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Caching programs like eaccelerator or xcache work best when it's a single web site on a server. With multiple web sites it becomes a lot more tricky because the number of PHP scripts will be extremely large. So a server could very well have 50GB of space of PHP scripts so that means 50GB of cached scripts. Along with that the shared memory features work best when PHP processes are always open. This is not the case with most shared environments including ours. So it's unlikely a user will have a full set of processes very long to make use of memory caches. It would only work if PHP ran as a single user (nobody) but then we'd lose the niceness of PHP running as the user.

Finally those features built into most of those scripts is not about the caching I'm talking about but the ability to cache other data. Typically more of a dedicated server thing similar to the use of memcache.

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