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  1. woodp

    Fastest way to copy a cPanel domain?

    Brian, I just replied to support
  2. To make major changes (theme/content/structure) to a Drupal website, I like to backup and restore the website to a new domain, make the changes and then repeat the backup/restore process to the original domain. This minimizes site "maintenance" time. cPanel makes it easy to backup, but for the restore piece I extract the public_html directory and upload just those files. I've had problems restoring a cPanel backup to a new domain - Extracting just the public_html piece works best for me. Still, 500M sites with thousand of files can take a long time to restore. With SSH, there were options to upload a tarball and extract it, or just rsync the public_html directories back and forth. Without SSH, the only option I'm aware of is painfully slow Filezilla uploads of thousands of files. I'm aware Hawkhost offers SSH upon request, but I'd be requesting it pretty much on a weekly basis for temporary domains and that just seems like more hassle to me and Hawkhost staff than it's worth. So I'm curious if I'm missing something? Is there an faster way to port a cPanel site from one domain to a temporary domain and then back to its original location than my multi-thousand file uploads?
  3. Operator error! On Wordpress' Settings | General page I inadvertently used the www version for the "Wordpress Address" and the non-www version for the "Site Address." Changed them both to www and everything works fine! <slamming fist on forehead>Can't believe I missed that!</slamming fist on forehead>
  4. Cody, Thanks for the response - You may have been right about cache/propagation on IE9. After resetting the browser, it now behaves as FF4 - Even if I put www.ontheroadagainbikeshop.com in the address bar, it rewrites itself to ontheroadagainbikeshop.com (without the www). I was also able to duplicate this on a Mac/Safari and Mac/FF4. That's four browsers that do the exact same thing. There's a setting in Drupal to force all www or non-www URLs so I'm familiar with the condition - I've just never seen it in Wordpress sites before. I'm hesitant to submit a ticket because I really don't think this is a Hawkhost issue - It has to be something with Wordpress or my registrar. I'm just posting here to see if anyone else has seen this problem ...
  5. OK, this one has me stumped - I bought a domain and established hosting here (shared hosting). But I'm getting strange behavior whether I url to the domain.com or www.domain.com ... http://ontheroadagainbikeshop.com -> Resolves fine in both FF4 and IE9 http://www.ontheroadagainbikeshop.com -> FF4 redirects me to http://www.ontheroadagainbikeshop.com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi - Not Good. IE9 changes the URL to the non-www version (http://ontheroadagainbikeshop.com) and then resolves it just fine. I've double-checked at my registrar, WHM and CPANEL and can't figure out what I may have done wrong. Any thoughts?
  6. woodp

    PayPal - Secure (https) images

    Cody, I think you misunderstood me. PayPal gives you the option of creating custom catalog and checkout pages that you can post your logo on. So I'm not looking for any of the PayPal images. But if I serve that custom logo from a non-https server, the combination of my PayPal's secure page and my "insecure" logo creates the error message that most people don't understand and therefore fear. I've had so many complaints/questions that I've completely removed all logos from all my PayPal checkout pages. I would like to customize my PayPal checkout pages, but an IP and SSL cert seems way too expensive for hosting 200K worth of images ...
  7. If you do any customization with PayPal, you know that images need to be hosted on a secure server or else every user gets the "Some content is insecure" error. I don't have any secure (https) websites, setting one up just to host a couple kbytes of images for PayPal seems more trouble than it's worth. So, does anyone have an alternative?
  8. woodp

    Web Designer/Webmaster needed

    A personal injury lawyer friend of mine is needing a turn-key website. I told him I would try to help but law is beyond my scope. Anyone have a suggestion where to look for a webmaster with some serious New York law background?
  9. woodp

    Switching to IPB Soon

    Agreed, I was running three vB3 sites, none of which used the full capability of vB3. So when vB4, with even more features, and a healthy licensing fee increase, came along, all three asked for alternatives. In my case, phpbb was the solution. The upgrade was painless (*except* for the custom user fields), and like IPB, all accounts were maintained. But yes, it is sad to see what's happening to vB ...
  10. Setting up Google Analytics on one of my web sites with Google's javascript seems to work well, but a pain to cut and paste a six/seven line script into multiple HTML files. So I dropped the script into a includes/ga.inc file and called it with a . Didn't work! Tried changing the ga.inc suffix to html, shtml and js, and tried both include file and include virtual. Still didn't work. A search then revealed that Litespeed doesn't support SSI yet? IS there a workaround that doesn't involve rewriting my entire site from HTML to PHP? (And one of my older sites using Frontpage's WEBBOT directive seem to work fine. Why is that?)
  11. woodp

    Changing webalizer defaults

    Interestingly enough, creating and modifying webalizer.conf does appear to be working without (!) the chattr switches. Looks like the key is that webalizer is run as a cron job and I have to wait until after the job has run to see my webalizer.conf changes. Now to fine tune ...
  12. woodp

    Changing webalizer defaults

    Simply put, I'm trying to change Webalizer's defaults. Specifically, my sites have a lot of small GIFs and JPGs that make up part of the theme. Those images are loaded with every page load and go way to the top of the "Top 30 of 660 Total URLs" list. What I really want to see is where the html pages rank among themselves. So I was thinking either exclude all file types except html. Or increase the "Top total URL' list to 100 or something larger. Google scares me - And asking them through Google Analytics to index another of my sites is something I would have preferred not to do. But I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Well, I learned something new (chattr and lsattr) today ...
  13. woodp

    Changing webalizer defaults

    Thanks for that cpanel URL. The rest of the thread was interesting. I wasn't familiar with the chattr command so I read the man page - Not very informational. So I tried the command and received an "Operation not permitted while setting flags on /home/{account}/tmp/webalizer/webalizer.conf" error. Then I found this (http://beginlinux.com/sec_train_m/security_concpts/adv_file_attr) which implied the "a" and "i" switches can only be set by root. I tried sudo just for grins and got my hand slapped by the OS. Guess I'm stuck, eh? Maybe set up google analytics instead?
  14. The webalizer README suggest creating a webalizer.conf and dropping it in the webalizer directory to change default settings - Say I want to see only the 100 top referrers instead of the default 250. Or I want to look at more than 12 months of data. I tried that without success so I now assume the webalizer.conf is a system level directive and not something I can change my personal reports with by dropping it in my /home/{account}/tmp/webalizer subdirectory. Or perhaps I did something wrong? Has anyone else tried to customize their webalizer output?
  15. woodp

    Public access to Webalizer data?

    I didn't think so either but I thought I would ask ... Let me go file a ticket ...