Voodoo Server Slowness


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I spoke too soon.. Getting time outs this time. Now slow page loads.

The connection has timed out

The server at avatarprime.net is taking too long to respond.

Site here is working fine.

We're working out a kink it seems some machines when our backup system runs it causes i/o lockups. It didn't happen at Frog Host and did not happen on other Hawk Host servers running it. So it's causing a tiny i/o timeout then it goes away. We think we know how to fix it though just a matter of making a fix for it.

Seems no matter the amount of testing you do with enough servers you find new issues and bugs.

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We just finished some improvements on another server which had similar issues. Once the fix was in place no longer did the backup system cause random slowness spikes. So we have reason to believe Voodoo will not have any issues either when it does it's backup tonight. Though we'll keep an eye on it but pretty confident our fix has done the job. It also has mitigated other aspects that could cause spikes and slowdowns.

So now everything should be typical speedy with single users being unable to slow down an entire server with intensive scripts. They just have their own site slow down.

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