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Hey guys,

When you go to submit a ticket from a client center it redirects you to . On this page it allows you to send a support ticket as guest. Therefore if you wanted to reply to the ticket, you can't unless you start up another ticket.

In my opinion, the help desk software should be integrated and use the same login details as the client center. So you can reply to tickets directly on the page and easily followup on them without checking your email.

My $0.02. :)

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We'd love to have the systems integrated but there is no decent integration that'll work with our situation. We're hoping that changes when the new version of the support system we use comes out. Right now if we were to do integration it would force users to use the login they have in our billing area. The problem is a lot of people have different emails for billing and support which cause this problem. So we need a system that'll allow logins when you don't have an account and also allow logins when you do.

Now as far tickets you can view them without submitting another ticket.

Once you login you can view all the tickets you've ever made.

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