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  1. NickL

    when support ip v6?

    Great to hear you guys are implementing IPv6
  2. NickL

    Legal adult content allowed?

    Yup, Hawk Host DOES allow legal adult content (as do most hosts but always check tos/aup). I've been hosting adult content for close to 6 years with Hawk Host and they have always treated me good. Hawk Host is great and I highly recommend them.
  3. NickL

    Migration Assistance

    You guys are superb at migrating I had a semi-large shared account somewhere else and needed to move it asap about a year ago, Hawk Host had me migrated over by the time I woke up the next morning and there wasn't a single issue with any of my sites.
  4. NickL

    Pre-sales transfer question

    When you sign up for a new account at Hawk Host make sure to mention that you need migration assistance/open a ticket with support after your account is setup - Hawk Host's support will ask you for the login information for your old cPanel/Host account and they will literally do everything for you, the only thing you will have to do is change your domains to point to Hawk Host's Nameservers and that's it! I transferred a huge shared hosting account from Croc Web to a brand new Hawk Host shared account and Hawk Host did everything for me after I provided them with my login info at Croc Web, everything was setup and running on my new account in less then 12 hours...I'm sure you will be VERY happy with Hawk Host.
  5. So I just got the e-mail that the Avenger to LAX server migration was completed and I'm LOVING IT! Beginning August 24th (at least according to Google) all my Wordpress blogs on Avenger were loading extremely slow (I'm talking upwards of 30 seconds! and were talking blogs with only 2 plugins askimet and yoast and some only getting 30 visitors a day) and I ran test after test, even uploaded some of the blogs to my own server to run maldet and make sure there was no malware of any kind...I just couldn't find anything wrong on my end. I just ran some tests on my blogs after the migration to LAX was completed and...WOW! What a difference! My website load speeds are way down and now completely normal (if not extremely freaking fast!). So I just wanted to say Thank You Hawk Host!! Now all 6 of my shared hosting accounts with you guys are blazing fast hope you guys can get some much needed rest after that big migration.
  6. NickL

    Moving to LAX?

    Awesome!!! Sounds like some great hardware and it's all good, been with you guys for 4 years and I don't plan on going anywhere, Hawk Host is one of the very few hosts I trust with my websites.
  7. NickL

    Moving to LAX?

    I just got an e-mail about one of my accounts on Avenger moving to the new LAX location this Wednesday and all I can say is...THANK GOD! I have been experiencing absolutely terrible load time on Avenger starting at the end of August...lots of waiting to connect to server (tried testing with services like Pingdom, and other website speed tests...anywhere from 6 to 30 seconds load times on 1mb or less websites)..tried switching some of the websites to Cloudflare and started getting 522 errors with Cloudflare telling me it's trouble with connecting to the webserver my sites are hosted on. I eventually moved one of the larger websites to my own server and instantly saw the load time go from 10+ seconds to 1.20 seconds and lower. Anyways, I can't wait for the move and I really hope the server at LAX is a lot better then Avenger's performance lately, other then that all over the other servers my accounts are on at Hawk Host run freaking great!
  8. NickL

    Shared Hosting Pending

    I'm sure both of you will be VERY happy with the speed and service of Hawk Host I have 6 or so shared accounts that have been hosted at Hawk Host for 2+ years and it's been amazing, this is my favorite web host for shared hosting!
  9. NickL

    New Services / Features / Suggestions

    I think it would be nice if Hawk Host had a twitter account. I'm not a twitter user myself but I see that some web hosting companies have a twitter account that they use to keep customers informed about new services, coupons, any downtime/maintenance, etc which is pretty cool.
  10. NickL

    2 hosting accounts question

    I have four shared hosting accounts with Hawk Host (and will be purchasing more as my blog count rises!) so yes you can purchase more webhosting services I'm not sure about discounts, but you can use the coupons they have on their homepage so at least you can save a little off your first invoice.
  11. NickL

    CPU + Wordpress + speed

    I have 3 shared web hosting accounts with Hawk Host, each account has about 25 Wordpress blogs with a total of 3,000 daily uniques on each account. The CPU usage stays around 0-16% average usage (will spike to 100% for a minute or so every now and then)...and the speed is amazing. You seriously can't go wrong with hosting at Hawk Host. I need my blogs up all of the time to be making extra income and I trust Hawk Host completely. The customer service is fantastic, speed is amazing, and uptime is AWESOME. I found out about Hawk Host about a year and a half ago through the WHT forums and have been with them ever since. Hawk Host is the only web host I trust to host my blogs. Sorry, I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I always recommend Hawk Host to anyone looking for web hosting. Just give them a try, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.
  12. I don't believe Hawk Host has FFMpeg though.
  13. NickL

    Just a few questions

    You'll love Hawk Host, I've been with them for a couple of months now and they put all the other web hosts I've been with to shame.
  14. NickL

    I am really impressed!

    Congrats on making the move to Hawk Host, the guys that run it are top notch and my websites hosted with Hawk Host always load fast with no down time
  15. NickL

    Webmaster Insight

    Hi everyone, I have created a new blog called Webmaster Insight that I plan to update regularly with all kinds of tips for new and old webmasters alike! I also have put up my own review of Hawk Host there.