can't protect page with .htaccess on Litespeed?


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I'm a little stumped. I'm trying to password-protect a single webpage using .htaccess and .htpasswd, and not having much luck.

In my home folder (not public_html), I have a folder "privateerdays". That's where my domain points to. In that folder is a particular file I want to password-protect: blogger.html.

So I created a .htpasswd username/password file with MD5 encryption via the standard method, placed that in the privateerdays folder, and created an .htaccess with it that looks like this:

AuthUserFile /home/canadave/privateerdays/.htpasswd

AuthName "Privateer Days Blog"

AuthType Basic

Require valid-user

But, it's not working at all. If I go to privateerdays/blogger.html in my web browser, there's no prompt for a username or password.

Am I missing something here? :( Does Litespeed have some sort of issue processing this sort of thing? More likely I'm just being dense somehow....

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I did not notice that.

I'd first see if you can protect a folder successfully then switch it to a file. It's more likely an issue with the specific file reference than the password protection portion but who knows it's tough to investigate without playing around with it live.

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