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  1. Most providers I've been with transfer new ip requests to sales, which is generally open less than support. It's not really a 'support' problem as much as a new sale for an existing subscriber.
  2. I just used the cpanel interface to protect mine. worked fine for me. edit: I see you want to do a single file, thats what I get for not reading it fully
  3. or you could just login to cpanel and disable the frontpage extensions.. it'll clean it all up for ya
  4. When you first bring up the file manager it asks you if you want to view hidden files, if you don't check the box it wont display a file beginning with a . (unix version of hidden) If you don't get that box, you may have selected the skip this dialog option in the past so it doesn't popup anymore. On my cPanel at the bottom there is a link that says "reset all interface settings" If I click that and then click the file manager, it asks me if I want to view hidden files, just put a check mark in there and you should be good..
  5. Yep, I wouldn't recommend using it in a insecure network (i.e. public wifi) I only use it on my hardwired network at the office. All my other bookmarks point to the https version
  6. I found out this morning that you can access cPanel over port 80 and for webmail over port 80 I just needed to use I assume this only works if you have the DNS setup correctly, and/or pointed to Hawk Host. This is great when I'm at work Figure it might be useful to someone else also.
  7. I don't think its available for install through it..
  8. It would be nice, I have no issue if you guys switched to it My previous host had it, and I thought it was pretty fast
  9. larry

    Hi, Just joined

    I've been with them for a few months and must say the service is great too. I haven't seen any downtime.
  10. It should be on every server, at least every host I have ever used had it. I know neptune has it, as that is the server I am on.
  11. larry

    hello All

    Yep, that's because he is the spammer... pretty surprising, since I never usually see spam hit this forum
  12. You can also go into cPanel, and disable front page extensions which will also remove the frontpage related folders. That's what I did on my account.