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  1. I wrote a review for HawkHost a few weeks back, and they finally posted it on October 27th, 2018. I must have wrote it on September 15th, 2018, according to the date that accompanies the review. I didn't know for sure whether they would include the review or not, but to their good credit, they did. Because they did, here's a link to their review section for HawkHost:
  2. CharlesM


    You don't really have a dedicated forum section for asking questions, hence why I post this, here. Are Hawk Host servers going to all transition to HTTPS, from HTTP?
  3. Trying to set up Outlook 2007 e-mail client software for use with my e-mail. I am able to receive new e-mail just fine using Outlook. However, when trying to send an e-mail out, the settings don't seem to be correct. Looking for some help.
  4. One of my hobby interests is play by mail gaming, or PBM, for short. As part of this hobby, I maintain a wiki, of sorts, called the PBM Wiki. Yesterday, I thought that I had lost it, forever, during an attempt to do a simple upgrade using the Softaculous script. Hawks from the nest of the HawkHost corporate mega-structure, or whatever they fancy calling it, these days, swooped in, and a short time later, the PBM Wiki was saved - It returned from the dead! Anyway, it made me happy. The wiki, itself, will likely never be finished. However, I dreaded the thought of trying to reconstruct what relative little info that I had managed to compile there, to date. It was a magnificent rescue! Viva la Hawks!
  5. Just passing through, but one thing to consider is that the correct answer may not be the same for every business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is no proper substitute for either content or marketing. Also, not every business has an equivalent amount of resources available to allocate to either web design or SEO. Additionally, not all businesses are governed by equivalent business models. Is the market local, national, or trans-national? SEO is important, because it has become relevant. Its relevance, however to a particular business may be different relative to other businesses. Appearance and aesthetics will have a greater bearing on retention of site visitors and return visits, but are less relevant to acquiring the initial visit to the site. The general rule of thumb, from what I have been able to discern, thus far, is that you should build your website for people, and not for search engines. Additionally, from a business perspective, one might want to assess for themself how much time, energy, and effort (all forms of resources) to either. Additionally, a lot of what is touted as SEO isn't actually SEO, nor a wise investment for a business to allocate its finite set of resources to.
  6. So, have the new banners been created, and if so, where are they available at? I can use a smaller than full age size ad in the magazine, but the bigger ad might have more visual impact. Is it OK to use the HawkHost banner images for advertising in a magazine, or just on one's website? Because it's a PDF magazine, I can insert the affiliate link directly into the ad, itself. Just not sure what HawkHost's thoughts on such are, or whether you've given it any consideration.
  7. Do you have anything a bit larger? The reason that I ask is because I publish a small magazine, for a niche hobby of mine. For a full page ad, I typically use an image that is 800 pixels wide by 1035 pixels high. I would like to have something that size, as well as maybe something suitable for half page or third-page ads. Even a vertical column ad would be good. I'm not sure if the images that change will work in a PDF format magazine, though, as they typically do when posted online. You may not have anything along these lines, but I figure that it didn't hurt to ask.
  8. Apparently, an EPP code is required. So, that web host has been e-mailed, asking for the EPP code.
  9. I believe that I have managed to talk someone that I know into switching from their current web hosting provider to HawkHost. I would like for the transition to be as painless as possible for them. When they sign up with HawkHost, will you guys do the actual transfer of their existing files and such from their current web host to a web hosting account here? Or, do I need to move them, myself, for him? Also, are there any coupons or specials that HawkHost is currently offering? I'm just looking to get the best deal possible for him. I just don't know what, if any, specials or coupons that you currently are offering.
  10. I feel much better about my in-box e-mail, now. I couldn't imagine what a nightmare that it would be to have over a million e-mails in my in-box. Out of curiosity, what e-mail client software do you use?
  11. With regard to the Advanced Web Statistics feature of the web hosting control panel, how do I correctly interpret the info in the image, above? What is the difference in the Hits category and the 206 Hits category? I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to accurately tell, using this statistics feature, how many complete downloads of a particular file there has been? Thanks for any enlightenment on this from anyone that comes across it. I really didn't know which forum category that this should get posted in.
