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What's everyones sleeping schedule look like these days? Mine is odd to say the least lately I've been going to sleep at 3-4am and waking up at 11-noon every single day. I had to do this for a few weeks and for about a month now every attempt to fix it does not work. I toss and turn and end up not falling asleep early then I ignore my alarm and sleep until noon.

I might be the only one though. If you have to go to an office 9-5 you probably have a sane sleeping schedule :)

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Well, mine's mostly sane. I do go to the office (from 8 AM to 5.30 PM mostly), but my girlfriend has irregular working hours so I tend to follow her sleeping schedule (once I'm awake I can't sleep), so every week I have days I sleep from 10.30 PM to 5.30 AM or from 12 AM to 7 AM. Nothing strange, really, but you do get used to it. In weekends, I hardly ever wake up after 8 AM.

I think yours is part of the business you're in, with maintenance windows and all. Can imagine it's hard to fix when it's been over a month.

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Well, I used to get up at 3AM and go to work at 4AM, two hours before the other prep would arrive, and I would leave at like 6PM.

Over time, I started to pick up on things and got faster but I would still come in at like 5AM and leave around 5PM.

Now however, I would come in at 5AM, increase my prep pars big time, leave in 12-14 hours a shift and then Sunday be done in like two to four hours, and Tuesday in a couple hours because of the left overs from the weekend.

Now I am going to start at 7AM, 6AM on Sat and 4:30 on Tues/Fri because of delivery and see how things work out. I would like to get myself down to 40hours a week. The last three weeks averaged to 42.75 hours which is a huge improvement from the 50-55 hours a week I was doing.

Oh btw, I do not get paid overtime ("salary"), so working past 40 hours and not getting paid for 10-20 extra hours was a huge insult. So I feel strong about what I am doing and will continue to work on my own skill set and make myself useful :)

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I went to sleep at 8PM last night and woke up at 1AM. I stayed awake until noon and slept until 4 PM. I just do freelance writing and am a housewife, so my schedule gets messed around sometimes. It is not really a huge deal to me. ^^ I don't have children so it does not matter. xD

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