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  1. Louis

    Hawk Host is great :D

    I just want to let everyone know the hawkhost is the best host i have ever used I used to pay 50$ a month for a VPS but now i pay 10$ for shared hosting ... At first when i used hawkhost i thought it wasn't going to work because my website has about 5,000 visitors a day and it was using up WAY too much CPU, but i installed wordpress cache and now it barely gets to 10% CPU Thanks hawkhost oh yea and i love hawkhost too because my website is rarely down and when it is they let me know on the forums
  2. Louis

    Shared Hosting

    I was just wondering, Is shared hosting enough to hold 5,000 visitors a day? Or would that much traffic need a VPS?
  3. I'm still looking for a faster way of uploading videos. I had the idea that maybe there was a way to download a torrent directly to your server. Can anybody tell me if this is possible and what script or program i would need to do this. Thanks
  4. Louis

    Expand the forums

    I think that if you add more sections to the forums like for webmasters link exchange and things you would get more sales and the forums would be more lively
  5. Hello, i have lots of wallpapers/avatas/manga on my old server and i need a faster way of tranfering them. My internet is really slow so downloading and uploading takes a long time. Is there anyway i can download the zip/rar/avi files directly to my ftp server? Thanks
  6. Louis

    Video File Protection

    Thank you so much
  7. Does anybody know how i can protect my flv and avi files from being used by another website?
  8. Louis

    3 and a half years with HawkHost!

    Thats great I was planning on staying with hawk host for as long as i can afford it
  9. Hello i was wondering if hosting anime videos is allowed? I would like to host some anime videos in AVI format and streaming them with divx embed. Also if this is allowed could i use some sort of hotlink protection so that they wont play on any site but mine?
  10. Louis

    Addon Domain Problem

    Thanks so much, seems simple enough
  11. Louis

    Light Speed & Memory Used 49.5 %

    Thank you Idk if its the lightspeed or not but FTP seems 100% faster xD
  12. Louis

    Addon Domain Problem

    Could i use my same two Primary IP and Secondary IP to give this domain custom nameservers. "ns1.thatanimesite.com" "ns2.thatanimesite.com" I'm wondering this because im already using these 2 ip's for my first site. I don't want the DNS to be all messed up :S
  13. Louis

    Addon Domain Problem

    When i try and add the domain name "thatanimesite.com" as addon domain in cpanel i get this: I have already changed the nameservers and it has been 24 hours.
  14. Louis

    My first design

    This is one not my first design, about my 3rd one. It was for my old site narutofreak.com (sold it) I plan to someday get it coded though
  15. has not set their status