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  1. These no longer appear to work?
  2. Whenever I try to edit my profile on the forums here, I get a forbidden error saying I don't have permission to access the URL on this server. I would look into fixing this as I'd like to update my profile with more relevant information.
  3. I'm on the lightning server and my site's been loading rather slow lately as well. Wonder what the issue is and if they're working on fixing it?
  4. Definitely a unique feature I haven't seen on any other host. One of the reasons why Hawk is great. :-)
  5. So far so good Tony. Only thing I request which I put in a ticket for is for Hawk to install the imagemagick library. It's how Xenforo handles animated avatars and attachments and my members kinda want animated avatars
  6. Ahh okay that's what I figured happened. No big deal though it was only about 10 posts and a minor change to a template I can re-do easily.
  7. Was there a rollback of the lightning server or something? I lost quite a bit of content just now, a handful of forum posts and some other changes I made earlier today are all gone now out of nowhere?
  8. Good to hear Tony! Looking forward to it. Also, will you be upgrading the version of PHP and Mysql? I'm asking because I know newer versions of Xenforo (forum software i'm running) will requrie PHP 5.3+ that being said, I'm fairly certain IPB will be upping their requirements for IPB 4.0, which is why I'm curious if you guys will be upgrading PHP from 5.2.x and Mysql to a newer version?
  9. Has the transfer of lightning occurred yet?
  10. I've noticed that Hawkhost's shared servers (specifically lightning?) Have been rather sluggish lately. Why is this? Sometimes it'll load up right away while other times it'll take a good 15-25 seconds to load up? I've noticed this on my site as well as and I believe Fowler is already in contact with you guys about this issue? Can anything be done to improve load speeds? I've had quite a few issues the past month with Hawkhost and i'm quite surprised but my co-admin is insisting we move off of Hawkhost if service does not improve. I'd hate to leave Hawk because it's been the best host I've used in years and I've been with you guys since 2010 but if it's time to go then I guess I have no other option......I would like to give Hawk the benefit of the doubt though and I'm just curious if anything has changed in terms of server maintainence or if there's been any other underlying issues that can be sorted out to improve site speeds?
  11. Hi, you guys disabeld my account due to 'spam' from one of my domains? I was absolutely unaware of this and I feel my account may have ben compromised. Please help me in addresing this issue. My domain is
  12. Well it may not have properly propagated for me then because I had SQL issues on 2 of my forums although my wordpress site on a different DB was fine, my two forums had DB errors and Steve M helped me via ticket and said it was due to too many connections or something and that if it persists I should optimize my sites (which i'm not sure how I'd do that?) I also set up a cronjob to do my backups since this is when It started, i was in the middle of downloading a backup from phpmyadmin. It works fine now but I'll keep my eye on things
  13. Are the mysql servers down for shared hosting specifically on the lightning server?
  14. I myself moved from vBulletin 3.8 to IPB and my members are immensely happy. IPB is just lightyears ahead of the competition and gets the job done, well. I also have a xenforo license, i'm letting a friend use and to be honest. I myself aren't a fan. I have admin privileges on my friend's forum so I get to use the backend but in all honesty, I still find IPB to be more feature rich and just overall nicer to work with plus the design is much better IMO.
  15. Okay thanks for the heads up Brian!
  16. A few of my users (well the ones i've asked) can't access the site. Says Server cannot be found. I can access my site fine but it seems everyone else can't? Is there a technical reason behind this within the server? Please advise..... I have a SUPER hosting plan. On the lightning server.
  17. Come check out my forums

  18. Smokey


    Should I enable CloudFlare on my site? What are the pro's/con's of having it enabled? I just noticed it in my cpanel earlier and got curious. Please advise?
  19. Hi guys, i have a smaller forum installed i run with a friend, it's more of a private forum but the problem is, in the admin CP we get a few 403 Forbidden errors, we are running the latest version of MyBB (1.6.4 i believe) and we have osme issues with forbidden error messages using certain plugins, it's not the plugin's fault though. Can someone please whitelist the following domain name? thanks!
  20. Can you guys make an 88x31 banner please?
  21. Okay, what about BW? I have 240GB which seems to be enough for now but if my site grows to a decent rate of activity and we need more, is it possible to receive more?
  22. Hey guys, I'm on a Super plan which is: 1055.68 / 24000 MB which i assume is 24GB, yes? and I get roughly 240GB bw each month, bandwidth isn't an issue atm but i plan on putting up an arcade full of games on my site soon and i fear i'll use up the disc space alloted rather there any way I can maybe get a custom plan made up?