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  1. It's a good thing I'm subscribed to the Saturn server thread, otherwise I wouldn't know why my cPanel login isn't working. So how are the other Saturn users being notified that they need to login to Cobra instead?
  2. hyde

    Switch primary and addon domains

    Anyone? (I'm thinking FTP accounts, .htaccess, some paths in html docs, what else could be affected... Hm, maybe that's not much since it's only 2 sites, except one of them is the main site so...)
  3. hyde

    Switch primary and addon domains

    I would like to do this too, but how much clean-up will there be? I guess that depends, eh? E.g. the websites for my add-on domains are currently in a dir I created: "~/other_sites". I guess if nothing else, I'll be moving the files for the new primary domain to "/public_html", and moving the current files there to "/other_sites/[old_primary]"? Andddd, god knows what else I'll need to fix after that. Hm, wonder if this is worth the trouble.
  4. I'm looking for a way to host my own bookmark syncing, and was wondering if there was something like a Fantastico script that could be adapted to the purpose. I'm aware of Foxmarks/Xmarks, but the Chrome extension is in beta, so I was curious if anyone knew of a DIY option.
  5. hyde

    SPAM private message?

    Actually hasn't been a big deal in my case - I've only gotten 3. Just wanted to give mgmt a heads-up that some douchebags had crept in and who they were.
  6. hyde

    SPAM private message?

    Got another spam PM. I don't see a report button anywhere. The only options I have are to reply or forward. Please be specific on what steps to take.
  7. I think I see what you're saying. I assume then I could also just do something like this: /public_html/index.html /addondom/[addon domain 1]/index.html /addondom/[addon domain 2]/index.html Leaving the main domain the way it is, but making a new root folder called "/addondom", and just setting the addon pointers accordingly in cpanel.
  8. Is it possible to have my main domain in a sub-directory under public_html, instead of the root of public_html? So instead of: /public_html/index.html /public_html/[addon domain]/index.html Have this: /public_html/[main domain]/index.html /public_html/[addon domain]/index.html
  9. hyde

    form script

    Okay thanks. Looks like sendmail will work fine for me then. And it looks like I'll be writing my own script as well. Now that I've figured out what kinds of security checks should be included - authorized senders, spambot foils, etc - it makes more sense to just write the PHP by hand vs using one of the generic catch-all scripts out there.
  10. hyde

    form script

    Reading over the config for the NMS formmail script, there's an option to use sendmail or relay via SMTP. Which option do I want to use (here at Hawkhost)? And should anyone feel like weighing in on form scripts in general, is there one you'd recommend?
  11. hyde

    Self-signed SSL certificate?

    So it's just for cPanel, right? I'm hoping to take advantage of the shared SSL feature of my hosting plan to encrypt (non-financial) form data on my website. Naturally, I don't want visitors having to contend with cert issues. How do I enable the shared SSL cert for my domain anyway? Btw, thanks for the fast response!
  12. Hi, new customer here. Tried logging in to the cPanel for my initial domain and get a SSL connection error. As displayed in Firefox 3, the error includes the following: saturn:2083 uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed. I temporarily accepted it to get things up and running, but what's with the self-signed cert?