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I've been with hawkhost for 15 months now and have had no major downtime. The server never goes down! And if it does, it's 99% of the time for upgrades!

I've had no issues with HawkHost! They're great!

I'm glad your experience has been a great one. I can't believe you've been with us 15 months already. Time sure does fly by.

As for upgrades from time to time we need to upgrade software which requires us to reboot the machine after. So in that case it takes up to 10 minutes for the server to come back online.

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i just wanted to see if anyone had any issues with hawk host.

has tony been good to yall?

Just under a year at Devoted Host/Hawk Host. Maybe 30 minutes of total down time? Responses generally within 5-10 minutes. Roughly 30% the cost of my previous host.

"Satisfied" is probably an understatement.

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I'd have to agree with the others! I've been with Hawkhost for just over a year and had virtually no downtime other than for server upgrades. Tony has helped me out on more than one occasion when I've had problems with my sites (problems unrelated to Hawkhost) and really saved the day when I had a database issue on my family tree site.

Best wishes for 2008 and keep up the good work!

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Everyones coming out of their holes to chime in I love it :)

I'd also like to mention that we are always looking for more testimonials to add to our site which is a PR5 on the main page and PR4 on the sub pages. So it's a great link if you like links for search engines.

So if you're interested in adding a testimonial just email sales.

Cody is suppose to be posting an announcement about this in the next few days but I figured I would mention it.

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This is really late, but for anyone who might be viewing this in the future, I can vouch for the reliable service. I have been with Hawk Host since Nov, 2005 when it was Devoted Host.biz. There were a few problems I think early 2006, but the support team quickly fixed any rising problems. I can't think of the last time I've experienced any lengthly downtime. Tony has always been there in my hour of need.

I can truly say Hawk Host is a excellent host to do business with!

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