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  1. shadow82x

    Avatar Prime - Avatar Fan Forums

    Site now upgraded to IPB3.2, yet another refreshed default design, and more.
  2. First make sure your Packages folder (found in FTP) and its contents are chmodded to 777. If that doesn't work create the "temp" folder under "Packages" and chmod that to 777.
  3. shadow82x

    Suggest me a script...

    IPB and you can even intergrate joomla if you wanted to, with it.
  4. shadow82x

    New Services / Features / Suggestions

    Oh and spam prevention on this forum. There are about 7000 spam registrations and its quite annoying.
  5. shadow82x

    New Services / Features / Suggestions

    How about overhauling the forums here? The header mis-matched colors have bugged me for the longest time and many other aspects of the theme. If possible it would be best to integrate the site with forums. In terms of hosting/networking, I would suggest little change here. The network currently is fast and pages load in a zip. With that said, hopefully these speeds will remain consistent in upcoming years with the servers not getting packed to full capacity with many customers. (BIG mistake by my previous host.) Oh..and something I suggested a while ago but I don't believe it was possible then, was integrating the helpdesk to your client area account. But I doubt that's still possible.
  6. shadow82x

    AdminPeak - The Peak Of Admin Discussion

    Looks like a great start.
  7. shadow82x

    MySql uses Cloudflare + Hawkhost Awesome speeds.
  8. shadow82x

    Avatar Prime - Avatar Fan Forums

    3/1/11 - We now have a custom design theme made from scratch feedback is greatly appreciated!
  9. shadow82x

    Cloudflare on HawkHost

    Has anyone enabled Cloudflare on their hawkhost site yet? I decided to give it a go and actually found the load times to increase on my forum. I'm wondering if its because HawkHost might block something preventing the service to work correctly. From Seems like an interesting concept though.
  10. shadow82x

    Voodoo down

    Can't seem to get any response or ping from the server. o.0 Is it down?
  11. shadow82x

    Voodoo Server Slowness

    I spoke too soon.. Getting time outs this time. Now slow page loads. The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond. Site here is working fine.
  12. shadow82x

    Voodoo Server Slowness

    Everything appears like its back to normal now.
  13. shadow82x

    Voodoo Server Slowness

    Was just working fine until now heh. Pages are loading very slowly again. I guess ill file a support ticket. Edit - Now it's working fine again.. lol It's totally random these timeouts. grr.
  14. shadow82x

    Voodoo Server Slowness

    Within the past few hours there has been a major slowdown on my site. At times pages are taking 30 or more seconds to load and at other times the load is fine. Is this a known issue?