  12. No need to chat in private about it, Brian. That was a good, solid response. I don't really foresee changing web hosting companies, nor do I have any particularly persuasive reason to do so. It's been a long while since I did any comparative research on various web hosting companies, and I'm certainly not current on what various web hosts are offering as far as their standard shared hosting packages. I did look up MDD Hosting, a web host name that stuck in my memory from the old days as offering reliable web hosting, and for their basic package as of today's date, they are offering 5 GB of disk space and 250 GB of Premium Bandwidth (as distinguished, I guess, from non-premium bandwidth, whatever that might be. Marketing terminology of choice aside, for $6.38 per month, it would still cost more than if I upgraded my HawkHost web hosting package from Basic to Standard. I'm still not at my disk space limit, yet, with my current HawkHost Basic package. Maybe I should just renew, and worry about upgrading later, when I actually approach the allotted disk space limit.
  13. To quote Tony Baird's blog posting of June 25th, 2008, "First of all the title was just to catch every ones attention." I'm not really in a quandry, but web hosting renewal time is almost upon me, once again. Keeping an intermittent eye on how much web hosting resources that my web sites use, I am debating whether to just do a standard renewal of the current service level that I have, an upgrade of service levels, or a changing of web hosts. The latter of the three isn't a consideration that's prompting me for inclusion into this list based upon any particular consternation or lingering dissatisfaction. Rather, I visited an old site that I used to frequent, a long while back - There, I happened upon the following posting: Specifically, this is what caught my eye: Unlimited Bandwidth In a recent forum posting here in these HawkHost forms, Cody responded to a forum user asking about the change to unlimited bandwidth. As recently as September 26th, 2013, Brian, in response to a forum user's question about buying extra disk space, responded, "In most cases it ends up being cheaper upgrading your entire account and getting the additional bandwidth than just doing a disk only upgrade." So, since Ton's WebHostingTalk forum posting in question was dated September 27th, 2013, only one day after Brian's response to that forum user asking about buying additional disk space, it would seem to me that unlimited bandwdth will render that part of the web hosting equation moot, with disk space once again taking on renewed importance as a web hosting consideration for webmasters such as myself. Cpanel currently shows my disk space usage in the orange, at 1,992.37 / 3,000 MB. Hence, why I have an interest in disk space issues, at this particular moment in time. When I click on the Service Status link in Cpanel, my web hosting account seems to be all green, except for Swap Used, which is red and listed at 99.99 %. ACK!! That can't be good, and the worst part of it is that I don't know what it really refers to, or how I should proceed, in order to fix it, so that it might return to green, as well. But, that's likely a different matter, albeit an important one to me, having now become aware of it. Having no desire to be a server resource hog, it will likely stick in my draw, for those of you who know what a craw is. All these many years, web hosts galore, including many wise men of web hosting, have schooled into my brain that unlimited bandwidth is a bad thing. Now, I am aware that FrogHost, a HawkHost subsidiary of sorts, utilizes the unlimited bandwidth selling point. But, then again, neither the FrogHost blog nor the FrogHost forum links seem to work, this morning, when I clicked on them. Why do I find this to not be reassuring? I want to better understand the decision by HawkHost to embrace unlimited bandwidth, in light of the fact that HawkHost not offering unlimited bandwidth nor unlimited disk space factored into my decision to go with HawkHost as a web host, initially, a few years back. I am familiar with Brian's recent blog posting on the subject of unlimited bandwidth, titled, "Unlimited Bandwidth For Everybody! – Shared Web Hosting & Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting," dated the same date as Tony's recent posting that I referenced, above. Is the decision driven by reality, or by marketing ploys? Has technology and infrastructure progressed the point in the year 2013 (that's the present, for those of you not paying attention to life as it passes you by) where disk space is seemingly king, once more, in web hosting considerations for webmasters? I know that many factors are important. What I don't fully comprehend, after having read through the various postings that I have cited, is the "why" behind the decision for HawkHost to embrace unlimited bandwidth in its shared web hosting plans. Can somebody on the nest side of things enlighten me? Not trying to ruffle any feathers. I just want to understand the underlying reasoning behind the change. Separately from that, it was nice to visit the WebHostingTalk forum, again - though I really don't feel much in the mood to invest vast quantities of time there, again, anytime soon. Thanks in advance for any response! - Charles -
  14. CharlesM


    My point is that I want to use Blogger in conjunction with my HawkHost web hosting service. I don't know if it is possible, or if I am simply not getting the settings correctly. The links that I posted were what I was using, to try and accomplish it.
  15. CharlesM


    I don't know if what I want to do is possible or not, using Hawk Host. Is it possible to use Blogger, with the domain name that is hosted on Hawk Host? I am trying to follow the instructions listed at the following links: