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  1. You're asking me? Hehe...okay, let me see if I can describe it, although again please bear in mind I know very little about this aspect of hosting. Basically, this is what their current setup is: 1. Live radio (audio only) is fed into the audio-in jack on a Windows XP computer. 2. The audio is encoded "on the fly" using Windows Media Encoder, and then somehow sent along to's server. 3. The server streams the audio to anyone who points their web browser to the proper web address ( in this case). The problem right now is that their stream conks out fairly often. So I'm helping them look at alternatives to streaming via a "third party" such as, and was wondering if there would be a way to set it up with a Hawk Host account so that it looks instead something like this: 1. Live radio (audio only) is fed into the audio-in jack on a Windows XP computer. 2. The audio is encoded "on the fly" using Windows Media Encoder, and then somehow sent along to our Hawk Host hosting server. 3. The Hawk Host server streams the audio to anyone who points their web browser to the proper web address ( in this case). So I guess I'm just asking if this is something Hawk Host can offer I'm assuming that if it IS possible, it would require a streaming audio broadcast software thingy to be running on the Hawk Host server. I've no idea what something like that would look like.
  2. Pardon me if my question to follow is a bit ignorant-sounding...I'm not entirely sure how this would work. There's a community radio station in the small town that I live in, and they stream their live radio broadcast over the internet using a streaming provider called "NetroMedia" (the radio station uses a cheapo PC running Windows Media Encoder, and I guess WME sends the stream to NetroMedia somehow...specifically though, I'm not sure what role Netro exactly plays). I just volunteered with them, and I'm looking to improve their service, since they say the Netro stream conks out fairly frequently and has never worked properly. I guess my question is: if I signed them up with a hosting account via Hawk Host and got them a proper domain name, would there be a way to stream their audio via that hosting account? Some kind of streaming server installation maybe? I'm not too sure how it might work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! --Dave
  3. Ugh....sorry! I thought I'd activated the theme, but I tried again and this time it worked--apparently I hadn't activated it properly before. Now it's working.
  4. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here Hopefully someone can tell me where. I've had my domain, as well as several other domains, hosted with Hawk Host for some time now. I just today decided to add a Wordpress blog as a subdomain to First, I went to cPanel and created a new subdomain inside called "awordplease", because I want the blog to be at Then, in Softaculous, I installed the Wordpress blog to "", and the installation was successful. The way I have my /public_html set up, by the way, is a little different than most. It looks like this: /public_html -----> -----> -----> ------------> awordplease -----------------------> all the Wordpress files for the "awordplease" subdomain ------------> all my other files and folders that exist under and make up that website Now, if I go to "", I can access the Wordpress administrator control panel just fine. But if I try to view my blog at "", the URL changes to "", and I get a generic "Default Website page" that is some sort of cPanel placeholder page, something that basically says you might've reached this page in error, etc. What do I need to do to make my Wordpress blog accessible at that address?
  5. Hi all, I have a live streaming video webcam on a website and I'd like to display the current webserver time next to the video stream. Preferably as a normal human readable date and human readable hours:minutes:seconds. Can anyone tell me how I'd retrieve and display that info from the webserver?
  6. Oh okay, HH is not throttling uploads? If so then I'll pull out all the stops to troubleshoot on my end. I would not put it past my ISP to suddenly throttle upload speeds thanks, Dave
  7. Hi, My account was migrated from Neptune to wdc006 a couple days ago or so. I just tried FTP'ing a few files up to my account, and it's maxing out at around 50KB/s transfer speed....before the migration, I was regularly transferring at 100KB/s. Is the halving of upload speeds intentional, or is there a problem with the server?
  8. Hey all, Got a question. I'm running a (very) small podcast off a Hawk Host server, and I was hoping to use awstats to get an idea of how many people are hitting my feed.xml and mp3 files. However, quite a bit of the hits I see in awstats are from me doing uploads, testing, etc. I assume that awstats on Hawk Host does not make allowance for excluding my own IP? Assuming that's the case, can someone give me some tips on how I might obtain a more accurate reading on my podcast stats? I'm no expert, just an amateur hack, so I'm hoping it'll be something simple Thanks!
  9. Hey Hawk Host, just wanted to say a big THANKS for the free bandwidth upgrades all round. Was a nice surprise to see on logging in to my cpanel today. Yet another reason why, anytime anyone asks me for a web host provider I can recommend, I always give 'em your name
  10. I run a website for people in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and I keep getting emails from people in the UK who've visited our website because they think it's Liverpool, UK. How can I block access to our website from anyone in the UK?
  11. Never mind, I was going to ask a question about domain redirection, but will submit a ticket instead.
  12. Hi, Just trying to try out Noah's Classifieds on one of my sites, and noticed a couple of problems. First of all, the version offered via Fantastico is 3.0.2, but the latest version is 4.0.1. Any chance that can be updated? Or is that something that Fantastico has to update? Sorry, I'm not entirely sure who updates what in the Fantastico universe Secondly, I got it installed, but couldn't update any categories in the software. That may be a problem with the software, or it could be some flaw in the installation process the way it interacts with Hawkhost servers somehow, possibly? Anyway, I guess my real question is the first one, about whether it can be updated to 4.0.1. Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys....I did try doing it with a folder, and had no joy there either. I'll open a ticket.
  14. Hi, I'm a little stumped. I'm trying to password-protect a single webpage using .htaccess and .htpasswd, and not having much luck. In my home folder (not public_html), I have a folder "privateerdays". That's where my domain points to. In that folder is a particular file I want to password-protect: blogger.html. So I created a .htpasswd username/password file with MD5 encryption via the standard method, placed that in the privateerdays folder, and created an .htaccess with it that looks like this: AuthUserFile /home/canadave/privateerdays/.htpasswd AuthName "Privateer Days Blog" AuthType Basic Require valid-user But, it's not working at all. If I go to privateerdays/blogger.html in my web browser, there's no prompt for a username or password. Am I missing something here? Does Litespeed have some sort of issue processing this sort of thing? More likely I'm just being dense somehow....
  15. canadave

    New Site

    One other suggestion I'd make is to the button at the top of the main page, "Click for Live Chat with Sales." To me that makes it sound as if you guys are only interested in talking to someone live if they're thinking of purchasing a package--current customers with support issues need not apply This, despite the fact that if I mouseover the button it says "Click for live chat with sales/support." I think if you change the text to reflect what the mouseover says (sales/support), or even just something generic like "Click this button for live chat", that would make it sound less like you guys are just grubbing for sales Which we all know you're not!