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  1. SteKs

    site stats?

    Well this seems to be an ongoing issue on SNG003 not updating site stats daily, why? my ticket is #XKN-229-20739 and perhaps someone here can look into it as the stats update is again 2 days behind (SNG time). Something is still not okay.. thanks
  2. SteKs

    Switch back to X3 theme

    How it looks here: contact support would be an idea?! should be the same for you..
  3. SteKs

    So how big do you let those inboxes get?

    Btw, generating a DKIM key does not work
  4. SteKs

    Switch back to X3 theme

    There is the theme changer (preferences) in cP
  5. SteKs

    Fingerprint public_html

    Yep, I know there is a forum - might be a bright idea to post there but it does not mean hosts would install that feature in a shared environment, as mentioned above, hence won't help the crowd but only a few. .
  6. SteKs

    Fingerprint public_html

    Well, for Wordpress such a plugin already exist and is working nicely without breaking resources - sending you even an alert when a file got altered! Should require very little brain to apply such a concept to other directory(ies) Edit: I am no coder but sure such tools are already there - just need to be put in cPanel
  7. SteKs

    Fingerprint public_html

    I am just providing a smart idea how to improve the service - you don't need to lecture me what I can do .. this is not the point of this thread! This is a fairly simple and basic request some host will pick up if not Hawkhost
  8. SteKs

    Fingerprint public_html

    The fingerprint tool can be *manual* hence the site owner has to do it from time to time - not a monitor service hence not resource intensive. ..the current situation is unsatisfactorily as you don't always know when an account/files have been tampered with .. it's not always obvious hence your data backups are rubbish from this point on. I had a massive break in back in July and only noticed 2 month later something was wrong. All the backups have been worthless from this time on. Hawkhost could be a trendsetter by providing such a simple but powerful tool
  9. SteKs

    Fingerprint public_html

    There should be a tool in CPanel that can fingerprint all files/dirs - after an hack attack then it would be easy to have changed/missing files listed by the click on a button. It would help enormously restoring the website. A file backup is only useful when you have an complete and authentic backup of all files! Should be a standard tool included in CPanel by default good idea?
  10. why is this report still sent, pretending I've referred 15 visitors, even I removed the signup link long ago?
  11. SteKs

    New Services / Features / Suggestions

    Hawkhost is on Twitter
  12. SteKs

    Resource Usage stats?

    Thanks Cody it's working again - it was not operational since a very long time. I see you found my ticket ID - sorry, for not replying earlier but I am not online at night time
  13. SteKs

    Resource Usage stats?

    Why is that not working any more? (spitfire) Tickets to support result nothing! anyone ideas?
  14. SteKs

    GIMP Forums

    nice forum! using Gimp myself from time to time
  15. SteKs

    Two Year Review

    Are people getting a Xmas e-card from Hawkhost? (hint) A consistently reliable host and no regrets so far - that's most important, good job boys!