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    CPU + Wordpress + speed

    Hello, Couple of questions. I run a low traffic WP site of about 1000 visits per day. With peaks up to 5,000. I've no real issues with bandwidh at about 40 GB per month My current host is just fine, apart from speed. I'm getting about 4-6 sec page load times with caching etc enabled. I transfered the whole site to another host to test it out without traffic. Speed was greatly improved and we are down to about 1.5 seconds The problem is CPU usage. Even without being live I'm running into 100% usage. I've disabled high usuage plugins like YARPP, and am left with quite a few but all low usage apart from WP SEO, and W3TC. And still she spikes. Either way, without the plugins I'm not happy! So I'm not going to be able to use that host considering they can't handle WP it seems. Given the above how is Hawk Host with CPU and Wordpress and speed? Thanks