making the scripts work. An irresponsible development team usually leaves much of the testing to their endusers. It is true no software is perfect but one can usually tell how little testing is done by the blatant errors discovered.

Softaculous Admin Demo:

- information on installed application script is very brief, barely any info at all - just shows the directory where it is installed and its version number. No database info which I think should be available.

- clicked on Updates icon on the top menu. After the updates, whatever menu option I clicked on display a 403/404 error. Subsequently I was unable to return to the Admin Demo as it displays 403 & 404 errors as well. It was not a good experience for me.

Installatron Demo:

- functions worked as it should

- no errors nor unpleasant surprises

- although more steps, they do help to provide structure and organization which is a good thing

- allows installation of scripts with earlier releases

I prefer Installatron for the following reasons:

- better design and workflow

- options to backup and restore a web application's data. Can select which files/tables to be restored

- PHP Safe Mode and PHP Register Globals can be set on a per-install basis

- more stable and reliable

- brandable

Installatron's features list are detailed and more thorough compared to the superficial coverage of the few features in Softaculous. It is quite obvious that more thought has been given to Installatron's design than that of Softaculous.

Softaculous' selling points are its support for 100+ scripts but do we really need all of that? Non-techies tend to go with the most popular scripts. Techies are the ones likely to explore and most of the time, they can do manual installs easily. As for demos/ratings/reviews, once again these features are nice to have but adds no value to the basic function of an auto-installer or to the workflow. I see these features as a lot of hype with very little value.

Anyways, it would be a good idea to initially have both Fantastico and Installatron/Softaculous (whichever HH finally decides on) available and gradually face out Fantastico. This will give the Fantastico diehards (if any) some time to get comfortable using a new auto installer.

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It's been decided Softaculous is what we're going to be using. There should be more details available soon and looking at it being on all our servers for the start of February. Fantastico has just drove us insane long enough so figured it was time to pick a replacement :)

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Its great to see a host which listens to their clients.

Thanks for the compliment! Needless to say it looks like they made the right choice. I've personally used it several times and have had several existing customers praise it over Fantastico for both selections as well as the scripts are more up-to-date.

Kudos :)!

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