WHich server location is close?


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I live in singapore , i want to know which server is best located , cause right now after seeing reviews on webhostingtalk.com and my concurrent webhost isnt quite working out for me i am planning to migrate to hawkhost. I have about 6 blog sites which i am using. Should i get a vps or a reseller account?:)

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Thanks for your interest in our services :)

Here are to two test files you can download to test your speeds to our two facilities, Dallas and Washington DC:



In regards to reseller or VPS, that depends on how many resources you need. If you expect to push a lot of traffic and require a large amount of resources, VPS may be best. Otherwise, a reseller plan will work just fine.

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I downloaded both the files. The speeds do not really differ much i suppose either one would do. But currently on my webhost the whm loads very slowly. I cant do much with it. Setting up my blogs literally took a long time. I need an account with a good speed though so that at least i can do my stuffs quickly and move on..:)

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So if i take the reseller plan . And my sites suddenly take more resources in that account such as cpu, ram. What will happen? The sites get moved? or banned?

It's too difficult to give a definite answer as there's several variables that we take into account. For instance if it's a single script in the background occasionally hanging and causing resource issues we'll first contact you and ask you to resolve it. If you don't reply back within a reasonable period of time we usually will CHMOD the said script so it can't run until its attended to.

The only time we suspend a account fully is if it's absolutely necessary - we realize how important uptime and being able to reach a website is (especially if it's a business related website, etc). An example of this would be if the website in question is simply making the server unusable for everyone else - which may cause us to suspend it depending on it's nature (hanging for a moment and then killing the process, hanging indefinitely, a index page vs. a background cron script, etc).

As for bandwidth usage: we allow some wiggle room in regards to quota's, though if you go too far over our system simply suspends you (after sending several warnings). This is unavoidable unfortunately - luckily it's rarely an issue if you're watching your usage. If you notice you're reaching your limits simply submit a ticket requesting an upgrade to the next package and that issue is usually absolved.

Sorry for the long winded reply, it's just not a straight answer of "we'll suspend you" or not - every issue is different. We want your website to be up as much as we want ours, and as a result suspensions are handled on a "absolutely necessary" basis.

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