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Is it possible to switch an addon domain to be the primary domain?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you'll need to first remove it as an addon domain and then submit a ticket requesting that we change the primary domain on your account to a new one (which would be the addon domain). If you don't remove it prior cPanel will error as there would be pre-existing DNS entries.

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I would like to do this too, but how much clean-up will there be? I guess that depends, eh?

E.g. the websites for my add-on domains are currently in a dir I created: "~/other_sites". I guess if nothing else, I'll be moving the files for the new primary domain to "/public_html", and moving the current files there to "/other_sites/[old_primary]"? Andddd, god knows what else I'll need to fix after that. Hm, wonder if this is worth the trouble.

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FTP accounts, htaccess files, your scripts paths would need updated if they're not using relative. cPanel itself will change all emails, sub domains and things of that nature. You really should not do this unless you have a really good reason. You're just creating a lot of unnecessary work

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