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  1. Hi, What is the best way have a PHP script to send a message by SMTP?
  2. Hi, Just setting up my XenForo and would like to use memcached, by default it uses a port, but I understand you use a socket setup. Anyway how do I config XenForo to work with Socket, instead of port? PS. I didn't want to post in the phpBB3 post as it could be seen as being rude.
  3. Garry

    XenForo memcached setup how to use it?

    Thanks for the reply. I think I have sorted it, by using libmemcached, instead. Could you check to see in the logs if it working am on ams201 - overclan? $config['cache']['backend'] = 'Libmemcached'; $config['cache']['backendOptions'] = array( 'compression' => false, 'servers' => array( array( 'host' => '/home/USERNAME/.hostdata/memcached.sock', 'port' => 0, ) ) );
  4. Garry

    XenForo memcached setup how to use it?

    I was running this on a VPS and had it working with PHP 7.1 using port, with memcached. There is a guide on cPanel site: Post 8, using a pecl module Not sure if this something you would setup on a shared hosting, so just putting it out there, just incase.
  5. Garry

    XenForo memcached setup how to use it?

    It isn't working, I am running PHP 7.1, with memcached ticket in the settings, I have also started Memcached via cPanel. XenForo is say: Zend_Cache_Exception: The memcache extension must be loaded for using this backend ! - library/Zend/Cache.php:209 This is the XenForo setup I have in the config.php file $config['cache']['backend'] = 'Memcached'; $config['cache']['backendOptions'] = array( 'compression' => false, 'servers' => array( array( 'host' => 'unix:///home/XXXXXX/.hostdata/memcached.sock', 'port' => 0, ) ) ); I have also tried the host as unix:///var/memcached/memcached.socket
  6. Garry

    DNS Server question

    Hi, I am on ams201 and was wondering are the DNS servers remote. For example, if the server, and a one DNS server goes down, is the second DNS server still working? Or are the DNS servers, both on the same server?
  7. Can you add or offer reseller packages in Amsterdam NL?
  8. Garry

    SPF question

    Hi, I have turn on SPF in cPanel and was wondering do I need to add any other server or IPs due to email going via SpamExperts. Other then what cPanel has put it?
  9. Garry

    SPF question

    Thank you Just want to make sure this is corrert v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ~all I have replaced the IP with XXX
  10. Garry

    Speedtest expired

    Hi, Just went to do a speed test on the ams servers and the speedtest is expired. Here is the link to is:
  11. Just to add I got my welcome email yestarday evening too
  12. Thanks for the reply Tony.
  13. I have been waiting just over 6hrs myself.
  14. Garry

    Reseller locations

    Hi, Is there any update on Reseller accounts in Europe?
  15. Garry

    Reseller locations

    Hi, Do you have any plans to bring reseller account into other locations other then USA?
  16. Garry

    Domain Cancelled?

    If you hoping to renew it after the expire date, that won't happen. As it goes into a set time where it is in limbo, think it 60 days, before it is dropped and available to be re-registered.
  17. Hi, My other hosting provider in the UK said to add /?login_theme=cpanel-legacy To the end on the address after the port under But haven't tested it on Jupiter server yet.
  18. Hi, Got an iPad Mini today and setting it up, but found that cPanel and WHM will not remember the username and password. It is the Safari browser, other sites are ok and it asked, but not in cPanel/WHM It just seem like all cPanel and WHM are not being asked, any ideas?
  19. Garry


    I am not sure how the servers are setup, but you maybe able to create your own php.ini and FTP it to your account, which what you want to change. It may work, it may not.
  20. Garry

    Server OS on Jupiter?

    Hi, What server OS are you running on Jupiter is it CentOS or is it CloudLinux?
  21. Garry

    Reseller locations

    Hi, That is great, sooner the better for me. I have a reseller account with you in WDC. If you open up in Europe, I would move that reseller there and maybe my other reseller account I have with another provider.
  22. Garry

    Reseller locations

    Hi, I would be looking at Europe.
  23. Hi, I have got the Standard shared plan and am thinking about having an SSL Cert. for the account for the order system. I understand a dedi IP is $3 per month. 1. How is this billed, as in will it be a different date to my shared plan or will it be put in line with it? 2. Will my site have any downtime when the IP is changed? 3. Is there any install cost from you? 4. How would I get the CSR?
  24. Garry

    PHP 5.5.x?

    Hi, Are there any plans to install PHP 5.5.x on ams001? As it would be handy for development purposes.
  25. Garry

    Secure FTP and Mail

    Hi, How about allowing Secure FTP and Mail connections?