Direct download to my FTP and not PC?


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Hello, i have lots of wallpapers/avatas/manga on my old server and i need a faster way of tranfering them. My internet is really slow so downloading and uploading takes a long time.

Is there anyway i can download the zip/rar/avi files directly to my ftp server?

Thanks ^_^

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If you have a VPS with us, you just need to make sure your old host has SSH access enabled on your account.If you have a shared account with us, make sure you get SSH access enabled, and then get SSH access enabled on your account with the old host.

From there you can use scp to transfer the files between hosts. There's various tutorials out there on scp, this one is pretty good:

You can also contact our support department and ask them to help you out with the move, simply submit a support ticket at and provide login details to your account with the old host and we can take care of it. Keep in mind though this is only if you have a shared account, if you have a VPS you'd need to attempt to transfer the files on your own.

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