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  1. rgdot

    5 pre-sale questions

    Just to add from years of experience running forums and sites. 50 MySQL connections is lots and has little to do with number people on your site at same time as reported by any stats or analytics.
  2. rgdot

    How do I get to CPanel?

    maindomain.com/cpanel (still) works for me
  3. rgdot

    Awstats "public"

    I did this a couple of weeks ago but forgot to come back and post. I found a solution - via google, not my own solution - that works by uploading relevant Awstats files and then changing a path, much like what Tony described above. Download Awstats from awstats.sourceforge.net Upload cgi-bin (this can be renamed after) and icon folders in the download to root of your site Change awredir.pl and awstats.pl in the folder uploaded to 755 Go to temp/awstats in cpanel and download the conf file for your domain from there (awstats.yourdomain.com.conf) Open it and change DirIcons value to DirIcons="/icon/" and upload it to the cgi-bin (or renamed) folder uploaded earlier Awstats can now be accessed www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?config=yourdomain.com without needing cpanel login, be sure to use cpanel to password protect the cgi-bin (or renamed) folder.
  4. rgdot

    Awstats "public"

    Thanks Tony, will try that and return with any questions
  5. rgdot

    Awstats "public"

    I am looking to give access to Awstats of an add-on domain (on shared hosting but already have SSH access) without giving access to cpanel. There are a couple of old scripts on the web but neither seem secure (they use cpanel login on external config files, etc). Is there a secure way to do this, may be a password protected directory to view the Awstats reports? Is symlink possible and can it be on password protrected link? if so would appreciate help. Note: I put public in " " because I am giving access to only one person only. Thanks
  6. rgdot

    Servers been slow/sluggish as of late...

    Thanks, will let you know how it goes.
  7. rgdot

    Servers been slow/sluggish as of late...

    I know a ticket is the way to go but for example around 4:30AM ET this morning I got database errors and third party server monitoring 'down' messages. And right now ping is 75% loss from my location and just got server monitoring email as well. This is regarding hornet
  8. rgdot

    Servers been slow/sluggish as of late...

    Was Hornet experiencing something similar? It is still often sluggish, loads well into the 20s and 30s many times a day.
  9. rgdot

    Servers been slow/sluggish as of late...

    Hornet has been acting sluggish too, not sure if same issue or not but hopefully things improve with the fix.
  10. rgdot

    Webalizer vs Awstats

    I guess this is not strictly a Hawkhost question but ... How to interpret Webalizer and Awstats numbers? I know each has its own naming ways like 'sites', 'Hits' etc so I am not looking for the numbers to match BUT over time they should show the same trend, no? When I look ay my stats over months - and even years - I don't see them following the same trend. For example if I look at last 3-4 months Webalizer shows my site becoming less popular but Awstats shows its growing actually?!
  11. rgdot

    IPB 3.2 has been released!

    Looks cleaner than previous version, nice
  12. rgdot

    Still down

    Thanks Cody @Tom No, nothing like that is necessary. We just have to wait.
  13. rgdot

    Still down

    I have seen the Nameserver issue thread, last post says it has been resolved for now. Mine still doesn't load however and tracert and ping are still unable to resolve. Should I create a ticket or wait? Thanks for working on the issue
  14. rgdot

    My Site Stats Good or Bad

    By the way: Which server are you on? Just curious
  15. rgdot

    My Site Stats Good or Bad

    I assume that's MyBB. If yes, is that the front page of the forum? For front page 34 queries is on the high side (which is probably the main reason why memory is 9.25) Depends on how many forums and mods/plug-ins you have. This is my opinion, I am not HH support