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It can significantly increase your bandwidth usage (due to frequent caching access) all depending on your web site's activity/size. For me in Australia the service (back then) was fairly unreliable in terms of speed. Just try it but keep an eye on it.

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Did you mean to say increase or decrease?

Exactly as I wrote!

I tested CF early this year and caching activity was quite MAD on my low traffic web site flooding all logs wit CF access - I stopped using it after a few weeks watching it bloat my bandwidth usage. I discussed that with CF support and they promised improvement. Not sure what the situation now is.

CF is a good concept but needs improvement

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I noticed with cloudflare, I am not directed to the nearest datacenter (I am in the UK) and still go direct to USA and not Amsterdam, NL or Frankfurt, DE.

It seems to be something with my ISP (Virgin Media cable connection), for why I am being sent to the USA.

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