MySQL failed in dal006


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All of my websites come up with error:

Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

When I submit a ticket I got the error:

Invalid SQL: SELECT `ticketwordid`, `contents` FROM `swticketwords` WHERE `contents` IN ....

The cpanel is of

Please help


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Thanks Brian

The primary domain is fine, it has no database connection.

All addon domains that have database connection failed.

I did submit a ticket, just worry when see the SQL error after submit it.

Since then, I got reply from suport

hopefully it will be sorted out soon



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There has seemingly been an increasing number of issues with the Dal006 server recently... especially today. The server is fine at the moment but we have faced a similar MySQL error as above (Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock') as well as severe slowness for atleast 30 minutes this afternoon (UK time) with random SQL errors and the server status in cpanel was showing higher than normal server load and very high memory usage. Thankfully most of the time these problems happen when our site is quiet and not at peek time but it is starting to get frustrating.

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My understanding was this was fixed quite a while ago. If you're still experiencing some sort of issue it's related specifically to your account and you will need to open a ticket which you have. If you could PM me the ticket number that would be great so I can investigate what is going on with your account.

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