20 my sites been hack


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It would be best to make a support ticket,  You will get a faster response and they should be able to restore your sites from a backup.  These issues are usually caused by insecure/outdated scripts, weak passwords or someone getting hold of your cPanel or FTP password.


Hope you get your sites back up again

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Fowler is correct, this type of issue really needs to be handled via support ticket. There are a lot of account sensitive details we need to go over and that really isn't something we want in a public forum :)


We have a number of tools we can use to determine the source of a compromise and locate security holes in your account so please submit a ticket (if you haven't already) and let us help you.

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I was a few weeks ago hacked because i used an outdated wordpress plugin. Make sure you update everything.


Short and simple but excellent advice that a lot of people overlook.  Install this great plugin then don't update it for 2 years and get compromised when an exploit comes out for it.  We see a lot of this which could all be avoided in wordpress with a few clicks once in a while.

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